Friday, November 18, 2011

Today, I...

...became a judge :♥
The announcement was almost random during our meeting at the school publication. Since we are a campus-wide media outlet, two representatives from the pub must become one of the judges for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. NORSU Press Conference in line with the Negros Oriental State University's Founders Day (soon). So there I was, seated on the blue chair with the rest of the judges. It wasn't my first time to become a judge but this one is different. This is a big event. This is something. My once "critiquing skills" which I am very sure only my family hears everytime I watch local pageantries both live and on TV have now been discovered, and I have to adjudge 14 pairs of candidates for their wit and intelligence, articulation, personality, and appeal. And this time, my rating and "critiquing skills" would surely matter already. What an achievement. *hahaha.

(please click the images for more ORANGE pulps)

Pakihanap na lang po sa pagmumukha ko. Salamat. ^_^
Busy. The contestants have to be deliberated well. Hirap maging judge.
On the judges' table before the PressCon proper.
And after...of course. Uy Albert, your pretty eyes uleeet ha! ^_^

...exhausted myself to another squad practice :)
The competition is nearing and as the keeper of the 1st runner-up position, we have to either retain the position, or get the champion trophy this year. More practice, more furnishing of the yells and routines, more mastery, more divine help and protection. We did some rounds of our squad practice this afternoon and at least hooked it, impressed the trainer on the way. Tomorrow, we are expecting for another trainer to return and give us another exhaustive training. May we win this year. Yeah!

Photos from last year's squad. At least this is how we'll look like later on. ^_^
Hanapin n'yo uleeet ako. I'll give you a ♥ if you can locate me. hihi
More updates on the nearing blessed days to come. God bless you!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 18

Everything today has to be put up into the random thoughts box. All orange pulps have to be squeezed in a pitcher and has to be drank in one gulp. The day has not ended yet but I can perceive how it should end. *insert orange smiley with all teeth out here* Anyhow, with all smiles, I have things to share.

A miracle. This is no big deal. I know the whole world won't care if I share this to them. But to me, it means a lot. Guess what? For the first time this second semester, I have found myself early for my first class in the morning, exactly 30 minutes early for my class. Heeehaaa! And I have earned ten points for telling the whole class that former Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was barred in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport for an attempt to get out of the country with some constituents for a so-called special treatment abroad. 'Twas a great time to start the day right.

That time, my crush, who was supposed to be always early, has, for the first time, come in late. haha. I just hope this is the start of a student life free from first-period-late syndrome.

And more. I am officially part of our Cheering Squad team since I was a member last year. Yesterday night, we had to eliminate some participants for the new set of squad members this year. This is to ensure that the remaining Education students who will join the 'old' group can keep up with the pace and so that we can start to make more difficult routines and actions ready for the competition some time next week or the week after next. I am as excited as always.

I bought a new watch yesterday and funny how after I brought it home, I discovered it's not working. The second hand is not running. Gosh! The image of the saleslady who sold me the watch popped out of my head. I really have to return this first thing tomorrow. But to my surprise, this defective watch started to work this morning when I was on my way to my second class. And until now, it is still working. Maybe I have to change my mind on this thing and not continue returning this accessory to the store. Maybe it heard about my plans so it functioned. Ang bait ng watch ko. ^_^

Whether you believe it or not, this man has been once hailed the SEXIEST MAN alive. Nick Nolte.
A mugshot of him. I can't even think he made it to the list before.

You won't believe me, would you? Even I could've not believed it, if not for this photo. People's Magazine has to be blamed for it all.

This is the evidence. EVIDENCE!

Some more? Hmmmm...bukas na lang. Senseless rants pa talaga maisip ko ngayon. Please bare with me. ^_^

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 17

And yes. Another great day again. Nothing's unusual -- I was late again, I came by the office to say, and made another post. At three this afternoon, we will be having our Cheering Squad practice for the Founders Day celebration, after having been able to finish the shooting for the Film Festival yesterday. Yey! I've been busy. *wink*

With nothing else to do, I stumbled upon this photo of Snooki at and gasped at her bothersome shoes. Nothing's wrong with her beautifully flaunted dress. It's with the neon shoes I got stuck. She could've been better with pumps. 

