Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweet Repose

I have finally enrolled myself and it did not take a week though it honestly took a few days. At least the flow of the enrollment wasn't hustling at all. No more heavy lines, no more inserting in queues just to have a control number, and no more hours of waiting for my turn to be catered in the encoding section.

Thank you Lord for this comfort and the patience. All the praises and glory go to Him, my one and only guide. :0) What I'm going to do now is to help my friends who have not been enrolled yet and assist my sisters in their "shopping" (napaka heavy naman na word) galore for the incoming class days.

I'm getting excited for the June 7 class. I wonder who my new classmates would be. This is gonna be a major adjustment. Aja to me.

"I'll find repose in new ways though I haven't slept last night." (hahaha)

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