Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ang Bait na ni Ma'am Ngayon

A couple of days ago, the College of Education has resounded its tension when a familiar article was released by a The NORSUnian editor in his column. Here it is as follows:

Here’s a fact. A teacher here in the university is definitely not a good example of how a professional teacher should be like. Here’s the story. A young teenage student had her report finished on a very hot late afternoon. She did try her best. As a matter of fact, she studied all the things she needed for her report weeks before that certain day. However, she had some parts of her report all wrong, probably because she did not understand what it meant no matter how hard she researched. This is normal. We students are still subject to errors and flaws. Even teachers are not perfect.

Instead of correcting the student from her flaws, her teacher awarded her with an unusual kind of reward. “Gabinutol man dagway ka” and “Di man ka kabalo uy” were the filthy words that came out of the mouth of this supposedly “educated” woman.  

It would have been a teeny bit more acceptable if her actions were unintended, or just the initial reaction from the mistake of her student but, sad to say, this has been her habit. Speaking these kinds of profane words is simply natural to her. It is part of who she is, and the rest of her students can testify to that.

It’s sad to know that this teacher comes from the “College of the Educated” where positive values are primarily taught and academic principles are espoused. I suggest that this teacher should take a crash course in Values Education. Just a thought, she might have skipped this subject or she might have forgotten that bad manners should not be brought to school.  

Teachers should be role models in the society. They are supposed to be the epitome of wisdom and respect. The higher their academic qualifications, the wiser they should be. But this is definitely not the case with this teacher. So, why teach anyways? There are better teachers out there who are decent, respectful, and worth the pay. Why stick with a teacher who embarrasses her students publicly?

This is not what we expect from our teachers. We expect them to be good examples. Students are here to learn. Teachers are here to teach – and part of  what they teach is good manners and positive values – not only theoretically, but by example. 

These could be the most trite words a teacher can get from a student who did not like the way she taught her class. Spewing bad words in front of the class is just one attitude that should not be tolerated. Indeed, this article has devastated the teachers of the specified college, most especially the dean. She even said that they will not stop until they will know who reported the certain issue to the school paper.

But upon publication, the teacher described in the aforementioned article who happens to be my teacher in one of my Professional subjects, has slowly changed her attitude towards us, her students. If she was used to throwing bad words to us associated with a very ugly frown, this time, she does not do that anymore. Instead, she has been more of a smiling person than ever before. If she would resort to saying bad words when a report was wrongly delivered or when a statement was wrongly constructed before, this time, she does not do that anymore. Instead, she would just crank her face and make corrections in a soft and sweet manner. Later, she exhibits a smile. Moreover, if she was used to be 45 minutes late in her one and a half hour class, this time, she has come to her class earlier. She's still late though but with only a 15 to 20 minute difference.

Many are still silently observing her. Whatever she will be doing on the later parts of the semester will be tailed upon by those who wished for her to have a total attitude change. As of this moment, I am amused and thankful of what that article did to her. Or did the article do that to her? Anyway, I just hope that new attitude of hers will continue 'til the day she will retire.

Ang bait na ni ma'am ngayon.

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