Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Do You Call the Tip of a Shoe lace?
by Carrots

I just hope this time my blog would be of great help. So what is the name of the tip of a shoe lace? Calm down. Take a deep breath.

I even almost forgot the name but fortunately, I did remember. This time, I have to post it in my blog so that the minute I will forget it again, I can always check it here. ^-^

I got the information from one of the episodes of Phineas and Ferb, one of my favorite cartoon shows in Disney Channel. It all began when the two of them kept on reminding Candace, their orange-haired elder sister, on the name of the tip of the shoe lace. She only replied that it is useless and it is not important.

Later, they started dancing, singing, and spelling out the word. Candace was irritated at first but was carried by the song. Little did she know that she was beginning to sing along.

Alright, it's high time that you have to know that thing which is usually made of plastic or copper used to wrap the end of a shoe lace (excluding those who already knew, of course ^-^)

Spelled with capital A-G-L-E-T. That is read as aglet.
Remember, the tip of a shoe lace is called an AGLET.
Never ever forget that and never take it for granted. AGLET. ^-^

--this is Candace, getting the spot light from her brothers and spelling out the word AGLET--

--these are Phineas and Ferb...ang mga tawo nga na deform ang unsa dagay na sila pag gama--

He Is The One
by Carrots

HE is intelligent.
HE has beautiful eyes.
HE has a charming smile.
HE speaks good English.
HE hugs and kisses me.
HE inspires me of his job.
HE gives wonderful sermons.
HE supports me in almost everything.
HE encourages me to move on.
HE tells me to love life.
HE never shows favoritism.
HE rebukes me every time I commit mistakes.
HE asks sorry.
HE reminds me every day that he loves me.

HE spanked me because I went home late.
HE scolded me because I lied.
HE was down-hearted because I showed signs of rebellion.
HE cried because I did not respect him.
HE confessed that I was the meanest girl among the three.
HE yelled at me because I did not listen to him.

HE forgave for all the short comings that I have done.
HE always give me the chance to undo all the failures.
HE never stops to remind me that God is the best help I can count on.

HE is my friend.
HE is my companion.
HE is my protector.
HE is my counselor.
HE is my pride.
...because HE IS MY FATHER...

HE will be my best Tatay in the whole wide world
and if he doesn't know yet...
..*i LOVE him so much*..

"No matter what happens and no matter how many times you commit mistakes, you will always be the little Jen-jen I knew."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Broken Hearted
by Carrots

"Nothing ails me more than to realize that I don't like him anymore. It's not actually his fault. It's not mine to tell. It just happens that time has finally given up on us."

Many knew about my crush already and many of my high school friends knew how I deeply admire Matt Evans.

He doesn't really look like that gorgeous and hunky guy on television who once starred in the t.v. series, Pedro Penduco. However, his smile and his sparkling eyes remind me of Matt Evans...haizt...

Anyway, I have posted in my blog before about how I first saw him and how my obsession lasted until the present. Unfortunately, I have discovered something from him that indeed affected me (nakaka turn-off). And just like the rest of the guys whom I have admired because of their exceptional abilities and their cute faces, he has failed to show me that he is worth the commendation.

Wondering what my reason is for not liking him anymore? He drinks. I believe you know what that means. Some people might say that it is only normal for boys to drink especially when their friends invite them but it is still a matter of choice on whether they would give in or not. And because he did, I cannot do anything now (ako buh diay ga buut nia? Honestly, every time I realize that some of my friends would drink haphazardly, I tend to be reserved and become afraid of them. They can always celebrate without drinking, they can always hang out without consuming a bottle or two, and they can always stay away from danger and be merry at the same time.

"I think it's time for me to let go of my unwanted obsession. I'm free. No more crush (*c*)"..drama

Saturday, December 12, 2009 myspace graphic comments

The Surprise Attack
by Carrots

I really loved the reaction of kuya when all the staffers of TN agreed to surprise him on the eve of his birthday. We planned many things and made a lot of options just in case plan A or plan B won't work. It was indeed a successful one although it almost flunked. Our contribution was worth the effort.

