Saturday, August 30, 2014

Celebrate Life

Someone told me that life is transient. I am pretty aware of that. I know she knows I see life that way, too. But her next line made me reflect. “That is why we must always tell our friends and families how much we love them and how much they mean to us. Who knows it would be your last, or theirs.”

She’s absolutely right about that thought. We don’t usually give too much value to people, relationships, and everything that we have at present not until it’s gone, not until it’s too late. We end up blaming ourselves for not having been there for a friend, or not having been able to say the right words to a loved one, or not having been able to appreciate our job. All the “I could’ve done it this way” thoughts begin to penetrate, and we start to become miserable.

Okay. ‘Nuff of the drama though. God gave us the chance to live another life, one day at a time, so why not live in it and enjoy it. Tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Tell your friends who have been away for quite some time that you miss them. Thank your boss for hiring you. Sing your favorite song in the shower.   Drink a cup of coffee. Watch a movie. Take a walk in the park. Stalk your crush on Facebook. Write something on your diary. Read the Bible. Blush. Smile. Laugh. Chill. Life is wonderful. Life is beautiful. :) 

Let us put all the aches of the past behind and let future worry for itself. We have the NOW. Let us be happy with it. Let us be grateful for it.

Celebrate life – with your dear friends, family, special someone (if you’re in a relationship), pets, students (if you’re a teacher), teachers (if you’re a student), employees (if you’re the boss), boss (if you’re the employee), food (if you’re a human being), etc. YOLO!

"insert confettis here"

P.S. A year and 17 days after my last post, I have finally emerged from the longest hiatus I have ever had on the blogosphere. And yeah, I am definitely back. I am officially active once again. (palakpakan na may kasamang sigawan!)
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