Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Travel To The Past
(Discovering The Indigent Side of Life)
by Carrots

I am an LTS student, busy every Saturday. I never spend my time at home since I am already in college. Now that the tutorial in Valencia has started, we have to be their to spend half of the day.

Last weekend, August 15, was the first time we went their. We were instructed to pick one child from the elemantary school of Balugo to be taught of academic things and mainly hygiene.

As i looked at my little kid, who, at first tried to cry at the sight of my smiling face, I remembered myself seven years ago when I was still in gradeschool.

I tried to look straight into her teary eyes and managed to keep the smile in my face.

Before that event, however, I have already spent half of my body's water searching for a little child. We have ventured the narrowest roads and the creepiest houses in search for a kid. Although we found one, we were shocked upon the realization that she's not normal. Not normal in the sense that she cannot talk. She's a special child and we do not have enough of the exprience in communicating with the mute, especially mute children.

Luckily, one of our colleague volunteered to take her. We agreed and the rest of us continued exploring strange places. We reached aphids and dog-infested backyards but nobody showed up. According to the parents, their kids have already been in school for a couple of minutes already. We turned hopeless.

We returned to the school grounds, tired, hungry and exhausted. We sat quietly as we observed little kids playing and running to and fro. They never seem to have any problems. In our case, with faces who look like wearing funeral parlors forever, all problems seem to be pelted on us. It was a messy Saturday morning. Super!

Good thing our coordinator arrived stating that each LTS student must only get one child due to the lack of elementary pupils. I found my friend clutching her two little children whom she plucked from nowhere and told her that I will have one of her pupil. She agreed but the child seemed to avoid me. She hid at the back of my friend's back and made a teary eye. I was nervous. What if she'll never like me?...huhuhuh..

With all the explanations my friend could have, the little child agreed to be with me and minutes later, you will find me holding her hand and leading her to one of the classrooms.

I began to interview her. I am interested with her profile. I want to know the way of life she lives. At first, I had a hard time because she seldom talks loud and she's super shy to even look at me. However, i tried to be friendly.

I call her Jessa, a grade two pupil, ten years old. Dressed with a very old sleeveless and a ragged shorts, she went to school that morning because she has been fetched by my friend. According to her, she cooks their breakfast because her mother leaves the house very early with their father who goes to work in a construction site. She is then left with her siblings. She takes care of them, cleans the yard and washes the dishes. She's fourth in the family of six and her elder sisters and brothers embark the house like her mom and pop--still very early in the morning.

I kept on nodding as she began to be talkative. She shared how she sometimes fail to go to school because of financial problems. In the middle of our conversation, a teacher in that school interrupted us with this statement, "She's the least privileged pupil of this institution." That explains a lot.

After the interview, I gave her her snacks and she enjoyed it very much. I can see it in her eyes.

I quietly reminisced my past. When I was in elementary, I never experienced being absent because I have no "baon". I only missed classes because I get sick. I also never tried cooking my own breakfast for myself. Mother was always their to set the table and serve me with the a proper meal.

Moreover, I was never a pittyfull little child when I was in gradeschool. My father fetches me to school and gives me extra "baon" especially when I want to buy something.

As I looked at Jessa once again, I thanked God on how blessed I was when I was a little child. I was so thankful that He has given me with a family who supported me in everything that I did as a growing girl.

Like her, I wanted to play all day with my playmates. Like her, I wanted to grow fast. However, I discovered she lacks parental love which was with me since. I just hope we'll be closer to each other so that I will know more of her as a little innocent child.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

by Orange&Carrots

It is normally experienced by everyone to be hurt or to be in pain. Some get it from wounds of battles, some get it from the absence or death of a loved one, some get it from the failure of attaining something being wished for, some get it from the ineffective friendship and some get it from broken promises made by love.

Pain comes from small things to bigger and complicated series of events outsourcing physically, mentally, emotionally, socially or spiritually. Whatever our source of pain is, there's always a source of peace and happiness. In every wound, God gives the cure. In every bleeding knee, He puts His loving hands to heal it. In every crying eye, He wipes it with His most precious hug of comfort. In every broken spirit, He fixes it and lets His angel tuck you to bed. And in every broken heart that's been a victim of false promises, He's their to mend it and help you move and find the right one for you. His remedy is someone better than the previous.

Feeling pain or hurt is just normal. The strange thing there would be when you cannot recover and move on. Call to Jesus and He will be there to comfort you, help you carry with whatever burdens you have, and will see to it that you will solve every puzzle of your confusions through His omniscient grace. His will assuredly works well and none of it will bring us to the pain and hurt defined by man.
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