Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pineapple Raindrops

This isn't officially goodbye...just a short hiatus for the Semestral Break. Before my dudes and I separate for the mini-holiday, we spent the night at the Buglasan Festival venue to unwind a little bit and to have a feel of the province's joviality. After this, tulog muna ako sa "banga". Ayoko muna mag Facebook at mag blog. ^_^ Tulog muna ako ng matagal...and after the hibernation (haha), malamang enrolment na for the second semester. God bless you mga dudes! I shall return! ^_^

naki-picnik lang po with two of my best buds ^_^
strolls would always end up to poses like this ^_^

more of the these photos here :)

kakapagod na kasi mag upload...di cooperative ang blogger ngayon

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This kiddie song was taught by my mother during Sunday Schools, and until now, I still love to hum the tune. I do not only remember my childhood, I also am reminded about Jesus' coming to earth soon. It makes me get more excited each day to behold His glorious face. ^_^

Somewhere in outer space
God has prepared a place 
For those who trust Him and obey
Jesus will come again
And though we don't know when
The countdown's getting lower everyday.

Ten and nine, eight and seven,
Six and five and four
Call upon the Saviour while you may.
Three and two
Coming thru the clouds in bright array
The countdown's getting lower everyday.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Everything There is a Season

Ecclesiastes 3:1 to 8

1 To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: 2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck what is planted; 3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; 4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; 5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; 6 A time to gain, and a time to lose; a time to keep and a time to throw away; 7 A time to tear, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; 8 A time to love and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

*But in everything, praise God. He is my very present help, my very present provider of everything that I need.

Therefore I conclude (parang experiment notebook ko lang sa elementary) that this time is a time for cramming (dahil di pa ako tapos sa modules na pinagawa sana sa grupo, pero ako lang gumawa, with a little aid sa mga may malasakit)...and after this, a time for relaxing (malapit nah...matulog ng maraming marami si ako). ^_^

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pero Char Lang

I could hardly open my eyes but I have to wake up and prepare for school. There are so many things to finish even if it is already semestral break -- modules to encode, lesson plan to prepare for individual demo, program for our farewell party, blah, blah! These are all supposed to be done by a group but as usual, the leader does all the work. And now, I'm stuck with myself inside the office to finish everything before the deadline -- or else we're all dead.

I have been involved in another morbid scene last night, and my old folks are to blame. No need to elaborate. I have given a good cry and now, my eyes have swollen a good swell. Not good. Life must go on though. College hassles are yet but passing, and soon, I am going to miss these moments. So better enjoy stuffs, no matter how tiring, before they're totally gone. 


Monday, October 10, 2011


Late upload of photos, but this one was last Saturday, right after we have realized semestral break has come. With the remaining allowance that we have, my dear friend and I went to buy some vintage necklaces. Pretty much...but it meant goodbye to our money. Now that sembreak has conquered, wala na kami pera.


Bad Trip Monday

I was optimistic that this Monday would be a great one for the fact that I woke up early, read my Bible with the family, and had a good breakfast. The morning bus was not welcomy that much because I had to stand together with some of the passengers who also do not want to be late in their classes and jobs.

But I reckoned this day would come out to be one of the worst days of my life, thus, never to be forgotten.

This is the exact guard na inaway ko.
He always mess with many studes, lalo na
pag feel n'yang kaya n'ya.
Gusto ko pa namang maging maganda ang simula ng araw na 'to. But someone, or let's say, many, are trying to test my temperament today. A little issue heated up yesterday, but pinalipas ko lang yun, knowing that it was a Sunday. I don't want to ruin that special day with the Lord.
Sa gate pa lang, nakita ko na ang pagmumukha ng guard na pinaka-hate ko. He was checking someone's ID when he spotted me on a tee and a pedal pusher. Maganda na sana ang araw ko kung di nya ako tinawag. He treated me disrespectfully, and that hit my ego. I know I am just a student, but he has to know his limitations.
He had some issues with my pedal kasi daw bakit maiksi. He told me to have it lowered. Pa'no ba naman mangyayari yun? I asked him so many questions that made him irritated. I had to reason out para naman malaman nya na hindi ako takot sa kanya. "Below the knee ng imung pedal," he said, finally. I backfired, "Mao ni below the knee nimu? Nitabon na man gani sa tuhod." Di sya sumagot. Pero parang palaban. Palibhasa, malaking tao. "Bisag ato pa ng sukdon dai." Parang natauhan ako do'n. I realized na hindi pala ako dapat nakikipag-away. I never knew where I got that guts to answer him back. But I just did. Wala naman akong pinagsisisihan.

