Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweet Repose

I have finally enrolled myself and it did not take a week though it honestly took a few days. At least the flow of the enrollment wasn't hustling at all. No more heavy lines, no more inserting in queues just to have a control number, and no more hours of waiting for my turn to be catered in the encoding section.

Thank you Lord for this comfort and the patience. All the praises and glory go to Him, my one and only guide. :0) What I'm going to do now is to help my friends who have not been enrolled yet and assist my sisters in their "shopping" (napaka heavy naman na word) galore for the incoming class days.

I'm getting excited for the June 7 class. I wonder who my new classmates would be. This is gonna be a major adjustment. Aja to me.

"I'll find repose in new ways though I haven't slept last night." (hahaha)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The New National Animals

They get lower salaries than other public employees who did nothing but sit prettily on their office chairs. They use their own money for classroom needs. They get blamed when the student cannot learn something from school. They get sued when they accidentally hurt a child during class discussions.

They were used to serve the recent national elections. Now, they are being tasked to survey the census of the Philippine population.

So morbid is their plight yet no one sees this morbidity but themselves. They are the reason why there are engineers, doctors, nurses, technicians, chefs and lawyers. They are the main cause of the continuous cycle of the human race. Without them, there is no such thing as "brighter future" for they are the primary molders of upcoming professionals. But if they have the most important profession, then why are they given less attention by the government yet? If there are lots of politicians who promise to help them, why are they still the most abused man power? Where is the justice for them who wasted tons of salivas just to make the student comprehend?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Hayahay" (gamay)

I thought this year's enrollment would be that harassing to the bones. And yet, the result was "hayahay". It did not take me to stand in long queues and stress my feet. It did not take me a week to stroll around the campus for payments and more chevers. Thank you Lord!

I'm looking forward to a happy "first day of school".Yehey!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Yellow Transit

A necessity. A must. A significant element of the road. This yellow bus has never been a mere carrier of passengers but has been a part of the people inside and outside the borders of Negros. Everyday, they take more or less a thousand passengers en route Dumaguete-Bayawan only. If this number is added to the number of passengers that is carried en route Dumaguete-Canlaon and other routes, they would definitely be a millionaire in one day.

Being the sole transportation that can carry travelers from one end of the island to the other, this yellow transit, also known as the Ceres bus, transports people and their valuables to their desired destinations.

With its busiest during Sunday afternoons, Monday mornings and Friday evenings, costumers are always looking for more of these Ceres buses to accommodate them. It can never be avoided, however, that there will always be extra passengers. These are the people who never bother to stand for the sake of reaching their homes or their destinations. A scene of a pressed mob inside with additional hanging bodies gripping on the rails of the vehicle is just a normal scenario during these hours. Possible accidents never became a big deal. The issue focused more on reaching the desired destination.

I am one of the students who never took a boarding house near the university that I am in so a Ceres bus is always a necessity. I am one of the passengers who would always be ready to push people for me to have a good seat inside the bus. I am one of those who's always ready to stand in order for me to reach home.

This is not only a yellow transit. As long as I am not owning any four wheels yet, my student life would always depend on this Ceres bus.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Creepy Thoughts

This day is supposed to be one of my lazy days. I am supposed to be tarrying in front of the television, busy transferring the channels and busy arguing with my younger brother about the program. But somehow, I found myself in the TN office, busy holding word-filled papers and a blue sharp-tipped pen. We are in a middle of an editing session.

As I began to read my first story for certain corrections for the Handurawan issue, I was caught by the title of the article. "Spider Webs on the Mirror". The story wasn't totally enticing but somehow, it caught my emotion. As I reached the climax of curiosity and the craving for more cryptic stories authored by student journalists like me, I just couldn't normally blink my eye with every paragraph that I ran into. It's breath-taking, I admit, and each story was plotted very well, most especially "Angelique" and "Stray Cat". I believe I recognize the author of these tales but I am not a hundred percent sure of it.

Anyway, I had a great time reading the write-ups and though more of the articles were bloody and murderous in theme, I still found humor and entertainment in every page. I just hope I won't be jailed for exposing the titles of these wonderful stories...but here they are. (sorry for the spoilers)

"Stray Cat" is about a journalist who happens to be enticed by a beautiful lady who is constantly seen on the streets in early mornings. He was suddenly disturbed when he was not able to see the girl one morning and was dumbfounded to know that she was ruthlessly murdered. He was then anxious to know the man who raped her and stabbed her to death using an ice pick. Because he was a journalist by profession, he began to interview the culprit inside his cell. As the story begins to plunge, he finds out that he is leaving his lola's place and be home for school. After being determined to create a good story out of the crime, he discovers that he is mentally, emotionally and psychologically attached to the murder of Paloma. This was when he saw the ice pick in his bag.

"Angelique", on the other hand is about a girl narrating about her loony sister named Angelique. She described her funny behavior, the childish antics that she shows in front of her and the crazy moments she spends with herself. After the tragic death of their parents because of Angelique, she was sent to a cheap mental hospital and was regularly visited by her elder sister, Angela. She kept on teasing her, reminding her of her horrifying past. The story ends with a laugh from Angelique as she sees her sister on the floor, bathing in her own blood.

"Love Calls" is about an admirer who was pretty obsessed with her new found love. Little did she know that within those frequent calls that she made to contact him, something happened that shook her wits off. It was only to find out that the guy whom she fell in love with on the phone was already dead for almost a month now.

"Cray-pas", "Owner of the House", and "Spider Webs on the Mirror" have different angles but all ended up tragically. "Sapatos" and "Sand Skin" are not about murderous avenge, thank God, but still has a saturnine ending. These and more that you must not miss in the next Handurawan release. (murag paid ad akong post dah...hayag ang endorsement)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Finding Peace in God's Presence

It was about a week ago when I came back to my long time commitment to read my Bible and my daily devotional handbook before doing my everyday chores and obligations. The experience was totally inspiring. I could just find myself nodding on every reality that the book expresses about my life. It seems that the words are carefully whispering into my ears. I can feel the Holy Spirit filling me with His awesome presence. In that small time, in that silent hour, I can always find myself locked in the arms of God. I can feel the security for the rest of the day, the mystery uncovered in every verse that I encounter and the extraordinary comfort from opening of my Bible and my devotional guide up to the conclusion of each meditation. Not only did I find myself in solitude but also did find assurance for a great day ahead.

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