Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hala! Nakaka-touch Naman!

Following the resignation letter I gave to my boss last night, she approached me earlier today and patted me at the back. She left wonderful words to me with her Korean accent. "You enjoy your one month here huh. (with a matching smile) You look for someone to replace you here (referring to my cubicle). Ei?" Then she laughed. I gave her back a sincere smile and told her, "Yes Miss. I will."

And then I thought, Did she really meant what she said? Do I really have to look for a replacement? (hala. haha.)

 And my tralala moments with Webcamtoy pag walang clase...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Work Here Is Done...

Well, almost. One month more and I will be jobless.

I prefer to call it "rigid preparation for what's coming ahead." Just today, I passed a resignation letter to the manager and the vice president of the company where I am working. I prepared the letter one day before but my decision was made up weeks ago. I had the courage to pass the notice just now after I prayed to God. I had cold hands when I gave the letters to the manager and the VP. 

This is my second resignation within four working months. As of the moment, I cannot afford to fully think of getting a permanent teaching career especially that the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is fast approaching. I cannot afford to think of failing in that test. Oh my! Getting a license is just so important to me that I am willing to stop working and focus in studying. 

Time is running fast and I am not satisfied with my self-study yet. I need to study more. I need to feel confident that I am ready for the test. There are actually times when I just shake my head to remove the negative thoughts inside -- the what-if-I-will-not-pass thoughts, to be exact. I'm scared. But I know God will help me. I just need to put my trust in HIM because He is BIG!

One month more and I am out. I will miss the naughty Korean kids and my great time with them. I will miss the people here. I will miss the place. But what I will miss the most is the payday! ^_^

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Everyday (Morbid) Surprises

As time goes by, things (a lot of things) happen to people. Others get hired in the company they applied, others get fired. Others pass the board exam, a lot don't. Others fall in love, others get trashed. Others are happy all the time, others never learn to smile. But the painful part of being a human being is to be vulnerable to pain and the rest of what comes after. 

Heart Attack. This happened one week ago. It was Monday. On my way home with my father, he told me that one of our church members was hospitalized because of a heart attack. I was shocked with the news. The day before, Sunday, she was still so healthy during the worship service. She even stayed home after to join us for lunch. Actually, that's what she does every Sunday. And we love her company so much. 

She is 56 years old with eight children (more or less). The sad part of it is that she has not established a good relationship with her kids. It's a long story. Maybe I can write it out some other time but not on this post. And now, one week and three days later, she still cannot move, cannot talk and cannot eat. Although the doctor said that she can now be discharged, the sad fact remains: she will never be the same Nang *Ina we used to know. We will miss her talkative nature, her guffaws and her rants about her misery with her children and husband.

Gunmen on the Loose. After the horrifying news about an eight-year-old child raped and killed here in our place two or three weeks ago, another incident happened (just last night). A man was shot twice by "riding in tandem" men because of selfish money ambitions. You see, this man is a motorcycle agent and perhaps, during that time of incident, he was bringing an amount enough for these two men to feel determined to kill him right there and then. 

The sad part of this story is that this man is the father of our workmate. She was very apprehensive when she bid our manager goodbye. "Miss uli sa ko. Murag nadisgrasya si papa. (Miss I have to go home. I think something went wrong with Papa.)" These were the shriveling words she said I could vividly remember. When I arrived home, I received a text message from the manager saying, "Please pray for the father of May. Napusilan s'ya. (He was gunned down.)"

Dead. Just this morning, four men died in a road mishap in the town next to mine. Everyday, as I commute the 29-kilometer distance from our house to the city where I work, I always get horrible news such as this. 

As our van passed the place where the accident was, I saw how wrecked the public multicab was. It looked like an old sardine can being crushed by a 3x4 truck. The driver and three other passengers died while the rest had their share of bruises. The driver of the truck was arrested.

Everyday, everywhere, things like this happen. It might be a stranger, a loved one or us. We don't know. So, as long as we are still alive and spared, we must love life and give love. The most important thing is we know where we are going after the Angel of Death snatch us out of this world. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random Thoughts Part 25

Annyeong! Teaching Koreans has really affected my way of speaking. I say "Aigoo" now more often than "Oh my!" I also forget to say "Yes" to people who ask me convergent questions. Instead, I say "Neh." Anyway, the past few days has been funny, wonderful, yet routinary. But of course, to update this blog-o-rios (what?), I'll flood it with randomness. Still, it is the best topic I ever had. 

Cory Monteith died. Yeah! I now the whole world knows about this one already. He was cremated even, and this brought dismay to his father after he was not informed about this. (too showbiz ei?) This morning, I watched Entertainment Tonight on ETC and found out (though I have earlier read it in Yahoo! News) that the reason for his death was a mixture of heroin and alcohol. Tsk.tsk. 

Okay. So what's going to happen to Glee now? Of course it will not stop airing for the sake of his death. But it will be a big loss to the show since the story primarily had been revolving around him and Lea Michelle, who plays Rachel, and who is also his real-life girlfriend. It will not stop airing but delay for its new episode is to be expected.

I am not a Glee fan to tell you this but I do appreciated their song renditions. As for the rest of Cory's loved ones whom he has left behind, they surely will move on. Not now, but soon. They will, soon. 

That awkward moment when you reread old blog posts and then smile. I found kilig blog posts I made before, way back college. (hoot. I sound old. -_-) Way back when we still had a "special thing" with my crush. Well, time has run fast and I guess it did not work out between the two of us. (chars...) So I believe the quote "Feelings change. Memories don't." fit right perfectly at this moment. 

Looking forward to more word doodles. Yikes! I was so excited when I finished my first ever online doodle work. I tried drawings before but I guess it is not my genre. I tried word doodle and I guess that is what I enjoy doing. Below is my first work. I know it looks messy and the texts are all over the place. I still have to learn more and more. 

And I even had selfies. Sorry for these stuffs guys. You can skip this part though. ^_^ Anyway, look at life on the bright side, okay? That will make you beautiful, inside and out. (Hooray for Thursday!)

That's all! BOW!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Philippines Needs Someone Like Her

During my random surfing on Facebook this afternoon, I was intrigued with this one video posted by a friend. I am not really the kind of person who's fond of checking out videos on FB especially that the connection is turtle-paced. But this one brought me to tears. I don't know why, but her words were just so inspiring. 

Di pa man ako ganap na guro kung professionalization lang ang pag-uusapan, ramdam ko na ang init na nag-aalab sa puso ko na kailangan kong maging public teacher soon. Hindi dahil idealistic ako, hindi dahil mas malaki ang sahod sa PS, hindi dahil doon ako galing, kundi dahil alam kong ito ang paraan upang may maiambag ako sa bayan ko. 
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