Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Finally 2010
by Carrots

..tick, tock, tick, tock...Time is running and so does my age. However, I know that my heart remains 15 (pasensya...mag dream din kayo kung gusto nyo..hehe). Time has been compared to gold too and so it would be unwise for us to waste every second of it.

Anyway, I have felt like no "Happy New Year! Welcome 2010" that happened. I did not see Matt Evans this year, although he greeted me on the phone last January 1. (ay!...speaking of January, malapit na rin ang birthday nya at malapit na rin kaming mag ulit)I also did not see all of my cousins when we were in Bayawan. We were not able to talk and bond but at least I saw some of them again. Most of all, I was not able to fulfill my new Year's Resolution and that is to make myself fatter this year. I did not gain weight or more flesh or more fats (desperada to the max...sana donate.tan ako ni kuya).

However, God did not fail to take good care of me. I am still alive, still kicking, still studying and still happy. There will come a time that I'm gonna emote again (aw?? unsa daw?!?...mahaba.haba pa ang year 2010 ha)so I will spend these blissful days with a purpose.

It's finally 2010 and everyone is going to move forward-- including the number figure of their ages, their fate and their way of living. Nothing is permanent so we all have to accept the fact that the only change that never change is change (courtesy of Mrs. Zerna...thank you ma'am). Never forget, however, that your best rock to lean on is just a prayer away.

Congratulations to me because I have finally made my first post for the year of the Metal Tiger (smiling mode).

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  1. Happy new year rolyn! :) Contrary to you, I had a "happy newwww year". I planned to be jolly that day. And hey, im so lucky this year. :)


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