Friday, August 26, 2011

The Chronicle of a Crying Child (Tearlets) -- Part 2

My audition was enjoying the ambiance of an FM Static atmosphere. I was shifting my attention from one site to another and hoped to find a neat post from neighboring bloggers. Just then I heard a negative feedback from my colleague who was using the PC on the far end of the queue. Turn that off, he said. I did not listen to him though 'cause I thought it was just one of his tricks and when I'll do so, he'll begin to taunt me like forever. 

I continued what I was doing. I love some of the songs of the FM Static band and I have selected the best for the playlist. I glanced at him once in a while to see how he was doing. Minutes later, I noticed he was not well. I could tell it through his actions. He was wiping his eyes with a hanky while trying to control the ooze from his nose to not get out. Yes. He was crying. Something was really bothering him and I thought I knew how to help him.
My approach was expected and he gave a smirk. Then he went back to what he was doing. "What's wrong with you?" I was concerned. He refused to look at me and then gradually wiped his face again. He seemed serious. Just turn off the music, he said. I did and returned to him. In a whisper, he said, "I don't like those songs. It will make me remember those moments we once shared."

Ayuy!! That's it. He was in love and fell into its deadly pits. Now, he struggled to let go of those memories but upon hearing the songs again, his world came crashing down. 

I am so sorry dude for ruining your afternoon. :) I am really sorry. I made this post for yah.

The Chronicle of a Crying Child (Tearlets)

myspace comments

Yeah! I cried again (so what :*) but this is not because of a big issue. Actually, this is just one of those childish plies of mine. Here's the catch. My friends planned to go to Tanjay for a spree as well as to have our hairs fixed for the forthcoming acquaintance party of our college. Of course I wanted to look better for the event so I agreed to go with them. What I need now is the permission from my tatay and nanay. Imagine how nervous I was when I started to talk to my father about the matter. I can't seem to utter the right words and can't even form an introduction. Is this the price for telling the truth?

Anyway, I told him that I will go with my friends to Tanjay for a hair reborn session. He did not react for a while. Then he said to tell my mother about my plan. I thought, if nanay will be okay, that means he will too. I really hoped she will permit me. But alas, she despised my idea of going to another town on a weekend. She said we still have a lot of things to do at home, which is also right. Hay! My pounding heart rapidly slowed down, and my face started to wear that invisible funeral parlor. I hate that feeling. 

I prayed that God will remove that awkward feeling inside me for not being permitted to stroll along the streets of another place. But I was not able to control my emotion. Out came tiny tears from my eyes. Of course, they did not see me do it. I am a good actress you see. I cried before going to bed. I know they have a point for not going with my idea but something somewhere in my hypothalamus kept on whispering that what I did was wrong, that formulating a white lie was better. I did not heed. I made it shut up. 

The next day, I gave my friends the sad news. "I can't go with you." Then they were like, "You could have said you will have your hair reborn session in a parlor in Dumaguete." I did not like the tone of the conversation. They were trying to tell me that I was wrong for telling the truth to my parents. 

But as for me and my conscience, I did the right thing. Though it was not easy, though I so wanted to lie and go with my friends, though it was so irritating to answer all the queries of my old folks, I know I did the right thing. Thank God, He helped me. 

Now, I am relieved. Heave ho!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Need More Smiles

After hearing my teacher say that a person should have an average of 100 laughs/smiles a day to have a healthier and younger-looking face, I began to think of sources of smiles. (Btw, he also said that it will prevent a person from developing bad cancer cells. I hope this is true. But I think it is. *chaching)

Well, I had some inspirations for these frequent smiles that I am exhibiting for a couple of days now. I am not a smiling person that much before but now, I am determined to flash the brightest smile that I can give to a friend, even to an acquaintance. 

So far, I have been feeling very all right, and my mood swings declined, as I could feel it. I have now a better outlook in life, and I tend to be more optimistic than ever before. If you think it is all because of what my teacher said, then you might be right. But there is this one thing that kept me loving life though it is filled with thorns, pitfalls, discouragements, and failures. (etchus) It is the fact that I am always loved by my Savior, that He does not fail to let me feel that life is indeed beautiful. Thank you so much Lord for that.

Before the meeting last night, I spent a little time with my colleagues and we talked and laughed on the terrace of the office. It was fulfilling, and I loved that moment. The weather might have been gloomy but seeing the faces of those gals and hearing their all-out guffaws were wonderful. I loved that feeling. 