Yesterday morning, Ate Nadine was already passing a small photo album, requesting us to write our message for kuya Junrell. The electricity that time was still out so we were worrying on where to keep the foods and where to stay for the night. God indeed answered our prayers when after a few minutes, the current came back.

Later that night, kuya decided to go home (pa emote2x pah..hehe..). The rest of the those who stayed in the office tried to convince him to stay for the night. They blocked the door, removed his shoe lace and got his i.d. just to make him stay. I can really see from kuya's eyes that he was upset with what they did to him. But the plan has to be pushed thru.

Kuya indeed stayed for the night. When he was about to have a good night's sleep, the rest of the staffers popped into the office with a chocolate cake and a sweet Happy Birthday song.

He was really surprised to see all of us greeting him on the first hour of his big day. Belated 22nd birthday Kuya! :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Freedom at the Freedom Park
by Carrots

Earlier tonight, I was able to bond with two of my friends. After we ate our dinner, we proceeded to the Freedom Park just across the street. As we strolled on the bricked paths, I could see a chaotic image of rebellion, false love, and enjoyment. All kinds of personalities perhaps can be seen in that park. Of course, it was called Freedom Park because everyone is free to do everything they want as long as they won't harm or hurt anyone within the perimeter.

A few moments later, we were able to settle in one of the seats facing the unlit fountain. In the background, I could see a group of teenagers sitting in an unwanted formation on the lawn. They were talking about something and most probably, that something was important to them. On the other side of the fountain, I saw a young man and a woman. He was covering his face with his left hand, seemingly tired and problematic. She was facing at the opposite direction, sighing from time to time. At a distance, there was also another pair of lover but the girl brought a pretty friend with her. They seemed to be enjoying each other's company.

--this is how the Freedom Park look in the morning but at night, lights on the pathway begin to illumine the place. it's really beautiful--

They had their bond and I believe we were their too because of the same reason. We just wanted to kill time. As the conversation deepened, I can see the sincerity in the eyes of the speaker. She was a good story-teller and I and my other friend kept on laughing at her stories. Then slowly, we shifted the topic to love. She also had her story to tell about the certain topic and I am just happy that she was facing us with such comfort. I could see how she trusted us with her secrets. However, the thing we have discussed after staying almost an hour and a half in the park was about the unexplainable behavior of women. There, I understood how crazy women are in almost all aspects and that includes me. At this point in time, she might be deciding to get her hair done but minutes later, she would prefer to polish her nail first. She might be planning something at this minute but the next minute, she would change her mind. Even Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist, said that the only thing that he was not able to find any answer is this question: "What does a woman really want?"

We were on the denouement of our conversation when she again opened another topic about the death of a close loved one. It was not an easy stage but she said that she has finally recovered. After sharing her story, I realized true love does exist. I might have doubted the sincerity of the man to his woman every time I see my friends cry because of them but there are still men who cry because of the foolishness of the girls. Life indeed is full of uncertainties and unwanted plights. But the great thing is that we got good friends around to brace us every time we stumble and fall.

All of those realizations happened in the Freedom Park. I just hope that we will have another time to sit down and talk about anything.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Big "O"
by carrots

I never thought I would like this color. Orange is indeed a beautiful color but I have to admit that I really do not know the main reason why I loved it. I think it has nothing to do with my personality (but since orange has become a part of my everyday life, I think it has slowly affected me too...awzz?).

Anyway, I began to admire this color when I was in grade 6. We were required by our teacher to make autographs which will be signed by our classmates (remembrance daw before graduation). When I was about to reach the "favorite color" category, I began to feel that pink would be a very common color for girls. I wanted a color that would be different, something unpopular yet unique. I really haven't thought of other colors but orange. It was the immediate suggestion that came into my mind.

When I was in high school, I began to practice my loyalty to the color. I started to admire orange things though it was not that strong enough. My obsession for the color officially began when I was in third year. My bag, my paper case, my gown during the promenade, my things....almost everything were orange-colored. I was then known as "Miss Orange" in school.

It continued until I was fourth year and until now, I have stuck myself on that orange color.