Dapat sana yan din ang ginagawa ng ibang students. I just hate to see many na di marunong mag reason out.

There, there. Humupa na ang verbal tussles namin. Di naman umabot ng limang minuto eh. I yielded, kasi ako lang ang mapapahiya sa kasong ito. I unrolled my pedal once and said in his scarry face, "Satisfied?" Di nakasagaot. He was murmuring something but nag walk out na ako. Ang kapal na ng mukha ko. Gan'to pala ako pag galit? Di na maisip kung matino pa ba ang pinaggagawa o di na.

When I arrived at the office, may isa pang taong nagpa-level up ng thermometer. Nakakakakakaka-inis! Actually, dalawa sila. Di ko mapapatawad ang ginawa nilang dalawa (for the meantime.) Pag humupa na ang baha na dulot ni Pedring, maybe ookay na ako.

P.S. Pasensya na talaga mainit lang talaga ulo ko. Good thing I still have reasons to smile. Good thing di ako inatake sa puso. Good thing binabantayan pa rin ako ni Lord. Good thing.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome Home

He called me last night saying that he is finally coming home. After almost three months, that seemed so long ago, he will be coming back home for me. He said he missed me and that he will make every way possible to be with me very early the next day. I jumped from my bed at the very tickety tock of 11:00 p.m. and prepared myself the whole night. I conquered even the dawning breaks to witness his coming. I did not sleep, I did not bother close my eyelids. That is how I wished for his immediate arrival. 

The cocks have already crowed a cock-a-doodle, but a mere shadow of his stature did not emerge from our front yard. I checked our bamboo-grilled window, hoping that I would see him from a distance; yet, nothing was in sight. I was a little bit disappointed. But I know he will keep his promise of coming home for me. 

I went to school the next day, trying to fight my depression and sleepless night, and did my responsibilities as a student, like nothing happened. It was not an easy thing to do especially that I am still yearning for him to be home. He did not tell me when he'll arrive. He did not respond to any of my short messages. I miss him a lot. I dropped by the cake house later that day, bought a chocolate cake for my mom, and hailed a bus home. 

He seemed to have forgotten his promise. He did not go home as promised. He was not a man of his word.

Now that I have laid my bag on the seat of our little abode and went to the kitchen to give my present, there I found him. He was smiling at me. It was a dear smile indeed. He need not say anything because his sweet message is evident in his gestures. I did not wait for him to say that he missed me. I immediately gave him my warmest hug and said, "Welcome home..."

"...Welcome home SEMBREAK."
*big grin*

And that is how I welcome the Semestral Break! ^_^

Sense(less) Rants of a Sleep(less) Child

This is the product of the author after trying to be awake from 11:00 p.m. 'til the hour of the examination the next day. The studying was rather effective, but not all the items studied came up. It was a little disappointing. This poem could tell it all, though some lines I do not even understand.

The soft breeze has come
To tell me a secret
Saith he, "Clouds are pink cotton balls,
Swirls of happiness it could be."

I glanced and drew a line of grin
Bid goodbye to the freezing teardrops
The apple juice is melting
In a meringue of pensive spills

Nothing can write this happiness 
Even oceans cannot ink my pen
Through sleepless nights, restless days
Leaves aren't enough be the paper.

But this sweet puree of caramel smiles
Will muster a thousand miles
That secret dungeon I will trance
Be found, oh lovely cerulean heart.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Examination Hypes

I have still found myself in the confines of this torturous week. Finals Week, it is. Tomorrow is Friday and I have three more examinations to go. But even if this is the hatest week of all college students, I know I still have reasons to thank for.

Orange Pulps on Tuesday. I was about to grab my notes and plaster it in my brain but I found myself trapped in my lazy bones. I couldn't help but worry on what to answer in my Physics exam. Nothing seemed to register into my hippocampus. Just as I was refreshing myself for a review, I received a text from a classmate saying that my teacher had exempted me in her exam because of a good grade. Waaaaaaaahh! Thank you ma'am. You're so kind.

Orange Pulps on Wednesday. Our "major major" fear had come but I did not do anything to conquer it. I did not know where to start studying for our Ecology examination. Another text came in, saying that the examination was postponed to Friday, because of the Teacher's Day celebration. Hahaha! Thank you again ma'am. Thank you Teacher's Day. You saved the day.