There are more days ahead and plans to be fulfilled. I will be adding more surprise treats to my basket of bliss. I am looking forward to it. This time, I have to hunt down for more reasons to smile and laugh. You too, never forget to have a hundred beautiful smiles a day. 

Signing off. Tootles :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Math Talk (Lattice Multiplication)

You might be surprised why a Math hater like me would post something about the discipline. Well, this one is easy. I had a mix up of emotions -- happy yet embarrassed -- for discovering a new way of multiplying large numbers, but at least, it was never too late to have a knowledge of it. 

Let's talk about Lattice Multiplication. Lattice multiplication is a method of multiplying large numbers using a grid. This method breaks the multiplication process into smaller steps, which some students find easier. Digits to be carried are written within the grid, making them harder to miss. 

Had I not listened to that teacher in grade four discuss it, I might be, until now, an ignorant of Lattice Multiplication. That moment, I felt like fourth graders are smarter than me in Math. I tried to analyze the rulings and when I found out it was easy, I answered with the class. It was fun. Just follow these steps and you will know Lattice Multiplication in no time. (Well, of course except for those who already know how LM is done. *smile)

1. First, draw a grid that has as many rows and columns as the multiplicand and the multiplier. The grid shown here is for multiplying a 4-digit number by a 3-digit number.
2.  Draw a diagonal through each box from upper right corner to lower left corner. Continue the line a short way past the grid. 
3.  Write one factor across the top and the other down the right side, lining up the digits with the boxes. 
4. The multiplication is performed by multiplying the digits at the head of each row and column. Fill in each square of the grid with the product of the digits above and to its right, recording the products so that the tens are in the upper (diagonal) half of the square and the ones are in the lower half. If the product does not have a tens digit, record a zero in that triangle. 

In the example shown here, the highlighted row and column give us 1×5=5, so we write 0 in the upper half of the square and 5 in the lower half.
5. Now add the numbers in the grid along the diagonals, starting from the lower right corner. Carry any tens into the top of the next diagonal. 

In this example, the highlighted diagonal gives us 4+2+5+1=12, so we write 2 at the bottom of the diagonal and carry the 1 to the top of the next diagonal to the left.
6. To find the answer, read the digits starting down the left of the grid and continuing across the bottom. Here, the answer to 2314×157 is 363,298. 
7. Lattice multiplication can easily be extended to multiply decimal fractions. Suppose, instead of the above problem, we wanted to multiply 2.314 by 1.57. We would proceed as before, but draw lines from the decimal points down and to the left until they meet, then follow the diagonal to the left or bottom of the grid. The point where this diagonal emerges from the grid is the position of the decimal point in the answer.

I know you will not read 'til the end part of this post because for you, long posts are boring. hahaha. I understand. I also understand if you will not drop a comment. Anyway, have a good day, Lattices :)

Those Grade Four Moments I So Dearly Miss

Memoirs of me as a grade four pupil eight years ago flashed back as I silently and carefully watched the kids doing some seat exercises during my Field Study in Candau-ay Elementary School, Dumaguete City. I jotted some of the things that amused me. Read on.

1. A sleepy teacher in an afternoon class.
2. Curios eyes deliberately inspecting the Education student observing.
3. A piece of food secretly passed from one pupil to another. Just beware of the teacher's cunning eyes. If she catches you, she will surely send you out.
4. A child approaching another classmate to ask for paper.
5. Children flocking the teacher's table to have their papers checked.
6. Boorish yet sweet glances of a boy to a girl across the table.
7. Children shouting "Not yet ma'am" in chorus after the teacher asks, "Are you done?"
8. Children using their fingers in getting the products of multiplication problems.
9. A pupil who shouts "Finish" after he/she finishes answering a test. This is for bragging purposes.
10. A child rocking his chair in boredom.
11. A child gnawing a plastic balloon with all delight. (Eew!)
12. A child licking her fingers after an enjoying munch of her favorite chocolate treat. (No matter how dirty her finger can be.)
13. A child extending his arm in patience just to have a share of what the other children are eating.
14. A child keeping a "kodigo" (cheat) of the multiplication table below her desk because she cannot memorize it.
15. A group of boys talking about a tragic event they saw on TV.
16. A group of pupils writing the answers on their palms.
17. The pupils as noisy as can be the moment the teacher goes out.

