Monday, August 8, 2011


Freestyle. Wacky. Scared. Naughty. Sitting Position. ID. Smile!

Here they finally are -- the 2011-2012 staff of The NORSUnian. Kudos tots for making it. Congratulations dears. 


 Kenneth Pael
Hooot! Hooot! He loves everything about him. So, do I have to say mention that he is the real epitome of narcissism?  Well, aside from that, he is also a trying-hard Korean. Pwede nah rin. He does his job religiously (though he is not religious), has a loquacious mouth, has a confident ego, and no love life. Yeah! That's really him; and he's well-liked that way. Jeong mal joh-ta!

The Associate Editor 
Rolyn Jane P. Catanus
 Ang payat, nakuu po. Never mind the face. I love my shoes but I borrowed it from my ate. S'ya yang below oh. I am lean, obviously, but I think I am still healthy. The rest of the descriptions are withheld upon request. :) Read on na lang.

The News Editor 
Rina Marie Rubia
 The sweet cuppy cake. She is already in her senior year but 'di halata (sa kutis ha). She has a soft voice but with it are words frank and tact enough to silence you. Baby princess daw s'ya, and this is evident on how her ever loyal boyfriend, Kuya Ren, treat her. Tamah bah? Oo. Tama nga. hehe

Senior Writer 
Janethriz Aso
 I commend her for surviving the course which almost everybody looks up to as a challenging and tough course -- Civil Engineering, among other engineering courses. Lost lang, and seldom attends the weekly meeting. We might not be close but I know she's a good friend and a loyal girlfriend?? hehe.

Senior Writer 
Shenmae Sojor
Bubbly! She requested me to thank Mayette for letting her borrow her shoes and coat. (Is that a coat? or a bolero?) She has a loud personality and that makes her unique from the rest. Keep up the good work, ate Shen, and make sure to improve yourself in any way possible.

Senior Writer 
Albert Umbac
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biology. I just love his eyes. Can I have them? He is the not-trying-hard Korean type but I think he does not know that. He might sit on a corner in silence but he has always something to say, and oftentimes, it's poignant. If I were you, I'd not mess up with him. Pahabol. Improve your Features articles, Bert. I know you have the potential but still needs refinement. In no time, though, that will be developed. Aja!

Senior Writer
Crystal Vocal
Everyone in the office calls her mommy. She's married, a mother of two, and a fashionista. Hot mama pa  nga raw, sabi ng ilan. She is loquacious, but not stingy. She is bubbly, but not choosy. Go mommy Crys. Her surname fits her very well.

Myrna Alarcio
A Psychology student. The morena beauty who has a naturally cute smile. I cannot see her often in the office but I know she is trying her best to balance her career as a student, a Registrar lass, and a TN warrior. Myyyyrna!

Jeffrey John Bungcasan
He has always been generous, basta meron lang, and ever friendly. He is a gay gay. You know what I mean. He tells me about his Cosmetics career. I tell you, he is passionate with this career of his. From pageantries to weddings to photo shoots. In fact, he did most of the girl's make-ups for this pictorial. Galoreful! haha

Enjenette Nilles
Madame Anna Manalastas? 'Di ka na bata? Nagdadalaga ka na pala ngayon ha. I call her Cloud 9, and she is literally sweet (with her boyfriend). I always see them together. Oh how innocent she could be, but may love life na. P.S. I am not insecure ha. Porque wala ako n'yan? haha. Cloud 9 uleeet ha.

Jela Mae Ruales
Cheeno + Jela = Chela. Bagay na bagay. Eeeh! I love her poise when she sits and walks, and her seemingly maldita brows. And not to forget her natural, strong laugh. I lurv it much. Her love life remains a mystery. Kailan mo 'yan isi-spill out? Burger tayo mam'ya ta's share mo sa 'kin ha. Btw, clap clap for what she did to our EIC when she was still a newbie. Alam nah! haha.

Arts and Graphics Unit Head 
Paul Anthony Eso
 I don't know what's wrong with his hands but...why does he have to be so good in caricatures and cartoons? Singkit man ang mata nito, alam ko pa ring tatak Pinoy 'to. Ang galing mag Tagalog. I also admire this lad's love life. Aja! haha. Ang cute naman kasi ng girlfriend. You are both lucky to have each other. (adviser? adviser?) Make sure to finish your caricatures, by the way.  But I know it would be worth it. We are already super duper ultra mega late sa Handurawan. Aja again.

Cheeno Luang
Brad! He introduced "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars. It's a great song for friends, really. He might be moody, but he can manage to smile. He is in love with a girl named Divine. Ayyyieee! An artist by heart, an undersized giant, and a pinchable (kaurumul gid) friend.

Arvin Rodriguez
A desperate lover who cried a river for a girl who did not love him like the way he did. Tama bah? But Arvin Arztist Wright Smith has found a new love now in the name of Rica. Witiwiw. You go boy. P.S. He's never him without his glasses. Good thing he gave them up during the pictorial, even just for once. Another P.S. He is a very good friend, but 'di pa naka libre 'to. Nakuu. May utang ka pre.

Webpage Developer 
Pierce Baylon
Bunjing. Kuya Pierce might be the biggest and the oldest but he still acts like a teenager. He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die. I don't know what kind of virus invaded his brain that he said he is better than the I.T. teachers of the university. And I believe in what he said, though. He is a robot with flesh and blood. You can always depend on him, especially when it concerns matters regarding computers. Pwede ring bouncer 'pag nag-away kayo ng jowa mo. haha.

