Friday, December 11, 2009

Freedom at the Freedom Park
by Carrots

Earlier tonight, I was able to bond with two of my friends. After we ate our dinner, we proceeded to the Freedom Park just across the street. As we strolled on the bricked paths, I could see a chaotic image of rebellion, false love, and enjoyment. All kinds of personalities perhaps can be seen in that park. Of course, it was called Freedom Park because everyone is free to do everything they want as long as they won't harm or hurt anyone within the perimeter.

A few moments later, we were able to settle in one of the seats facing the unlit fountain. In the background, I could see a group of teenagers sitting in an unwanted formation on the lawn. They were talking about something and most probably, that something was important to them. On the other side of the fountain, I saw a young man and a woman. He was covering his face with his left hand, seemingly tired and problematic. She was facing at the opposite direction, sighing from time to time. At a distance, there was also another pair of lover but the girl brought a pretty friend with her. They seemed to be enjoying each other's company.

--this is how the Freedom Park look in the morning but at night, lights on the pathway begin to illumine the place. it's really beautiful--

They had their bond and I believe we were their too because of the same reason. We just wanted to kill time. As the conversation deepened, I can see the sincerity in the eyes of the speaker. She was a good story-teller and I and my other friend kept on laughing at her stories. Then slowly, we shifted the topic to love. She also had her story to tell about the certain topic and I am just happy that she was facing us with such comfort. I could see how she trusted us with her secrets. However, the thing we have discussed after staying almost an hour and a half in the park was about the unexplainable behavior of women. There, I understood how crazy women are in almost all aspects and that includes me. At this point in time, she might be deciding to get her hair done but minutes later, she would prefer to polish her nail first. She might be planning something at this minute but the next minute, she would change her mind. Even Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist, said that the only thing that he was not able to find any answer is this question: "What does a woman really want?"

We were on the denouement of our conversation when she again opened another topic about the death of a close loved one. It was not an easy stage but she said that she has finally recovered. After sharing her story, I realized true love does exist. I might have doubted the sincerity of the man to his woman every time I see my friends cry because of them but there are still men who cry because of the foolishness of the girls. Life indeed is full of uncertainties and unwanted plights. But the great thing is that we got good friends around to brace us every time we stumble and fall.

All of those realizations happened in the Freedom Park. I just hope that we will have another time to sit down and talk about anything.

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