Friday, August 26, 2011

The Chronicle of a Crying Child (Tearlets) -- Part 2

My audition was enjoying the ambiance of an FM Static atmosphere. I was shifting my attention from one site to another and hoped to find a neat post from neighboring bloggers. Just then I heard a negative feedback from my colleague who was using the PC on the far end of the queue. Turn that off, he said. I did not listen to him though 'cause I thought it was just one of his tricks and when I'll do so, he'll begin to taunt me like forever. 

I continued what I was doing. I love some of the songs of the FM Static band and I have selected the best for the playlist. I glanced at him once in a while to see how he was doing. Minutes later, I noticed he was not well. I could tell it through his actions. He was wiping his eyes with a hanky while trying to control the ooze from his nose to not get out. Yes. He was crying. Something was really bothering him and I thought I knew how to help him.
My approach was expected and he gave a smirk. Then he went back to what he was doing. "What's wrong with you?" I was concerned. He refused to look at me and then gradually wiped his face again. He seemed serious. Just turn off the music, he said. I did and returned to him. In a whisper, he said, "I don't like those songs. It will make me remember those moments we once shared."

Ayuy!! That's it. He was in love and fell into its deadly pits. Now, he struggled to let go of those memories but upon hearing the songs again, his world came crashing down. 

I am so sorry dude for ruining your afternoon. :) I am really sorry. I made this post for yah.

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