Webpage Developer 
Japhet Pagarigan
Baaaahh! Baaaah! Black sheep, have you any wool? He could be moody but he never fails to help. Sometimes, though, his brain is just set into "Energy saving mode" 'coz no matter how sincere the request is, he never does it. Ang hirap basahin ng utak mo. But keep up the good work, and strive harder.

Lincoln Cardines
He is my lolo. He is serious when it comes to love churva and in giving advices. Maybe, that is the reason why he has been invisible in the office lately. I used to ask Snow Bear from him but now, no more. Lolo Linx!

Business Manager 
Lycel Caingcoy
The pretty lass with adam's apple. We are four in our mini Adam's Apple Society but one has preferred work than school and the other one has another business. So basically, we are almost to evaporate. Hmmm, because of her, we learned to love the letter H which stands for honorarium. She's 24 months pregnant but still maintaining that sexy figure. Congrats Pert! You're a father now. 

Staff Secretary 
Mary Cherry Sanchez
She has been so lost for a couple of months now. But since she is back for the pictorial and that yummy treat to Mang Inasal, I hope she'll efficiently function as a writer, assistant business manager, and a staff secretary once again. Ang dami noh! What I like about this gal is her voice which gives her a good slot for DJying. Mass Comm gud lamang.  

Circulation Manager 
Cameron Tañara
With the promotion he had, I found out that he has not changed. He was that same old him -- silent, hard working, and a man of dignity. He has always acted without bias and I commend him for that. He has been our truce maker every time we are caught into an unending web of verbal tussles. 


Angelo Sastre
He joined the publication because he wanted to showcase his talent in drawing, a privilege he was deprived of way back high school. He is the quite type but I think as time flies, I will know his real color. Gisugod na ko niya ug patay ha. Watch out Angel! haha.

Webpage Developer 
Dave Randolph Duran
You always refuse to talk unless your talkmate is Kuya Pierce. I think you both have almost similar brain configurations. The serious type, but since still a newbie, that perception on you would somehow change.

Harriene Banaybanay
Pretty face. She has been into a lot of pageantries. Tingnan n'yo naman ang build ng body. Nothing more to say. Aside from that, her fluency in English brought her a high mark in the interview. She has more to learn and she was never mistaken to choose TN as her training ground. Char!

Joeylyn Dela Cruz
Number one of the newbies. Aside from her fluency, she is also the editor-in-chief of their paper in high school. That is why I like her. Pareho kami. haha. Her performance has been very well and I hope I will see more from her. She has the potential to be the next EIC in the future. Aja!

Lay-out Artist 
John Rio
Just like the rest, he is the silent and innocent-looking type. But as what I have said, he is still adjusting to the environment in the office and his real color will soon show up.

Kendrex Pael
Every rule has an exception. Count this lad in. He has already learned to taunt me, and has copied his older brother bit by bit. My impression on him as a silent tot gradually changed. Manang-mana sa feeling Korean na kuya. And since they are brothers, he did not fail to have Kenneth's hard working and responsible DNA strands. Good job!

Lay-out Artist 
Leonil Dayado
Isa ka pa. 'Di pa kita gaanong kilala, but when we meet on hallways and foyers of this university, I give him a smirk. Ang dami ko ng friends. He looks like our former Webpage developer, but a fleshier and taller version.

Mayette Diez
Photogenic this girl is. She always address me with an "ate". We'll be good friends soon dear. Just continue to be a dedicated student and a passionate photojournalist.

Mei Ann Morales
Tama na bala Nang! Demure in words and in action. An Ilongga like me. She might be quite and shy, but she will be one of us soon. I know she still has to adjust to the environment of the Bisayas because she is from Iloilo and the people there have a different language. Namian mo lang ka taman taman performance mo Ging ha. Indi gid mag pasaway. Halong pirmi.

Ranulfo Repe
Hi there. No comment na lang 'coz I know the more I say something, the more they'll start taunting me and you again. haha. Anyway, keep up whatever good job you're doing. Aja!

Shana Alegria
Shana, I did not mean to put you in the base of this post. Ang cute mo, napansin ko, both in figure and height. I should've had not shifted from Pre-school Education to General Curriculum. Kidding aside, you and the rest of the newbies are the new assets of the publication. Ihinahabilin ko na sila sa 'yo. (nasa tabi mo lang ako, though...rawr!) Keep up the good work and always read to improve your play of words.

So that was it. I hope you enjoyed strolling through the page. There will be more on the later part. Abangan n'yo ang next posts ko for more gay moments with my publication family. 


  1. I don't like this not because of this post but you've had forgotten to enlist me in the rows.. Hope you can update when I had my pictorial.. THANKS.

  2. ..hAhai!!!!! nawong ra man japUn!!!!

  3. haha Jessie P. Dolia you missed the fun again as well as the superb luncheon. haha..

  4. Why??? nganu??? Bakit??? lahat na lang kayo ate tawag sakin matanda naman kayo di lang sa edad pati na rin sa Face.!!!!
    (Thanks Manang Rolyn sa pag-apil sa akong sponsor..)

    May'2(the photogenic newbug) thank you sa pag-sponsor nko...hahahahaha

  5. @jessie: sana nga talaga you were there...but I will do what you have requested...basta kung may pictorial na mangyayari sa 'yo..haha

    @jela: cutie pie

    @albert: I agree ;)

    @shenmae: mao na man gud na ang tawag nila sa imuha ate...haha

  6. @Albert: bad ka Bert...imu jung gipasuya si Jessie

  7. lalavey pose ros...!!! hehehehe sexy..!!!1

  8. @pew2: hahah..ganahan ko sa akong shoes ;))) dili man akoa..haha

    @pink lips: salamat sa make up :D


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