I might add more to these on the next time I observe elementary schools again. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Public Example

This happened last night, when I was on my way home after a tiring editing session in the office. My intent to indulge in the silence amidst the rushing crowd was gradually broken upon hearing an unusual flow of conversation at the back portion of the bus where I was in. I did not hesitate to move my head and check on the commotion.

There they were, a group of four, clad in semi-formal slacks and polo -- one wearing pink, another a dark camouflage green, another a navy blue and yet another a checkered dirty white -- with hairs kept in a bun, except for one who left it untied.

The tone rang a bell to my ears like tiny clanging chimes. As I took a glance of what was happening at the back, I saw the girl in camou green ask another girl inside the bus to get out and settle something. At first, a man in white shirt who was beside the girl inside replied, but as the conversation progressed and the issue heated up, the girl inside the bus represented herself.

I did not have the grasp of the whole verbal tussle but these were the words that sought for outlet straight away from my hippocampus.

"Naog sa diha. Istoryahanay sa ta," came the girl in pink. (Come down. Let's talk this over.)

The girl in camou was the most loud and aggressive among the four, pelting sharp words which reverberated to the ears of the awaiting passengers. "Burikat man ka! Naog diha. Isog man kaha ka. Ay talawan. Di man diay ka musukol." (Bitch! Come down if you're that brave. Ay. Coward!)

The supposed-to-be victim was not able to bear the insults anymore so she answered back. "Eh ikaw, elementary ra taman. Gapakaulaw ra man ka," referring to the girl in camou. (How about you? You're only in the elementary level. What a shame.)

She replied, "May na lang na kaysa magpa bayad ko para ra maka skwila ug college. Hala bayaran man diay ka. Burikat ra jud." (Well, that's be better than to be paid just to be in college. Bitch!)

All heads were on them already. The girl in pink tried to suffice the tension by calming her tone but it did not seem to help. There were exchanges of trite words that did not make sense at all, words that do not come from the mouth of educated individuals. Well perhaps, they are not really the educated type, because I believe educated people do not do that certain behavior in front of many. They deal with things professionally. One might be schooled but you can never guarantee that that person is also educated.
Anyway, the fight was concluded when the bus finally embarked from the terminal. But the girl in camouflage was not contented with what she has released. She added, "Uy kinsa man tong akong nakit-an kuyog nimu sa boulevard gabie? Eew...Burikat!" (Ey, by the way, who was that man I saw with you in the boulevard last night? Eew...Bitch!) Then, the sound of her screaming image faded into the screen. Next stop, Zamboanguita.

I could feel the passengers make an initial reaction regarding the incident. They were murmuring, with twitched faces. I did not see the facial expression of the girl inside the bus but at least that was the end of what seemed to be a love affair fight between two girls. 

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Not good at all.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goodbye Happy Face

Smile, though your heart is aching. Smile, though the pain is there. Smile, though the world is crashing. Smile, for it might ease the pain. Yes! I always smile -- be it in the office or in the classroom or even with friends on the corridors of the university. I put emoticons every after each text message I send to tell how I feel at that moment. I put emoticons especially smileys when I chat with someone on Facebook. Even  when I Plurk or Blog, I do not fail to have emoticons. I make sure that people feel comfortable when they are connected with me.

But alas! Not everyone liked what I am doing. Or let us say, it is not appropriate to be smiling at all times. You know what I mean. :) 

Later this afternoon, an organizer from the 7th Planet Company dropped by the office to get the papers used for the signature campaign for Peace in Mindanao. Sadly, the whole sheet was not filled with signatures due to the lack of resources and of course the determination to fill the paper. 

Anyhow, he received it with thanksgiving and before finally leaving the office, he gave a remark. (We have been exchanging text messages for days now, all business related, btw.) 

"Jane, the next time you send messages to people you don't know, or let us say, business related affairs, do not put emoticons on the end of the message. It should always be formal.  Well, since we are already friends, it's all right to put them there. But just a friendly tip, because we don't know what your job's gonna be in the future. You avoid using them, okay."

Though he was smiling in between those lines, I could sense a different wavelength of offense from his words. Did that mean that he did not like my friendliness? 

But don't worry sir, I will take that as a friendly tip. Thank you. From that moment on, I will always remember that. 

