Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So that's what they call History 141

Phew! So long ago, I had nothing to write on this blog. Now, I think I have. *smile

Welcome to my story telling of History 141, the subject which focuses on the life of Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, also called as Dr. Jose P. Rizal. It is an interesting lesson, I tell you. And the class itself does not bore me that much. With all the orange armchairs, who would be?

This is the book that we're using in our class.

I have more to that. Read on.

The "ables". If History is filled with things to memorize and dates to note, we also have other things in mind aside from the lessons. We brand them the "ables." Our first target was Crushable. He's cute of course,with eyeglasses on. The silent and genius type with a wide grin. And for the record, he is the first human crush of Xang-Xang. The rest are animes. Way to go, Ixa! Next is Admirable. He's cute, too. I saw him first and he wears a stainless steel in his teeth. He's relatively tall with a pair of singkit eyes. (haha) Then we have Huggable. He looks like the little boy from the movie Up, just magnified 1000 times. He's actually a giant, both in height and in weight. At this point in time, we are aiming to find Adorable. No one is as of the moment, so we'd stick to the three first.

A taste of embarrassment. This is the part where I say that I am really clumsy, a retard perhaps. Our teacher asked us to photocopy our receipts for filing purposes. Everyday, she reminded us all about our responsibility. The one week extension was good enough but I forgot all about it. With this procrastinating attitude that I have, complying with that very simple request was not done. Not until I was reprimanded in front of the class. It was not a reprimand for me but it seemed more like it. That happened Monday morning and I had to go home that noon to look for my almost-forgotten receipts. I tarried back home, deciding to do the passing of the photocopy later. That "later" became a "late" for when I arrived in school, our teacher wasn't in her room already. She had went home. I did not think of anything more but to get another reprimand the next day. I even got a bruised knee after diving into a flight of stairs on my way to the next class that afternoon. Why? I had to run so that I won't miss my Physics lecture. It's all because of that word "late." *sigh*  The next day, thank God, she just accepted the paper without any remarks. That was a lesson learned.

The dream and the interpreter. Too much shyness will kill you. It already did to me. I died of regret. Argggh!! For being too concealing about my thoughts, it's my fault. For being too shy to raise my hand and answer the question with a confident statement, it's my fault.

On the 16th chapter of the Rizal book, there was a passage there that stated about Rizal's dream.

"Once I dreamed that I descended by a path. I saw a multitude of persons seated, dressed in white, with white faces, silent and surrounded by white light. There I saw my two brethren, one of them already dead and the other one still alive."

She told us to interpret the dream and relate it to his death in Bagumbayan six years after. She called the "intelligents" of the class first. All of them gave the literal meaning, stating humorous interpretations like Rizal was in the hospital in his dream and the multitude in white are doctors, or like he has ascended to heaven and all the white people are angels. Oh men! That is not the way to interpret dreams. I really wanted to raise my hand and give my opinion, which I think was right. But she did not call me. Hay! And so there I was, remorseful of not having answered. In my mind, I said, "That descend meant his travel from prison to Bagumbayan/ Luneta Park. Then the 'multitude dressed in white' is not literally white. They are Spanish and Filipino men and women who carefully and silently watched him during his execution. The second sentence I do not know." 
Grrr! Dr. Valencia's (our History teacher) explanation was all similar to mine. I missed that chance. And for the sake of interpreting the whole dream, the second sentence meant Rizal's two books -- Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. The "dead brethren" was the Noli while the latter was referred to as the "alive brethren." (to know more of Jose Rizal's life, works, and death, enroll in History 141)

For the first time. For the first time in the history of my History 141 quizzes, that of today's was my first perfect score. And to think that that was the hardest of all seven quizzes. I know I wouldn't get that pleasant-to-the-ears score without God's help. Good thing the Mental Block Monster did not shake my brain off or else every detail of what I studied would turn into a vast image of blur. Thank you Lord.

More of the spills next time! :) God speed.

Monday, April 11, 2011

What's wrong with my head?