Orange Pulps on Thursday. That is today. First thing in the morning, we had our essay examination in Ed8. He said we will have three questions to nail. But when he gave his final instructions, he told us to choose one of three to answer in depth. With free lollipops for the brain pa. Thank you sir.

Three more hypes to go. I will survive. YEAH!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Boys, My Boys :0)

The night crept like a silent salamander. It invaded the skies without us noticing it. Mister Sun gave a yawn and said goodbye while the rest of us are still busy with our tasks -- checking papers, entertaining questions, giving lectures, so on and so forth.

But of course, everything has to end. They are just kids.They aren't used to staying up late yet. So they also said their goodbyes after asking for our numbers and getting a dose of our narcissism. See you soon kiddos!

After fulfilling a promise, our souls were at ease. We could finally go home. Nonetheless, we could not refuse the free dinner so off we went to their park for a delightful meal. Being there was something I sought for after all the pressures and constraints in school -- relief, comfort, happiness.

Being there was discovering the deeper meaning of love for children. And yes, someone helped me realize that. His name was Jeru, a little boy about 3 to 5 years old, with a pair of singkit eyes and a wonderfully-carved lips. Who would even think that behind his smiles and wit lies a loom of secrets worth unfolding?

After eating, hawak-hawak ang tooth pick.
He was a product of delinquency, a son of a drug addict mother who was once an OFW. His mother can speak good English, but she wasn't a good mother. Now, they roam around the park to witness what life is for the rest of the commoners in that town.

One question remained in me even after they have went on their way. "What will happen to him, that little Jeru?"

Not only that. I also made an encounter with yet another boy. He was playing in the field -- soccer daw -- with a deflated volleyball and a thin friend. I just couldn't help but have a picture with him, kasi nga ang laki. But despite his enormity, he was still able to run and play with his peer. Hopefully soon, he will also realize that he needs to have a diet. Hoo! Kawawa naman.

Cape of Good Hope!
Kasya ako brod..

The Jimalalud Galore

Our task was not easy. But we nailed it, yes. Our presence there was a gift for them.

October 1st. Mister Sun wasn't up yet, but I have to prepare. The night before was a stress (I came home late just to finish the hand-outs for the lecture the next day. I slept late, around 12:30 a.m., to sort the school papers that I have to bring.) and I cannot afford to be late for today, even just for today.

After all the necessities have been ready, I bid nanay and tatay goodbye, hailed an air-conditioned bus to Dumaguete, and another one to Jimalalud, with my co-editors Rina and Kenneth. The two-hour drive to the "Little Big Town of Jimalalud" was seemingly quick and in no time, we found ourselves in the confines of Jimalalud National High School, the alma mater of our Features Editor, Ryan. Everyone, especially Ma'am Beth and her bestfriend, whom I failed to get the name, was so accomodating. I finally felt how it was to be the special guest lecturer. I do hope there will be more of these lecture thingy in the near future. 

I vindicate thee, Jimalalud, with a pose.

Lecture time. They all seem ready.
And lunch...
And lunch!
With Minute Maid...Orange pulps :)
And a dose of Orange Ink :)
Break time.
Impeccable timing
Sunset blues.
The peace sign and the kiddos!
On editorial cartooning
They listened intently. I know they are willing to learn.
Nag drawing din.
On Column writing
And write what your heart desires.
Memorabilia before going home.
Dropped at the Jimalalud park...for supper.
Waited for a bus to come (but we weren't still able to go home dahil super gabi nah)
Stayed overnight sa "kamalig" of one of the teachers.
And finally went home safe the next day.

He's Different

The teacher that made a difference (in me).
Yes, he is different. Fast Facts?
  • He is the only Doctor of Physical Education in the whole province of Negros Oriental.
  • He is the only teacher who can make everyone laugh out loud.
  • He is the only teacher who gives 1.5 (equivalent to 90%) as the lowest grade.
  • He is the only teacher who gives free incentives and some of the answers to his exam (Midterms and Finals).
  • He is the only teacher who gives Mentos during exams, justifying that sweets can help the brain work efficiently especially during exams.
  • He is the only teacher who gives us free answer sheets.
  • He is the only teacher who can give a joke without twitching his face. And I tell you, we would end up in great laughter. Kilay kaayo ka sir!
  • He is the only teacher whom I know that has shared his dreams in life to his students. And I admire him for his lofty yet possible goals.
  • And yeah, he is the one and only teacher I knew who encourages his students NOT TO STUDY during his exams. The exam is easy, essay type. Don't worry.
Tomorrow, we will be giving red roses to our top three favorite teachers in line with the International Teacher's Week. And he's gonna be one of the three that I will be giving my rose. He would really cry a river upon reading this post. Unfortunately, he's not a blogger, so I think it would be better to keep it that way.