Ang Bait na ni Ma'am Ngayon

A couple of days ago, the College of Education has resounded its tension when a familiar article was released by a The NORSUnian editor in his column. Here it is as follows:

Here’s a fact. A teacher here in the university is definitely not a good example of how a professional teacher should be like. Here’s the story. A young teenage student had her report finished on a very hot late afternoon. She did try her best. As a matter of fact, she studied all the things she needed for her report weeks before that certain day. However, she had some parts of her report all wrong, probably because she did not understand what it meant no matter how hard she researched. This is normal. We students are still subject to errors and flaws. Even teachers are not perfect.

Instead of correcting the student from her flaws, her teacher awarded her with an unusual kind of reward. “Gabinutol man dagway ka” and “Di man ka kabalo uy” were the filthy words that came out of the mouth of this supposedly “educated” woman.  

It would have been a teeny bit more acceptable if her actions were unintended, or just the initial reaction from the mistake of her student but, sad to say, this has been her habit. Speaking these kinds of profane words is simply natural to her. It is part of who she is, and the rest of her students can testify to that.

It’s sad to know that this teacher comes from the “College of the Educated” where positive values are primarily taught and academic principles are espoused. I suggest that this teacher should take a crash course in Values Education. Just a thought, she might have skipped this subject or she might have forgotten that bad manners should not be brought to school.  

Teachers should be role models in the society. They are supposed to be the epitome of wisdom and respect. The higher their academic qualifications, the wiser they should be. But this is definitely not the case with this teacher. So, why teach anyways? There are better teachers out there who are decent, respectful, and worth the pay. Why stick with a teacher who embarrasses her students publicly?

This is not what we expect from our teachers. We expect them to be good examples. Students are here to learn. Teachers are here to teach – and part of  what they teach is good manners and positive values – not only theoretically, but by example. 

These could be the most trite words a teacher can get from a student who did not like the way she taught her class. Spewing bad words in front of the class is just one attitude that should not be tolerated. Indeed, this article has devastated the teachers of the specified college, most especially the dean. She even said that they will not stop until they will know who reported the certain issue to the school paper.

But upon publication, the teacher described in the aforementioned article who happens to be my teacher in one of my Professional subjects, has slowly changed her attitude towards us, her students. If she was used to throwing bad words to us associated with a very ugly frown, this time, she does not do that anymore. Instead, she has been more of a smiling person than ever before. If she would resort to saying bad words when a report was wrongly delivered or when a statement was wrongly constructed before, this time, she does not do that anymore. Instead, she would just crank her face and make corrections in a soft and sweet manner. Later, she exhibits a smile. Moreover, if she was used to be 45 minutes late in her one and a half hour class, this time, she has come to her class earlier. She's still late though but with only a 15 to 20 minute difference.

Many are still silently observing her. Whatever she will be doing on the later parts of the semester will be tailed upon by those who wished for her to have a total attitude change. As of this moment, I am amused and thankful of what that article did to her. Or did the article do that to her? Anyway, I just hope that new attitude of hers will continue 'til the day she will retire.

Ang bait na ni ma'am ngayon.

You Can Count On Me


And this is the reason why I have posted something for today. I keep on playing this song in the office but I never get bored listening to it. Sadly, I still can't memorize the lyrics, but I am on my way to that part. A little more while and I'll hook the song. That would be the time I will get bored already and then finally resort to another song. 

Anyway, I just love how the lyrics communicate to its listeners. It implies sincerity of a friend to a friend and doing the impossible for a beloved. Good thing I have found that friend in JESUS. Of all the friends that I had and have, HE is the only one who did not leave me. HE always listens to me, and never fails to comfort me. The thing though is that I cannot see HIM. I just can feel HIM. I know it's enough. Soon, I am going to meet my Savior, Lord, and Friend. SOON! 

In the meantime, enjoy the song you guys. Halong. ^_^

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Motion Pictures

And just how amazing indeed to discover that there are already moving pictures. By moving pictures, I don't mean those in film. It's still, but moving. Yahoo has 11 entries for moving pictures and I tell you it is so incredible. You might not fancy photography but you might want to check it all out. If you miss seeing these photos, you'll miss one half of your life. :) 

(feel free to click that cute word below and you will be transported to the Yahoo page)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Jubilee

Crush mode. Oh my friend. I am just so proud of her. After a few years of admiring a man from our place, who happened to be her schoolmate, she has finally had his number. Here's the story. They were making props for our Literature at the porch of our office when Iyai, one of my classmates, spotted Roxette's crush. She called him and told him to come. He quickly went up to the second floor of the office with a friend and sought for that Roxette. But much to her shyness, which brought us laughing our hearts out, she entered the comfort room and did not go out 'til they were gone. However, he was successful in getting Roxette's number. Ehh! Dream come true. I'll soon have a grasp of their developing love story in the near future.

