Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Can Count On Me


And this is the reason why I have posted something for today. I keep on playing this song in the office but I never get bored listening to it. Sadly, I still can't memorize the lyrics, but I am on my way to that part. A little more while and I'll hook the song. That would be the time I will get bored already and then finally resort to another song. 

Anyway, I just love how the lyrics communicate to its listeners. It implies sincerity of a friend to a friend and doing the impossible for a beloved. Good thing I have found that friend in JESUS. Of all the friends that I had and have, HE is the only one who did not leave me. HE always listens to me, and never fails to comfort me. The thing though is that I cannot see HIM. I just can feel HIM. I know it's enough. Soon, I am going to meet my Savior, Lord, and Friend. SOON! 

In the meantime, enjoy the song you guys. Halong. ^_^

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