Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woe is Me

I don't have the writer's juice today to make a post but I will try my best to make one. Flashback...

--> Wednesday, 07:45 a.m. That is today.

The teacher entered into the room with a serious face and started to say...

Teacher: Where is Catanus?
Me: Ma'am.
Teacher: What is your position in TN?
Me: Associate Editor ma'am. (proudly said)
Teacher: You don't know how to edit your articles in TN.
Me: *silence and shocked (gumuho ang world)
Teacher: I don't like the article with me on it. Nawala ang essence ng article because there were some facts that were not included there. (abay malay ko ba)
Me: *silence
Teacher: Why did you publish it? I don't like it... (talk to my hand)
(after a series of redundant and painful words)
Teacher: That's why I don't like to read The NORSUnian because the issues there are all non-sense. You're an editor and you don't know how to edit that? It should be that the first paragraph is coherent to the second paragraph and the third paragraph is coherent to the second paragraph. (she's already giving a lecture. I know that ma'am. I am not that dumb.) Did you get me Catanus?
Me: Yes ma'am.
Teacher: And you did not place any title of me in the paper? You are under me and you don't know who I am? Ha? You don't know me? (do you know the word redundant, ma'am?)
Me: *agape
Teacher: I was also a writer myself and I know how to write things like that, better than on how you do it. I am a writer, a scientific writer. (so what if you are a scientific writer? I am also a writer.) You should place an erratum there. I really don't like the article.
Me: But I did not write the article ma'am.
Teacher: Kaya nga. You are an editor and you are supposed to check and verify the facts. Don't you know the functions of an editor? (kasalanan ko na nga...tsk) You should know better than that. You must put an erratum to that. Who is your editor-in-chief?
Me: Kenneth Pael ma'am.
Teacher: Ha?
Me: Kenneth Pael ma'am.
Teacher: Ah. So since you are the associate editor, you have to correct whatever wrongs he has. You really have to know better than that. I need the erratum to that. My goodness. You really should know about that.

Her words might not be that painful for me but the fact that she said it in front of our Biology class is another thing. I have shed enough of my tears in the c.r. of the TN office and had received consolation from a close friend. Now, I am okay.

P.S. --> Di lang pala ako lang ang napagalitan n'ya. She also spotted two members of the publication, one of whom is the writer of the article and the other one is her student in the major class. She told the writer of the article about his errors and even shared what she did to me during her Biology class with us. The other one, in the name of Albert, was also scolded, but the content of the reproach was similar to what she told me. She is so affected with the article. What is wrong with her? Trying to protect her reputation? Trying to become more famous than she's ought to be? I'd rather zip my mouth. Heartache is over.


  1. Teacher: Who is your EIC?
    Kenneth: Ikaw, ikaw!!! Wala gani ka kaila nako, samut nako, wala ko kaila nimu. Hahahaha...Next time Linday, beware of the STD (Science and Technology Disease).

  2. @albert: haha...ewan ko sa kanya :P

    @noblesse key: haha...true...for the second time around, i have encountered that viral disease


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