Tuesday, August 18, 2009

by Orange&Carrots

It is normally experienced by everyone to be hurt or to be in pain. Some get it from wounds of battles, some get it from the absence or death of a loved one, some get it from the failure of attaining something being wished for, some get it from the ineffective friendship and some get it from broken promises made by love.

Pain comes from small things to bigger and complicated series of events outsourcing physically, mentally, emotionally, socially or spiritually. Whatever our source of pain is, there's always a source of peace and happiness. In every wound, God gives the cure. In every bleeding knee, He puts His loving hands to heal it. In every crying eye, He wipes it with His most precious hug of comfort. In every broken spirit, He fixes it and lets His angel tuck you to bed. And in every broken heart that's been a victim of false promises, He's their to mend it and help you move and find the right one for you. His remedy is someone better than the previous.

Feeling pain or hurt is just normal. The strange thing there would be when you cannot recover and move on. Call to Jesus and He will be there to comfort you, help you carry with whatever burdens you have, and will see to it that you will solve every puzzle of your confusions through His omniscient grace. His will assuredly works well and none of it will bring us to the pain and hurt defined by man.

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