Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This Calls for a Check-up

Ice cream. Chiffon cake. Chicken delights. Cold water.

These were the things that I missed to eat after I experienced a mood swing from my lower second molar. I had this tooth decay extracted years ago but it seems that my molar is having a problem of its own. It's rotting too, and maybe it's because I don't really give much effort in making it clean and healthy.

I remained silent and in pain the whole night while the rest of the family members were busy licking their ice creams and enjoying their slices of cakes. I wasn't even able to open my mouth and did not have time to speak. It was really disturbing and irritating. I could really feel how my head throbbed with the pain. My worst fear has once again come.

This really calls for a dental check-up [but I don't have the money, the time and the guts to see one.]

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