Thursday, October 28, 2010

God Moves in Mysterious Ways

I have been praying for this thing for quite some time already. This is one of the things that my family is scarce of but never was deprived of. As I said my morning prayer, I humbly asked God to provide the enough amount for my tuition fee. I will never be able to enroll without it. After saying amen and jumping out of bed, I heard my father ask, "Nya  naka-pray naka para pang tuition nimu?" He got a positive answer from me. Well I guess something's coming. 

He then said, "Aw mag prepare ka na eh kay may-ara to karun ma-abot. Hulata lang mag-9." My heart sank into the deep corners of my abdomen. I can't believe God can answer a prayer as fast as that. Well, He just proved to me for a millionth time that nothing is impossible if I will just put my 101% faith in Him.

So there I was, very much pleased of what my day has come to. What I need now is a little bit more of patience and perseverance, perhaps an inspiration too, then I'm good as done. ♥

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


During those boring days, I...


...watched t.v. until every channel became dull in my senses.

...ate fried fish in the morning, noon and evening.

...fetched my brother from school and almost had an accident with that motorcycle of ours.

...slept again.

..watched t.v. again.

...enjoyed the three-day extension of TM Unlitext.

...anticipated for texters (and there definitely were, though it wasn't that exciting at all).

...tried to eat more bread than expected.

...reviewed my unfinished story at home and thought of when to finish writing it.

...spent an overnight in TN and watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (even tried to give the spoiler but nobody was interested...hihi)

...was also online the whole night.

...planned of making the pending articles kuya J requested.

...more of these on the next posts....God bless ♥

Saturday, October 9, 2010


"kpaG aalis                                                       
sama mu ku

yuKo kC
mapalau saU.

pRo kung
mhaL mu,

d na ko

pRo pramiS
hahatId kita,

kHit pagbaLik

aKo na laNg mag-isA..."



hRap mag sabi
ng kailangan

pRo nalaMan ko,

pnkamAhirap paLang
saBihin ung...

etxT mo naMn
mis n kiTa..pwede bAh?

Self-Enhancement Seminars Can Be So Self-Enhancing

I never expected to be in that seminar with my fellow scholars. I was invited but did not even had plans of going to the function hall to join the group. Unfortunately, a colleague of mine was the vice president of NSF (NORSU Scholars' Federation) and so I have to be there to show that I am cooperative. 

Thanks to Dr. Noel Yasi, who happened to be the Scholarship Coordinator of NORSU and the guest speaker of the event, I was able to jot down thought-provoking statements that made me nod my head every now and then. 

"It's not on the kind but on the manner it was given." He said this after he related a story about how he made an effort to look for a wonderful and expensive gift for his manita (a figurine, he specifically said) but ended up receiving a box of soap. He was hysteric and threw the soap away but the giver, upon seeing what was done to her gift, said, "Ayaw pud tawon ing-atua akong regalo nimu. I bought that with the last few cents of my allowance." Until now, he shared that he can never forget that incident. Who wouldn't be?

"A positive attitude is not a destination. It is a way of life."

"Our life is a reflection of our attitude."

"It's not on the event but on how you perceive the event." I remembered my P.E. when he mentioned this. Perhaps, it truly was my negative perception towards P.E. that made me hate it. But I won't change my mind. I still hate it. 

"When you think you'll lose, why join the race in the first place?" True. True. True. It would be better to be a quitter na lang. Magpuyo sa daplin. :0p

A Life Unexpected

I don't have to settle for mediocrity but if that is the only level I can afford, then why not try it? It won't kill a fly anyway.

This is the life I have -- silent, and oftentimes, filled with serendipitous moments. What a beauty, what an awesome life. Sometimes, I curse and ask why I have to pass hardships and loop holes. Why can't I just be happy everyday, worry-free? But that is not the life God wanted me to have. He wanted a challenge. He wanted to test me, not because He seeks for my destruction, but because He wanted me to be stronger and ready for the next round. He wanted me to cling on to Him no matter what.