AWANA preparation. Excited! I am super excited to have my new set of pupils this coming Sunday for our AWANA (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed) club. I bought some prizes for them, as a sort of incentives, so that they will be attracted to come back to church every Sunday. I did not mind using my own expenses for the gifts. This will be my very great opportunity to share to them the gospel, the story of Jesus' love to mankind. This will be our first time to organize a club, and hopefully, God will help us make it successful and fulfilling.

Great Math job. I have never been happier to finally make an assignment in Math 127 without copying from any of my classmates. Instead, they copied from me. I am so proud and happy. I hope I'll have more of it on the later parts of our Math session. As of now, yipee!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 14

Nothing much to share,
Just random thoughts.

The rain came down and the floods went up. It is a rainy Wednesday. Wet and drowsy, the weather is. I only have two classes for today but I still have to do a lot of things so basically, I can't go home early, as always. Anyway, the midweek get-away to my well-liked food place in the city gave me a full stomach so there's no reason for me to run out of energy. Happy rainy day!

Identical. It has always been said that good shoes take you to good places. But what if it did not. Instead, it took you to your worst nightmare. In my case though, it is not that bad. My first encounter of this mutual embarrassment was earlier this morning, when I and my friends were heading to the IRS (Internet Research Station) of the university. I was not minding the crowd but when my pair of eyes caught something glittering on the floor, I gradually looked down. To my shock, I saw another girl wearing the same pair of shoes as mine. As in very similar. I just so know where she bought it. I hesitated to walk with her and instead made her walk a couple of steps away from me. I just hope nobody noticed it. 

The second encounter was still today, just before I had my lunch. Before loading the pedicab, I noticed of another student's footwear. It was so similar to mine again; and to think she's another girl with another identity. Goodness gracious! At that moment, I did not want to load that vehicle but I realized it would be obvious that I was abhoring something. Albeit it was gray this time, the fact that I encountered two identities of my shoes in half a day remains.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Spree to Mang Inasal

Right after the photo shoot, which ended at 2 p.m., we went to Mang Inasal. 'Twas a very fun experience with the staff and the newbies. It was our first time out with them.

Nagugutom na po ang mga batang 'to. Di naman halata kasi nasa harap ng camera.
Kaya pa noh?
Sa wakas, dumating na rin ang keyk na dala namin ni Cherry. haha.
Happy birthday to them. Bahalang gutom basta may surprise para sa kanila.
Na hala sige, blow! 
Kainan nah!
Nangpit pud...
Kain pa. So family! Ang sarap.
Caught in the act. haha
Leave the platter clean? Parang di naman.
More of these on my Facebook account. Just search for my name. (ano 'to? promotion?)


Freestyle. Wacky. Scared. Naughty. Sitting Position. ID. Smile!

Here they finally are -- the 2011-2012 staff of The NORSUnian. Kudos tots for making it. Congratulations dears. 


 Kenneth Pael
Hooot! Hooot! He loves everything about him. So, do I have to say mention that he is the real epitome of narcissism?  Well, aside from that, he is also a trying-hard Korean. Pwede nah rin. He does his job religiously (though he is not religious), has a loquacious mouth, has a confident ego, and no love life. Yeah! That's really him; and he's well-liked that way. Jeong mal joh-ta!

The Associate Editor 
Rolyn Jane P. Catanus
 Ang payat, nakuu po. Never mind the face. I love my shoes but I borrowed it from my ate. S'ya yang below oh. I am lean, obviously, but I think I am still healthy. The rest of the descriptions are withheld upon request. :) Read on na lang.

The News Editor 
Rina Marie Rubia
 The sweet cuppy cake. She is already in her senior year but 'di halata (sa kutis ha). She has a soft voice but with it are words frank and tact enough to silence you. Baby princess daw s'ya, and this is evident on how her ever loyal boyfriend, Kuya Ren, treat her. Tamah bah? Oo. Tama nga. hehe

Senior Writer 
Janethriz Aso
 I commend her for surviving the course which almost everybody looks up to as a challenging and tough course -- Civil Engineering, among other engineering courses. Lost lang, and seldom attends the weekly meeting. We might not be close but I know she's a good friend and a loyal girlfriend?? hehe.