I ain't a fashion expert but I have to really say this is a disaster.
Helena Bonham Carter in her one-of-a-kind outfit.  Fashion police? Arrest her!
And Lucy Lui with a pink cape?? :/ Big mistake.
Lady Gaga is an epic disaster. 

But with all these rubbles, I found a pretty face. Good thing. And OMG! She is the sister of Kim Kardashian. My net surfing wasn't a waste of time after all. 

Kendall Jenner in the premiere of the 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.'
Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The 11.11.11 Phenomenon

Di ko namalayan na November 11, 2011 pala ngayon, a phenomenon which is once in a lifetime. I know dumaan na ang 10.10.10, ang 09.09.09, ang 08.08.08, ang 07.07.07, so on and so forth, but during those dates, talagang walang-wala ako. As in wala sa consciousness ko ang dates na yan. And since this is the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the 21st century, here are the things that I have accomplished and has happened today:

1. I finished the script for the Film Fest Competition. I was cramming to have it done, but it paid. Thank God, nagustuhan naman ng mga actresses at actors sa college namin. (wala na kasi sila choice but to like it) Tomorrow, we will have a dry-run of the story so watch out na lang kung magiging early na ba ako or late pa rin. haha. What a life! ^_^

2. Bumalik na ang tubig sa water closet sa college namin. Na flush na rin ang wee-wee ko, sa wakas. haha.

3. Na late na naman ako sa Political Science class namin. But at least I made it to the checking of the attendance. Thanks to the prayer na inialay ni Ma'am Estoconing to God before the class. hihi.

4. Nakita ko na naman ang crush ko. Next Monday ulit crush ha.

5. I received a blog award from Albert, a friend from the blogosphere and an equal in the publication. Thank you so much gurl. Mwah ^_^

6. I heard that Mang Inasal is offering P29 on their meals. Ewan ko lang kung totoo.

7. May nagparamdam sa Facebook ko. A "someone" from the past. haha.

8. Gusto ko mag-overnight sa office. Wala lang. But I have to go home.

9. I received my pay today. Yehey! Mayaman na naman ako (in the meantime) haha. One-day millionaire kum baga.

10. And the last thing? Hmmm.There was a candle lighting sa Freedom Park kanina. For world peace daw. -_-

A Disease? Or a Mindset?

No matter how hard I try to be early for my first subject in the morning, there are just elements around me that make me a slowpoke, a sloth, a snail, and you name it all.
It happens everytime, especially when I have 8:00 a.m. classes from Monday to Friday. This is a disease, I presume. My being a late comer has began when I was in grade school, and until now, now that I am in college, my presence inside the classroom minutes before the time still hangs at the mercy of my teacher. If she comes in before I do, then I am late. If she doesn't, then thank God. I ain't late yet.

I am always late, maybe from 5 to 15 minutes late, not only for school, but also for other appointments. I have been trying to find solutions for this problem of mine, this problem which has been bothering my friends in school and my colleagues in the office.

I tried to surf the net for possible answers and I got hooked with this site. click me. It has given me an idea that I have, perhaps, an OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which was defined by Steven Phillipson, Ph.D. as an anxiety disorder, which features recurrent obsessions that create threat or alarm. Some OCD behaviors include flushing the toilet with the use of one's foot, knocking on a wood three times to ward of a bad omen, or to make the sign of the cross everytime one passes by a Catholic Church.

There are three branches of OCD. First and the most common is when there is an undoing response which generally involves some overt behavior. It includes the thought of being contaminated to a certain bacteria, germs, or disease after touching an object or an area. In order for them to escape from these contaminations, they tend to do chronic handwashing and wiping their hands with sanitizers. Some might be good at hoarding, unnecessary stuffs included. These unnecessary stuffs like junk mails, lots of paper materials, or even collections of "memorable" items do pile up in one area of the house. Many would tend to keep them for possible future use. They can have a point of being futuristic, since I for one do collect and keep some stuffs, but I also learn to throw unnecessary ones. I ain't a "hoarder" then. ^_^

Second is purely obsessional. It involves a high sense of superstiousness of a person. For example, one believes that her lucky number is seven so she uses this number to associate success or luck. Others might be too dependent on the compatibility of their zodiac signs upon searching for a lifetime partner. Even an endless thought of one's first grade teacher who was forgotten and tried to recall would cause one to think of it for a long time just for the sake of knowing the name of that teacher. A tough problem solving, that is. 

