Friday, January 29, 2010

Break Free

I have cried a river yesterday and I don't want it to happen again. Thanks to the c.r. and Jam's text message, I was relieved. And most of all, after praying, I have felt so much relief.

I realized life is not all about happiness and laughs. Sometimes, you just have to cry out loud and say that life is super hard to deal.

(sori nagud..kabuangon rako run..may gane kita ko ni local Matt Evans, I have friends to comfort me and I have GOD to talk to)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Try To Share (if you don't want to look like the Grinch)

Not everyone are kind and generous, I realized. After knowing that my sister has been deprived of the information that she was supposed to know, I felt that not all of us can be lucky in all situations. Good thing I was not there when that happened 'coz if I was, I could have slapped her classmates with harsh words. I can't do that in public but I can defend my sister in my own little cunning way. (evil laugh)

My father had a chance to tell me what happened in the cafe. He was as disappointed as I am when he told me that my sister's classmates did not share the site of their assignment.

My sister, Everon, with another close classmate of hers, arrived at the cafe just to see two of her other classmates feasting with the answers that they have recently found. Everon did not find it and she tried to ask for the site (site lang naman ang hiningi, not the answers...what's wrong with that?) However, they did not give them any hint. Nada!

One of the greedy classmates happened to be the first placer in the first grading and second placer in the second grading. Now, in their third period, she has declined to the third place. My sister, on the other hand, rose from the ranks from being the eighth to the fourth and to the third placer, respectively. Currently, they are sharing the same spot.

Now, it came to my senses. She doesn't want to be stepped over by some non-honoree elementary pupil (before). However, the competition is super unfair.

It's my time to reminisce the past [again].

Our professional math geek, who happens to be the best student because of her academic performance, would always give us the answers to the math and physics problems in the test papers and in home works. She is always helped by another major number geek.

We would always get the same scores in quizzes and exams in math and since the teacher was a "bulldog who loves to talk to Tinker Bell", she never discovered the anomaly.

That kind of craziness does not exist in my sister's school, unfortunately--the total opposite indeed. So I think she really has to be patient and be more studious to prove to anyone, most especially to greedy friendly-like grinches, that karma silently awaits for its vengeance. (evil laugh...louder this time)

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Almost Over
by Carrots

I feel lucky today. I sneaked into the office and checked if there is an internet connection. And lucky me for there really was. This happens once in a blue moon so I'll take this opportunity to make as many posts as I can. (wow! naging active yata!...)

Anyway, this is not my purpose in making this post. I just want to unwind myself with the pressure that I am still feeling today. I have an incoming exam in ICT this afternoon and I only have absorbed almost one half of the lessons. Our teacher did not give us any pointers but I do hope the test items won't be that hard.

Next week is going to be the revelation week. The teachers are going to check the papers and I am still unsure if I can pass in all my subjects or not. It's cross-finger time. (mura ug naninuod jud ug tuon)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Will Forget
(if fate permits)
by Carrots

The obsession has finally declined but it has not totally left me. Although I have not seen him for quiet a long time now, I can still remember him by the way he smiles. Now I made a promise that I will totally erase him in my mind. (kaya ba ni nako??...pagka walei)

As long as I will not see him again, I can make it. But every time I see him even just from a distance, my heart begins to race again like what I always feel when I was in high school. I cannot define my feelings for him but assuredly, it's not love noh! This is just an extreme obsession. Nothing more.

Alright, I have said enough about this over repulsive emotion of mine. I can still live without a crush. There are many cute guys around anyway (mantiniron na lang...hahaha) and I have God, my dudes, and my "pamilya sa kanunayng panabang" who loves me. I am happy to be single again. (ha?....single nasad kay la na man crush...ana diay na??)

Monday, January 11, 2010

His Name Is Kyle
by Carrots

Because of the information given to me by a friend, I was able to sit and wait for seven p.m. to arrive. His name is Kyle, a hunk that emerged from an artificial embryo made by his look alike named Adam Baylon who, on the later flow of the story, died.

Now, Kyle's extraordinarily gorgeous counterpart has arrived and her name is Jessie XX. There are lots of great things and discoveries to happen on the next episodes and I can't help myself but watch it even if it is midterm week.

The story is mainly a science fiction but also has love interests especially between Kyle, Jessie and Amanda--Kyle's crush who plays the piano well.

I really have to advise you people to watch it every weekdays at seven p.m. on Studio 23..kabarkada mo!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Finally 2010
by Carrots

..tick, tock, tick, tock...Time is running and so does my age. However, I know that my heart remains 15 (pasensya...mag dream din kayo kung gusto nyo..hehe). Time has been compared to gold too and so it would be unwise for us to waste every second of it.

Anyway, I have felt like no "Happy New Year! Welcome 2010" that happened. I did not see Matt Evans this year, although he greeted me on the phone last January 1. (ay!...speaking of January, malapit na rin ang birthday nya at malapit na rin kaming mag ulit)I also did not see all of my cousins when we were in Bayawan. We were not able to talk and bond but at least I saw some of them again. Most of all, I was not able to fulfill my new Year's Resolution and that is to make myself fatter this year. I did not gain weight or more flesh or more fats (desperada to the max...sana donate.tan ako ni kuya).

However, God did not fail to take good care of me. I am still alive, still kicking, still studying and still happy. There will come a time that I'm gonna emote again (aw?? unsa daw?!?...mahaba.haba pa ang year 2010 ha)so I will spend these blissful days with a purpose.

It's finally 2010 and everyone is going to move forward-- including the number figure of their ages, their fate and their way of living. Nothing is permanent so we all have to accept the fact that the only change that never change is change (courtesy of Mrs. Zerna...thank you ma'am). Never forget, however, that your best rock to lean on is just a prayer away.

Congratulations to me because I have finally made my first post for the year of the Metal Tiger (smiling mode).

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