Senior Writer 
Shenmae Sojor
Bubbly! She requested me to thank Mayette for letting her borrow her shoes and coat. (Is that a coat? or a bolero?) She has a loud personality and that makes her unique from the rest. Keep up the good work, ate Shen, and make sure to improve yourself in any way possible.

Senior Writer 
Albert Umbac
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biology. I just love his eyes. Can I have them? He is the not-trying-hard Korean type but I think he does not know that. He might sit on a corner in silence but he has always something to say, and oftentimes, it's poignant. If I were you, I'd not mess up with him. Pahabol. Improve your Features articles, Bert. I know you have the potential but still needs refinement. In no time, though, that will be developed. Aja!

Senior Writer
Crystal Vocal
Everyone in the office calls her mommy. She's married, a mother of two, and a fashionista. Hot mama pa  nga raw, sabi ng ilan. She is loquacious, but not stingy. She is bubbly, but not choosy. Go mommy Crys. Her surname fits her very well.

Myrna Alarcio
A Psychology student. The morena beauty who has a naturally cute smile. I cannot see her often in the office but I know she is trying her best to balance her career as a student, a Registrar lass, and a TN warrior. Myyyyrna!

Jeffrey John Bungcasan
He has always been generous, basta meron lang, and ever friendly. He is a gay gay. You know what I mean. He tells me about his Cosmetics career. I tell you, he is passionate with this career of his. From pageantries to weddings to photo shoots. In fact, he did most of the girl's make-ups for this pictorial. Galoreful! haha

Enjenette Nilles
Madame Anna Manalastas? 'Di ka na bata? Nagdadalaga ka na pala ngayon ha. I call her Cloud 9, and she is literally sweet (with her boyfriend). I always see them together. Oh how innocent she could be, but may love life na. P.S. I am not insecure ha. Porque wala ako n'yan? haha. Cloud 9 uleeet ha.

Jela Mae Ruales
Cheeno + Jela = Chela. Bagay na bagay. Eeeh! I love her poise when she sits and walks, and her seemingly maldita brows. And not to forget her natural, strong laugh. I lurv it much. Her love life remains a mystery. Kailan mo 'yan isi-spill out? Burger tayo mam'ya ta's share mo sa 'kin ha. Btw, clap clap for what she did to our EIC when she was still a newbie. Alam nah! haha.

Arts and Graphics Unit Head 
Paul Anthony Eso
 I don't know what's wrong with his hands but...why does he have to be so good in caricatures and cartoons? Singkit man ang mata nito, alam ko pa ring tatak Pinoy 'to. Ang galing mag Tagalog. I also admire this lad's love life. Aja! haha. Ang cute naman kasi ng girlfriend. You are both lucky to have each other. (adviser? adviser?) Make sure to finish your caricatures, by the way.  But I know it would be worth it. We are already super duper ultra mega late sa Handurawan. Aja again.

Cheeno Luang
Brad! He introduced "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars. It's a great song for friends, really. He might be moody, but he can manage to smile. He is in love with a girl named Divine. Ayyyieee! An artist by heart, an undersized giant, and a pinchable (kaurumul gid) friend.

Arvin Rodriguez
A desperate lover who cried a river for a girl who did not love him like the way he did. Tama bah? But Arvin Arztist Wright Smith has found a new love now in the name of Rica. Witiwiw. You go boy. P.S. He's never him without his glasses. Good thing he gave them up during the pictorial, even just for once. Another P.S. He is a very good friend, but 'di pa naka libre 'to. Nakuu. May utang ka pre.

Webpage Developer 
Pierce Baylon
Bunjing. Kuya Pierce might be the biggest and the oldest but he still acts like a teenager. He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die. I don't know what kind of virus invaded his brain that he said he is better than the I.T. teachers of the university. And I believe in what he said, though. He is a robot with flesh and blood. You can always depend on him, especially when it concerns matters regarding computers. Pwede ring bouncer 'pag nag-away kayo ng jowa mo. haha.

Webpage Developer 
Japhet Pagarigan
Baaaahh! Baaaah! Black sheep, have you any wool? He could be moody but he never fails to help. Sometimes, though, his brain is just set into "Energy saving mode" 'coz no matter how sincere the request is, he never does it. Ang hirap basahin ng utak mo. But keep up the good work, and strive harder.