The last branch is something quite difficult to treat, or let's say cannot be helped.  People in this category are so concerned not for themselves, but for the welfare of others.

There is another one which is called body dysmorphia, or the excessive focus of a person in a body part which he considers ugly, or grossly malformed. They stay in front of the mirror for quite some time, and they make sure that they look good with their appearance. Others are so concerned with their body parts which they think emit a stenchy odor (i.e., the genitalia, armpit, feet, and breath).

Upon stumbling on an article related to the aforementioned information, I was convinced that something is really wrong with me. But to go back to the issue of being late, I still think I have no disease. I have no OCD. This "unwanted" behavior of mine is a product of personal choice, and nothing more. I have to dub it as true, since the moment I focus on a thing that I have to achieve (like going to school early because of a strict teacher or be motivated because *I have a crush in one of my classes), I can absolutely achieve it.

Take for example yesterday. I had to hasten things up, from bathing to eating, so that I can catch an early bus to school. And yes, I was successful in going to school early. But what motivated me to do this post today is the ugly truth that I was once again late this morning. An inner gaud forced me to move slowly today, thinking that I can still make it early for today's class. But I obviously failed because of a miscalculated confidence.

Personal choice, this is therefore. And I am convinced. Nothing more. *wink

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Orange Pulps and the Cold Hands

Day 2 for the second semester. Second post for the month of November. Another day to meet another set of classmates and teachers for another set of MWF subjects. And guess what? I was late for my first subject in the morning -- AGAIN. I don't mean to brag about my bad habit, but it just happened again. :'( At least I was not that late. The teacher just came earlier than I did, so I was considered a little bitty tinie late. ^_^

More so, the reason for this post to exist is because of something (or let's say 'someone') that I discovered upon entering the class late. He was there. OM! Classmates mi, my goodness! I saw him on the opposite far right side of the room, radiating in his white course t-shirt.

All this time, I was aware that he has only two minor subjects left and he has mentioned me those two. I just forgot about it. And today, just today, I realized one of his minor subjects is a minor of mine, too. I do not know what to feel -- to be jovial because I will be seeing him thrice a week starting today before his apprenticeship next year, or to be pressured because he is a bright stude (it would mean a mutual competition).

But no, this must not go on. This 'mutual something' going on between us mustn't. Not yet. Whatever feeling this is must not go on. We are just friends, close SMS friends. Something from high school was held responsible for this friendship of ours to bloom beautifully, and I dunno if I have to be grateful for it or not.

Anyhow, please pardon my puerile rants. It's just that I kept on thinking about the percentage of chances that we'll become classmates in that subject. And I know that everytime I keep on thinking about things, it won't happen. It's the opposite. When I do not think about it, it happens.

So I really did a very good thinking time before arriving to my first classroom in the morning. I know it won't happen. But now, it's different. Now that I thought about it, it did happen. *grrr!

Mr. Walt Disney, what is the meaning of this?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The First-Day Spoiler

Well and good. First day of classes is almost over. But I think I still haven't put off that ugly habit of mine. Many times have I posted of events that placed me in an embarrassing situation, and Little Miss Late's photo above has already appeared twice already.

Okay. Here's the catch. First day of classes for the second semester and I am late -- AGAIN. ^_^ For the nth time, I have entered into my classes, opened doors of classrooms, and made the murmuring teachers pause for a while because someone was at the door, trying to come in and trying to make a mask of grimace just to hide that true abashed countenance. Well, that's me. And it would be a miracle if I can make it on or before the time.

Little Miss Late (ORANGE) !
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