Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Need More Smiles

After hearing my teacher say that a person should have an average of 100 laughs/smiles a day to have a healthier and younger-looking face, I began to think of sources of smiles. (Btw, he also said that it will prevent a person from developing bad cancer cells. I hope this is true. But I think it is. *chaching)

Well, I had some inspirations for these frequent smiles that I am exhibiting for a couple of days now. I am not a smiling person that much before but now, I am determined to flash the brightest smile that I can give to a friend, even to an acquaintance. 

So far, I have been feeling very all right, and my mood swings declined, as I could feel it. I have now a better outlook in life, and I tend to be more optimistic than ever before. If you think it is all because of what my teacher said, then you might be right. But there is this one thing that kept me loving life though it is filled with thorns, pitfalls, discouragements, and failures. (etchus) It is the fact that I am always loved by my Savior, that He does not fail to let me feel that life is indeed beautiful. Thank you so much Lord for that.

Before the meeting last night, I spent a little time with my colleagues and we talked and laughed on the terrace of the office. It was fulfilling, and I loved that moment. The weather might have been gloomy but seeing the faces of those gals and hearing their all-out guffaws were wonderful. I loved that feeling. 

There are more days ahead and plans to be fulfilled. I will be adding more surprise treats to my basket of bliss. I am looking forward to it. This time, I have to hunt down for more reasons to smile and laugh. You too, never forget to have a hundred beautiful smiles a day. 

Signing off. Tootles :)

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