The Origin of Mother Tongue

The dilemma of not teaching the Mother Tongue
Two months ago, I made a post about what mother tongue is. Just today, I discovered its origin. 

Well, I was once again late for my Ed8 subject today though I came to school early. Anyway, here it is. 

Once, there was a teacher in a private and prestigious school in one of the cities in the Philippines. She was a fluent English speaker. In fact, she is teaching the discipline for quite sometime already. One day, she asked one of her students to get a broomstick. 

Teacher: Kindly get a broomstick.
Student: Where is it placed teacher?
Teacher: It's at the back of the door.
Student: Pardon teacher.
Teacher: I said it is at the back of the door.
Student: Where?
Teacher: Naa sa likod sa purtahan bah.
Student: What is purtahan teacher?
Teacher: (irritated) Ay ako na lang mukuha.

After that incident, many teachers realized that they need not only teach the second language (which is English), but also the mother tongue especially to those children who have not been trained at home to speak in their native dialect.

Now, Lubuagan in Kalinga is the first to use Mother Tongue in their curriculum and they have found its effectiveness especially in the mastery and fluency of their learners in Language and Comprehension, both in English and in their mother tongue.

Monday, October 3, 2011

That Dysfunctional Water Closet

Ang ginaw ng office, yes. And I do not know why girls usually love to go to the cr to have some pee-pee stuff in the white throne sa mga oras na malamig.

Water closet pala tawag ng taga ibang country sa CR. Sosyal!

Anyway, ang labo lang kasi ng services ng comfort room namin sa office. First, okay pa, with a functioning light bulb, a lock, and a faucet. Meron lang yung tatlo, solve na ang ginaw. But sa kalaunan, bumigay ng isa-isa ang mga naghihikahos sa hirap na mga [insert word here*] na 'to, so we have to "suffer." 

Unang nawala ang ilaw. Okay lang. Kapa-kapa mode muna tayo. May cellphone naman (na sa wakas ay napahalagahan in the absence of load and ka text). Malas mo lang pag nag-landing sa bowl. Goodbye everything.

Nasundan ng lock. Nasira ang door knob sa lakas ng impact ng mga taong nag peepeepee do'n. Baka na rin sa adrenalin rush na dala ng tickling gall bladders nila. Okay pa rin naman. We barricaded it with a stack of chairs para di ma-open ng ganun-ganon na lang. Minsan kasi, may mga masasamang hangin na humihihip na lang ng pinto at pag-lingon mo, huli na ang lahat. May smiley na ang *toot* mo.

Ang pinakamasama sa lahat ay ang mawalan ng tubig ang CR. And the worst of all the worsts ay ang i-close ito dahil baka pumasok sa work place ang masangsang na amoy. 'Di naman yata maganda sa isang school publication office na magmistulang CR na rin ang amoy. So we have to go down the first floor, seek for a neat CR na may tubig at do'n na peepeepee. 

Mabuti naman narinig ng Alumni Office ang hinaing naming mga kabataang nagseserbisyo sa unibersidad. They sent someone to fix the light. At bumalik na rin ang tubig. 'Bay di man lang sinali ang door knob. Dapat pang i-summon ulit ang nag-ayos. 

Now, our CR is back to its services. Unfortunately, di lang nila sinira ang door knob, tinanggal pa talaga, leaving one perfect hole where anyone na walang modo can peep in. 

Good luck na lang sa parating pang mga bagyo sa 'Pinas. Surely, giginaw na naman ng uber ang paligid, at marami na naman ang magkaka-CR rush nito. Sa masilipan na lang.

Hello Finals, Hello October

I'll KISS this. (News jargon for KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE)

I had my Geometry exam this morning, and I felt like I just had an aneurism. It was hard, though I got some answers right. Unfortunately, there were more unsure items, so I think I have to get myself ready for a removal exam. huhu. Bakit pa kasi ako ipinanganak na bobo sa Math?

Anyway, that vindicated my gloomy October, though I had a really great time in Jimalalud last Saturday and Sunday. I'll make the story once the photos will be uploaded. And as what I have said, I'll just make this post short and simple. I still have things to edit, read, and encode. 

Happy October, everyone. Happy October 8th nanay.
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