Lincoln Cardines
He is my lolo. He is serious when it comes to love churva and in giving advices. Maybe, that is the reason why he has been invisible in the office lately. I used to ask Snow Bear from him but now, no more. Lolo Linx!

Business Manager 
Lycel Caingcoy
The pretty lass with adam's apple. We are four in our mini Adam's Apple Society but one has preferred work than school and the other one has another business. So basically, we are almost to evaporate. Hmmm, because of her, we learned to love the letter H which stands for honorarium. She's 24 months pregnant but still maintaining that sexy figure. Congrats Pert! You're a father now. 

Staff Secretary 
Mary Cherry Sanchez
She has been so lost for a couple of months now. But since she is back for the pictorial and that yummy treat to Mang Inasal, I hope she'll efficiently function as a writer, assistant business manager, and a staff secretary once again. Ang dami noh! What I like about this gal is her voice which gives her a good slot for DJying. Mass Comm gud lamang.  

Circulation Manager 
Cameron Tañara
With the promotion he had, I found out that he has not changed. He was that same old him -- silent, hard working, and a man of dignity. He has always acted without bias and I commend him for that. He has been our truce maker every time we are caught into an unending web of verbal tussles. 


Angelo Sastre
He joined the publication because he wanted to showcase his talent in drawing, a privilege he was deprived of way back high school. He is the quite type but I think as time flies, I will know his real color. Gisugod na ko niya ug patay ha. Watch out Angel! haha.

Webpage Developer 
Dave Randolph Duran
You always refuse to talk unless your talkmate is Kuya Pierce. I think you both have almost similar brain configurations. The serious type, but since still a newbie, that perception on you would somehow change.

Harriene Banaybanay
Pretty face. She has been into a lot of pageantries. Tingnan n'yo naman ang build ng body. Nothing more to say. Aside from that, her fluency in English brought her a high mark in the interview. She has more to learn and she was never mistaken to choose TN as her training ground. Char!

Joeylyn Dela Cruz
Number one of the newbies. Aside from her fluency, she is also the editor-in-chief of their paper in high school. That is why I like her. Pareho kami. haha. Her performance has been very well and I hope I will see more from her. She has the potential to be the next EIC in the future. Aja!

Lay-out Artist 
John Rio
Just like the rest, he is the silent and innocent-looking type. But as what I have said, he is still adjusting to the environment in the office and his real color will soon show up.

Kendrex Pael
Every rule has an exception. Count this lad in. He has already learned to taunt me, and has copied his older brother bit by bit. My impression on him as a silent tot gradually changed. Manang-mana sa feeling Korean na kuya. And since they are brothers, he did not fail to have Kenneth's hard working and responsible DNA strands. Good job!

Lay-out Artist 
Leonil Dayado
Isa ka pa. 'Di pa kita gaanong kilala, but when we meet on hallways and foyers of this university, I give him a smirk. Ang dami ko ng friends. He looks like our former Webpage developer, but a fleshier and taller version.

Mayette Diez
Photogenic this girl is. She always address me with an "ate". We'll be good friends soon dear. Just continue to be a dedicated student and a passionate photojournalist.

Mei Ann Morales
Tama na bala Nang! Demure in words and in action. An Ilongga like me. She might be quite and shy, but she will be one of us soon. I know she still has to adjust to the environment of the Bisayas because she is from Iloilo and the people there have a different language. Namian mo lang ka taman taman performance mo Ging ha. Indi gid mag pasaway. Halong pirmi.

Ranulfo Repe
Hi there. No comment na lang 'coz I know the more I say something, the more they'll start taunting me and you again. haha. Anyway, keep up whatever good job you're doing. Aja!

Shana Alegria
Shana, I did not mean to put you in the base of this post. Ang cute mo, napansin ko, both in figure and height. I should've had not shifted from Pre-school Education to General Curriculum. Kidding aside, you and the rest of the newbies are the new assets of the publication. Ihinahabilin ko na sila sa 'yo. (nasa tabi mo lang ako, though...rawr!) Keep up the good work and always read to improve your play of words.

So that was it. I hope you enjoyed strolling through the page. There will be more on the later part. Abangan n'yo ang next posts ko for more gay moments with my publication family. 

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