Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Broken Hearted
by Carrots

"Nothing ails me more than to realize that I don't like him anymore. It's not actually his fault. It's not mine to tell. It just happens that time has finally given up on us."

Many knew about my crush already and many of my high school friends knew how I deeply admire Matt Evans.

He doesn't really look like that gorgeous and hunky guy on television who once starred in the t.v. series, Pedro Penduco. However, his smile and his sparkling eyes remind me of Matt Evans...haizt...

Anyway, I have posted in my blog before about how I first saw him and how my obsession lasted until the present. Unfortunately, I have discovered something from him that indeed affected me (nakaka turn-off). And just like the rest of the guys whom I have admired because of their exceptional abilities and their cute faces, he has failed to show me that he is worth the commendation.

Wondering what my reason is for not liking him anymore? He drinks. I believe you know what that means. Some people might say that it is only normal for boys to drink especially when their friends invite them but it is still a matter of choice on whether they would give in or not. And because he did, I cannot do anything now (ako buh diay ga buut nia?...aw). Honestly, every time I realize that some of my friends would drink haphazardly, I tend to be reserved and become afraid of them. They can always celebrate without drinking, they can always hang out without consuming a bottle or two, and they can always stay away from danger and be merry at the same time.

"I think it's time for me to let go of my unwanted obsession. I'm free. No more crush (*c*)"..drama

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  1. hahaha.., ganun.., ok rwah nah dhai.., that's life.., if you'll engage ur life to it, then learn to take the consequences..,;)


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