I've always hated P.E. and now that it's over, I have nothing to worry anymore, except for my grade perhaps. This day is the start of our semestral break and though there are still things to do on the next few days, I am quiet sure I'm gonna be feeling alright during those days.

Though trying to forget the man whom I am obsessed with, my alter ego seems to find ways to get near him. Oh taray! And yes, I had those chances. Secret na namu tong Cheeno ug Tonio ug Liting. Hay! Kandila! 

This is life. This is where I am, and no matter what, I won't give up for God keeps me standin' and fightin'. ♥

Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Thoughts Part 5

Nothing on my mind. My mind is blank. Two editors asked me to do something -- an environmental trivia and an editorial, to be exact. And here I am, seated, doing nothing but wallow myself in emptiness. My head has nothing in it. I am having a hard time constructing creative sentences and ideas these times. Perhaps because it has been used up with the recent final examinations. I am so sorry if I have been a procrastinator but I just can't force myself to do something especially when I am not inspired to do so. I won't make new promises but I will try to finish both assignments before Sunday this week.

Goodbye Finals, hello retake. The examination in Trigonometry recently concluded and I am not sure if I got my answers right. I was unfortunately placed in front, so I never had a time to "volts in". Once outside, our classmates were very proud of saying that they have successfully answered everything because they did the "volts in". One even said that he filled his shoes with scratch papers and it's already irritating his feet. He was laughing when he shared that. Good thing for them. They were not discovered of their anomalies and they have given good answers on their papers. Well, cheating is an art but when discovered, becomes a crime. They have proven it.

Happy Birthday Nay! Today is her 42nd birthday. It never came into my mind to give her a present since I don't have a dummy to buy one but I know she knows her eldest daughter loves her so much. Happy munching Nay. I am looking forward to a dainty dinner tonight. (hehehe)

Friday Highlights. Students rejoice when Friday comes but I think this is not my time for that yet. I failed in my Jive performance and we have to do it again tomorrow. I still do not have a partner and I am hesitant to do the dance for I have forgotten the steps already. So help me God!

For so many times now, I will be going home late and it would mean catching a crowded bus. The worse thing is that I am wearing my uniform and I believe I have to be standing again for failing to find a seat and quick. I so hate that part. But I have to endure that episode just to reach home. Aja to me!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Never Thought Of That

Amazing! He was able to give me the steps on how to get the principal and general values of the six identities. I hope he's going to get all the possible values of each identity, too. If ever you do not know the terms that I have been talking about, you can enroll at Math 112 Plane Trigonometry and experience its terrific contents-- completely destructing, incredibly head-busting, superbly terrorizing.

And within six minutes, he got all possible values -- but never gave me the answer, only hints. What I have to do now is solve the given problems. Though it meant a snack (which I freely offered), at least I have learned something this afternoon. No more popcorn tears. Yipee!

Thanks Ken! :)

How Much Do You Love Trigo?

If you ask me, I'd rather not tell. If you ask my father, he'd just smile. If you ask my mother, she'd giggle. If you ask our dog, you'd only get a bark. 

You want the truth? Here's the big and obvious one. I hate Trigonometry as much as I hate eating okra. I hate traffic, I hate P.E., I hate being late, I hate my skinny feature (but not to the extreme), I hate watching golf on t.v., I hate ostentators, and I hate TRIGONOMETRY. I don't blame the teacher for that but maybe, he gets a share of the blame. I am super dumb in Math but I think I can do solutions if provided with the following: a calculator, a ream of scratch papers, a box of pen, and an Albert Einstein brain. 

Too bad I am not like some of my classmates who keep on encouraging me to answer the activities because 'it's just easy'. Too bad they don't have a brain like mine for if they do, they would absolutely say that it's not worth to be a Math hater. I am trying to love it and even made efforts to learn more about it; I asked a friend to teach me calculate Inverse Functions and he has to adjust his schedule just for that tutorial. I also asked a couple of my TN colleagues to try to solve the given problems. I told our Math wizard that if ever I am not going to get out of the loop, I will just copy his work. Too bad! That's the only option I have left. 

God bless my final exam on TRIGONOMETRY. But please, not the retake! :'(
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