Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Been lost from the blogosphere lately because of so much work to do in school. I have a defense in Technical Writing coming up, and we haven't finished the paper yet. There is also a youth camp in our church youth organization coming up very soon and I am one of the organizers. Last but not the least, my final examination in Philosophy is just two days away. So help me God! 

It's summer and I am supposed to be at home or in some place for a vacation and rest. But it seems like way too impossible especially now that the enrollment for the first semester is fast approaching. -_- Sige na lang. I still thank God sa maraming bagay. 

How I wished I was a little kid again, malayo sa stress and sa pressures. Walang summer class, walang mabigat na responsibilities. Ang tanging nakaka-stress lang ay ang kung ano ang pwedeng lalaruin next. haha. Naalala ko tuloy ang kabataan ko. haha. Oh eto nah. Thanks to Facebook, napa-smile naman ako, KASI NAKA RELATE AKO

The only thing I haven't tried is the walkie talkie thing. haha. Never had a toy like that. Kayo? ^_^

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The King's Law

There was a king who issued a decree that if anyone who will violate the law, he or she must be put to death through public execution of scourging with a huge metal ball with sharp spikes on it. Everyone in the kingdom has been very careful of not violating the law until such time that there is someone who did. 

An old lady, around 60 years old, was caught by the king's official and was reported to him. The king now has approved the execution no matter what the age of the violator. So, then the officials prepared the execution chamber the next day at the center of the kingdom for all the people to witness the event. 

The 60 year old lady came with her face veiled with a cloth until she went up the stage of the execution chamber. She was already tied up. The metal ball with spikes are ready, sharpened by the king's official. When the veil was lifted up from the lady's face, everybody found out that it is the king's mother. Everyone on the crowd, the officials, and even the king was shocked. He does not know what to do now. 

The kingdom questioned, "What is he going to do?", referring to the king. When the officials are almost ready to hit the king's mother, the king shouted, "Stop!", went down from his throne to the execution chamber, took away his crown, and tied himself up to the chamber. Because he cannot violate his own decree, he commanded the officials to let his mother go and let her live and have him scourged in place of his mother and endure the punishment and die.

This is what happened on the cross of Jesus. 
Jesus is the king, we are the mother!
We are destined to die because of our sins. 
Jesus put himself in place of us so we can have life.
And it is all because of His GREAT LOVE for you and me. 

Amazing GOD!!

courtesy of Facebook

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Happy Heart Meal

Laughter. The happy heart meal. 

Though I was pissed off with my sister this afternoon before I went to school, I tried my best to cool off and smile before entering the university premises. I don't want to ruin my day just because she touched my things without my permission. Sobrang babaw ng dahilan, pero watch-out s'ya sa 'kin pag-uwi ko. haha. 

So eto ang pinagka-abalahan ko para naman mag cool off ang utak ko. ^_^

This is just so cute. If you are a fan of Phineas and Ferb like me and my siblings, you would know the characters above. Can you name them for me? :) 

And because Dallas is out from the NBA play-offs after getting a zero from Oklahoma Thunders, I think Miami Heats has something to say to them. haha. This is so hilarious. 

Pick-apan na lang tayo. ^_^

courtesy of Facebook.com and Youtube.com

Monday, May 7, 2012

The B-MEG Triumph

This is the reason why I slept late last night. 'Twas the PBA Finals between B-MEG and Talk'nText Game 7 -- the crucial last game. I was a B-MEG fan all throughout because of James Yap, and last night, I just knew of another great player who saved the team. DENZEL BOWLES.

On the last seconds of the game, the score was 74-76 in favor of the TNT. The audience was hysterical. They wanted TNT to win. But it seemed like fate has turned its back on the white jersey guys. haha. The referee called for a foul, and alas! Denzel Bowles has to have two free throws. Imagine how pressured he was at that moment, for his two throws would determine an overtime or a triumph to the opposite team -- the "Crucial All or Nothing Free Throws". Waaah! I don't want to spoil the story. Just watch the video and enjoy the victory of B-MEG Llamados. Kudos guys!

I enjoyed this so much last night with my family. My father was right when he said that B-MEG would win the game if there was an overtime. And it truly happened. The house was filled with screams and stomps. The excitement was epic. The ballgame was epic. B-MEG absolutely is epic. Oh yeah!  

I am  not actually a basketball fan. I cannot even remember when I started to like that sport. At first I thought it's only for the guys. But for curiosity's sake, I explored the game, and chaching...'twas fun after all. Once again, congratulations to the B-MEG Llamados for winning the 2012 PBA Commissioner's Cup. Now, for the NBA. haha. ^_^

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Ultimate Big Bangers of May the 4th

My last Midterm examination for this year's Summer class has ended today (Technical Writing), and I thought that was the end of the Big Bang. But as I ran my fingers over the keyboard and started surfing the net, I realized it wasn't the last. 

Since I am the newest fan of American Idol, with Jessica Sanchez in, (not because she is half-Pinay, but because I fell in love with her voice next to Charice's), I have been following the show every week. And in this week's performance, I've seen how everyone gave out their best. Good for Joshua Ledet, he got his 11th standing ovation from the judges. The rest received similar complacent praises. 

The Big Bang? Well, Skylar Laine was ousted this week. Why? It could've been Philip or Hollie (they were good but not excellent), but why Skylar? She was my favorite, together with Joshua and Jessica. What a disappointment! Anyway, I know she will do better outside American Idol. There has to be opportunities opened for her, and she will get the assurance that I will be one of those millions who will listen to her songs. Oh yeah! ^_^ 

the goodbye hug from Hollie, another from the bottom two this week

And the Biggest Bang? Before turning the TV off last night, my father changed the channel to GMANewsTV and I was fortunate to watch Jessica Sojo Live. But what I learned from the news was morbid, for it involved yet another story of the Philippines' pagpapanggap, another poker face for the visitors to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) 45th Annual Board of Governors Meeting in Parañaque, Metro Manila. 

According to the news, the government has decided to put tarpaulins to cover the slum areas of the Metro so that the visitors will see the 'clean' side of the city, and not the real scene -- settlers living under the bridges, locales in their pinagtagpi-tagping tahanan, and little naked children swimming over mushy, greenish waters. 

Isn't this yet another act of pagpapanggap? Why not just let it be, and let the visitors see the real problem of the country. With that, they may be able to address the issue and think of solutions to lessen, if not eradicate, the primary problem of the country. 

Well, that is from my own viewpoint. How about you? What can you say about this issue? 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Help Me Please!

Lately, I have been uncomfortable with my reply button. I wanted to reply to individual comments and I wanted it to be embedded below the original comment. I tried editing my html codes but there were no changes. Nothing at all. tsk.  

For short, I wanted to have a threaded comment system. I searched high and low for tutorials online. I read and read and read articles on how to embed a threaded reply button. Albert (of How to Become an Einstein) even helped me out. We did it again and again, but to no avail. This is pissing me off. Albert said maybe something is wrong with my template. 

But I am not changing my template (as of now). I like it, super duper! The problem yet remains. How will I be able to change my comment system into the threaded one? 

HELP! :'(

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