I believe not all people like orange. One of my close friends even hated it and every time she sees me wearing something that is orange inspired, she would endlessly say "Tae!"

But I also believe that there are still many people who like this color. I even saw one already and I think she is as obsessed as I am.

To all orange lovers, enjoy the pictures below. To those who made orange their mortal color enemy, mag-dusa kayo sa mga orange displays ko...(evil laugh) bwhahaha!

--the beautiful orange sunset--

--pakapin nga orange--

--the orange background--

--may orange sun na ngayon--

--emote sa orange--

--swirling orange--

--mystical orange eyes--

--naruto loves orange--

--naruto's orange nine-tailed monster...awesome!--

--kita namu ug orange rain?--

--can i have your orange eyes for Christmas?--

--the orange fairy of orangelandia--

--they are flapping their wings...but not in this blog...huhuhu--

--the dancing orange fairy--

Sunday, December 6, 2009

(...real friends can also be the reason why you become emo...)

Almost Gone
by Carrots

I thought that day would be one of my happiest day since she's coming to visit our school. I never thought that day would bring such heartache to me. I never thought there was a friendship that was about to end.

Thank God it did not happen. She forgave me and she bursted her feelings towards me. I hate to inlcude the details in this blog why she hated me that night but at least God has answered my prayers that she will not cut the relationship that we have started a couple of years ago.

I believe it's part of our lives wherein we experience such pain and although that misunderstanding has been settled, I still cannot believe it happened. At least the nightmare has ended and I finally wiped the tears in my eyes. I just hope she will forget that night where we almost parted forever.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Monstrous Outbreak
by Carrots

November 23,2009. The country was shaken by the news flash. The media mourned for their loss. The government extended their heartfelt condolences to the family of the victims. The family cannot do anything now but to cry and close their fingers for the unpredictable and head-scratching investigation. The rest of the people not only from the Philippines but from around the archipelago is looking forward to solving the case,crying for justice for the mercilessly killed journalists and innocent Ampatuan family members.

On Wednesday, November 25, the corpses reached a disturbing number of 57, including 6 Mangudadatu members, 2 family lawyers, 34 journalists (wherein only 25 has been identified so far), and 5 other persons who were mistakenly part of the convoy. They were supposed to file a certificate of candidacy for Esmael Mangudadatu, vice mayor of Buluan Town to be the political rival of Andal S. Ampatuan, Jr. for the coming 2010 elections. Some of the women were evidently raped, tortured and beheaded including the tragic death of a pregnant woman.

It is more inhumane to imagine that after the massacre, the killers could still afford to bury the victims in an almost-abysmal pit. Undug were smashed cars and government vehicles used for the convoy. According to news stories, there was even a found car that was not part of the group. It was supposed to transport a patient into the provincial hospital.

I still do not know what the government has done to seize the beasts responsible for this human slaughter. The media might say that the government has the killers in their hands but would their punishments be enough for the innocent people that they have tortured and killed? For sure, the prosecuted animals will still lurk anyhow, with super special treatments and protection from the government. The victims will never have their sought justice because in a country we have right now, every piece of hope for attaining justice and balance are both impossible.

*The Philippines is now the number one most dangerous country for journalists around the world. Disturbing!*

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pagpasok sa Personal na Relasyon Dalawang Libo at Siyam (Inter-Personal Relationship 2009)
by Carrots

It might sound senseless but the whole event was a blast. As a newbie in TN, I have learned plenty of things and have enjoyed every bit of activities in Le Tundra.

There were lots of surprises that met us, especially the novices. First was the venue. The beach resort was perfect and the rooms where we were assigned with the oldies were spacious and cold (pangusug kaau and aircon). The cottages were simple but when you are going to spend some time sitting in one of those bamboo-made nooks, you would definitely appreciate the placid waters ahead.

I was also surprised when I realized that we were only fooled on the "Sojor visitation" thing. (naning kaau ming mga newbie with our gowns and neck-and-tie kay formal man kuno ang dinner with the university president)...Well, the rest of our stay in Le Tundra was great and I would really look forward to the next victims of the next IPR.

