Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Skinny Cooks Cannot Be Trusted
by Carrots

I honestly seldom cook and every time I do it, the recipe is a catastrophe.

Tonight, I was asked to cook our supper. Of course I was excited to learn a new menu. The instructions were given and I nodded, seemingly understanding every word from my tita. Unfortunately, it didn't go well. The pancit was super sticky and the whole viand was ruined. It tastes sour, sweet and slimy.

After the meal, my stomach was whirling and murmuring. I was not satisfied of what I did.

I will never do it again next time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Lady Bug of E111
by Carrots

(please read the words as spelled)

"...ip you will go to Siquijor and yo wel give instructions, then you do not hiking because we are not good swimmers..."

Is this how an english teacher should pronounce? How did she pass the examinations and qualifications with the pronunciation she has now? She doesn't even know how to read "busy" correctly.

It does not mean that I do not respect her anymore but I think she has also to behave the way a respective teacher should do. Many students even transferred to another instructor after realizing she's their english teacher. At first, I thought that they are such cowards. They cannot accept the responsibilities which might be given to them under the supervision of that said teacher. Later, I realized that what they did was right and I was wrong in staying in her class.

She does not only give the lessons unclearly but also gives tons of surprises. The recent one was when she randomly checked our notebooks. That time, I was not able to bring my notes to school. She then told us to open our notes to the page wherein the irregular verbs are written. Everybody was surprised upon her announcement. She never gave us that kind of home work. She even told us that is was already an old assignment given to us and there is no reason for us not to do it. We all reacted, of course, because she never mentioned it in the class. The smart people who was able to bring their notebooks but was not able to write the irregular verbs, quickly copied the wrtings of their classmates'. I can never do anything at that moment but to look at them with a twitched face. She was never considerate. That time, I wanted to push her from the window. I really hate her face, her crooked body and her high-pitched voice.

She adds to the unfortune of Tuesdays. She always gives me goose pimples and white hairs (although I haven't seen any white hairs in my head yet). I love her classroom and the fresh air that comes in from the ventilation but her presence ruins the beauty of the afternoon.

I was not even contented with the grade she gave me for the mid-term. I could relly conclude that she does not know how to do math..grrr..She does not know how to count and she's not even acquainted to numbers. I might be very harsh but that's what I feel about her. Before, I was expecting much from her because she's a college teacher. She's the only english teacher I knew that does not know how to deliver the lesson for the day. Goodness!

Some of you might know her and I just hope I will not have an INC or else she's going to pay the consequences..(nakz)..She will never see the beauty of the sun again when she does that.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(kabalo man pud ko mu.emote...hehehe..talagsa rah)

Ode of a Naive Heart

Every time you smile at me, you always prove me wrong
More than once, I've convinced myself right that you do care
You're doing your charming thing again
and I can't keep myself from flabbergasting
I could talk to someone and look at him straight into the eyes
But couldn't even make an upright glance at your sparkling soul.
Am I falling in?

I hate it when you tell me of your past happy memories
With the girl that tore your heart apart
I hate it when you mention her name and say
That you missed her oh so dearly.
I could scream, yes I can, because of pain
But am I licensed to be jealous?
Am I in the right place to whine?

You told me both of you are just friends
I tried to convince myself it's true to avoid the sweetest disdain
I'm already glad you've moved on from that brutal anguish thought
But sadly, dude, I can read from your eyes
You're still craving for her soft voice, her happy smile and her funny jokes.
I'm not jealous, no I'm not
! Just want you to forget her.
Am I not enough?

When our souls go merry and forget about the world
My feeling shows that I'm already falling in
It's like goose feathers in my neck, cotton balls in my ears
A great moment that I want to last and leave everything in the past
Seems like I am yours
Seems like I own you now.

I bloom when I see your silhouette
I wither when I see you sad
Oh please, you'll loose your beauty, don't ever frown
I am contented with your jokes and loquacious mouth
Your gay nature enlightens my day and eases my pain
This only plea I have simply states, "Don't go or else this heart's gonna crash."

Your kindness has poured itself on me
And I can't deny that I have felt it.
You've made efforts to impress me
I just can't go numb and innocent
I've seen it, I've felt it, I've discovered something new
Indeed you made me special, I say thank you.

But, this is the big disgrace
I'm not for you, you're not for me
We have separate lives to live which will never meet
Sad but true but I have to leave you
Forget our friendship before it begins to bloom into love
I have to break this awkward feeling 'coz I am abnormally falling for you

More than once, you've proven me wrong
That you never cared for me.
When they tease me and tag the hem of my emotions,
All I do is blush and take everything for granted
It's the best thing before it's too late
It's the wisest thing to have a naive heart.

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