Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Jubilee

Crush mode. Oh my friend. I am just so proud of her. After a few years of admiring a man from our place, who happened to be her schoolmate, she has finally had his number. Here's the story. They were making props for our Literature at the porch of our office when Iyai, one of my classmates, spotted Roxette's crush. She called him and told him to come. He quickly went up to the second floor of the office with a friend and sought for that Roxette. But much to her shyness, which brought us laughing our hearts out, she entered the comfort room and did not go out 'til they were gone. However, he was successful in getting Roxette's number. Ehh! Dream come true. I'll soon have a grasp of their developing love story in the near future.

AWANA preparation. Excited! I am super excited to have my new set of pupils this coming Sunday for our AWANA (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed) club. I bought some prizes for them, as a sort of incentives, so that they will be attracted to come back to church every Sunday. I did not mind using my own expenses for the gifts. This will be my very great opportunity to share to them the gospel, the story of Jesus' love to mankind. This will be our first time to organize a club, and hopefully, God will help us make it successful and fulfilling.

Great Math job. I have never been happier to finally make an assignment in Math 127 without copying from any of my classmates. Instead, they copied from me. I am so proud and happy. I hope I'll have more of it on the later parts of our Math session. As of now, yipee!

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