--boodle fight 2009..pose pa lang yan before the actual lunch--

--wiw! parang nag prom lang..where is dr.? we are batch 2009-2010 newbie victims--

--haizt..kawawang mga nilalang..nauto lang..harhar--

--newbies with the editors--

--eat a lot...bawia ang pang vivictim..--

-- parang may pictorial lang--

--happy smiles? why is it that not all are grinning??..--

--korean ba muh??--

--wat iber..hala..grab the spotlight--

--tra la la tulips..bow!--

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ang Iyang Pagkahapla
By Carrots

Yesterday, I have seen one of the funniest scenes of my college life. Until now, I haven't recovered the incident yet.

I was walking with two of my friends when another friend of mine whom I would hide in the name "Bayot nga Alang-alang". It's too long so I think I have to shorten it and make it "Banga" instead. We were talking about something when suddenly he reacted. He told me he saw his crush. I asked him to point her to me. Then, he suddenly did something that was a total embarrassment.

He ran out of the gate and jumped to reach for the railing of the gate. He just landed flat right into the tiled entrance floor and I thought he fainted because of the impact of the fall. But he seemed to be unaffected of the "lagalpak". He quickly stood up and ran crookedly outside the gate.

The security guard saw him and two other students who were near the gate. They laughed at him but he seemed not to care and continued running. Good thing his crush did not see him-- I hope she did-- so that he could have gotten double strikes of the humiliation...hahaha (devil au q..)

Keep up the good work friend. And I hope the next time you jump, you won't anymore land.

Crash My Crush
By Carrots

I suppose we have crushes for us to have some inspirations. We usually find gorgeous boys in school and make them our crushes. They might already be "taken" in some sense but we disregard that fact, thinking that we can still have them even in the most impossible event. A single glance and a smile from them makes our world stop and our heart stops beating...tsk...tsk...

There's this guy I met two and a half years ago. I was really caught by his pretty smile and his sparkling eyes. (Ow may gas!)...Thanks to our teacher in Chemistry who invented this "Science Academy" for the first four sections of her Chemistry class, I saw my "Matt Evans"...(wiw!)

After that, I never removed his image in my mind. Every time I see him, my world stops turning (owzz?!) but I can still manage to act normal when he is near.

When we were in fourth year, there was a time that he asked for my name (waah! he was super near me). I was not able to answer him straight. Instead, my companion answered the question for me 'coz she said that I was only standing there, with my mouth wide open.
It was so embarrassing but it's alright because I have seen him smile at me. I seemed to melt at that moment. That day was our periodical exam in MAPEH. The luck did not only end on the time that he asked my name but until I knew my score in our examination. I got a perfect score. Wiw! Maybe his face was my lucky charm for that day.

My happiness and my "kilig" moments did not end there. It was Sunday when an unidentified number flashed into the screen of my phone. He confessed he's "Matt Evans", my ultimate crush. My smile widened and I couldn't get over it.

Now that I am in college, I still find myself hooked in his aura. Although I seldom see him in the first semester, I am contented to have a sight of his beautiful face. But when second semester came, he shifted to another course and I have never seen him since then. I also do not know his new schedule. I missed him...huhu...(xor?!)

But now, I think I have found another crush...tsk..tsk...and guess who? It's "Matt Evan's" elder brother. He is a basketball player and I see him every afternoon in the open court, practicing. Every time I see him, I can remember my crush's face (they have the same features...well, almost the same).

Does this mean that I have to leave all the memories that I had with my old crush? Does this mean that I have to move on since I haven't seen Matt Evans lurking in the campus anymore? I just don't know. But until now, my loyalty is still with him..harhar! He will still be my ultimate super grabeng CRUSH...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Four Elements
by Carrots

I found these neat pictures from the internet and it's just great! These pix drew my complete attention. I am beginning to be a fanatic of the four elements. I hope I have one of those powers. HARHAR!
The fairy of dreams..Sweet dreams!
Green??..Orange unta to..The water goddess..super beautiful

The goddess of the four elements..

Mother Earth
Kaingon ko si Naruto....The gruesome eyes

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