I was about to nail my declamation piece when...waaaaak...I had this mental block again. I have this everytime I stand in front of a crowd, no matter how small, and speak something. I don't know what's wrong with my head. Or is it even my head? Or my mouth? Do I have a defect on something? Am I abnormal?

*nothing more to say...

...mental block again????

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is my last post

This is my last post one day before I turn 18. But, even though I'd be of legal age sooooooooon, I am still young. Take note, YOUNG. :)

So here are the things (hoping memory has served me well) I haven't done or tried yet in my 17 years of existence (so pageant):

1. TUMABA :( 
      I was born thin, grew up thin, and until now am very thin, still desperate to become big, a 'lil bit big.

2. Magka boyfriend :)
      I don't know, but I am proud of it. I thank tatay for being strict on this part, because if not, my heart could have been torn to thousand pieces now. (aw? korne!)

3. Maglaro ng poker games.
      I don't have any ideas on how to play these, much less to gamble.

4. Magtaya ng swertres o lotto.
      I don't know why I placed this. But yes, I haven't done this, and never will. :p

5. Mangibang bansa.
      Hahaha. This is one of my dreams. To be fulfilled.

6. A bonggang birthday party.
      No money. It's not my priority, though. I have been used to be sang a Happy Birthday song then individual kisses from tatay, nanay, and my siblings since I could remember. That was more than enough. I am just hoping I could give my sisters a good debut celebration.

7. Kumain ng balot o penoy.
      One of the things I don't like about balot is the chick inside, though I haven't seen one yet. (based on what I've heard from friends). Another thing is that nobody has invited me yet for a balot mania. I won't dare eat alone.

8. Sumali ng pageant.
      Wahahahahaha. So impossible. Never. Kahit tumaba pa 'ko.

9. Kumain ng ahas, uod, aso, pusa, rabbit, kabayo at tao.
      I am looking forward to eating these all, and the rest of the exotic unmentioned.

10. Mabuntis.
      Kaloka. Did I even write this?

11. Mag-drive ng four wheels.
      We don't have one at home. Two wheels lang yong nasa bahay. Soon enough, if God wills me to have one, I 'll buy an orange Picanto. Yipee!

12. Mag night swimming.
      I don't know how to swim, okay? And nobody invited me yet. Surely, tatay won't permit.

13. I cannot play any kind of instrument *sigh :(
      I tried piano. Did not work for me. I tried guitar and flute. Nothing. It isn't just my cup of tea.

14. Sing solo in front of a crowd.
      I tried to sing in front of a crowd but in a choir. I also tried to sing alone in front of a small congregation (IPR sa TN----so long ago) but that was only a lip synch. So no solo career.

15. Magpa boy cut.
      I cannot somehow figure out my face if I have a bob or boy cut. 'Di babagay sa mukha ko. Ang payat ko kaya. But I will try this soon, if I have gained enough courage to distort my already distorted face.

16. Magpa hair color.
      Many thought I had my hair colored or dyed because it is ash brown in color. No I haven't tried that yet. I will try that soon. I will have orange or red highlights. hehehe.

17. Date.
      Pati kasi date, bawal pa. Tatay has to know first, he said. I cannot afford to disobey him and go on a date without his permission. I cannot risk break his trust on me. :) But since I am going to be 18 few hours from now, no date pa rin. :D Pag may work na daw.

18. Ma-ospital dahil nasagasaan.
      I am not praying to have an accident. I know how painful it is --- the bruises, the hospital bills, and the endless haunting of the incident.

19. Magbilad sa araw even for just half a day.      
      Lucky me. I haven't had ROTC. :)

20. Aswangin.
      Wala lang yata akong third eye kaya hindi pa ako nakakakita ng white lady, tsanak, santelmo, tikbalang, kapre, pugot na ulo, at kung anu-ano pang asungot. Sa aklat lang yata yan nag-eexist. But I know my  faith in God makes me firm. And if time comes they dare make me see their image, I am ready to face them and say, "Estoryahe!"

These are just some of the things I haven't done or experienced yet in 17 years. I forgot most of it. But although I missed these things, God has showered me with oh so many blessings, events, surprises, serendipities, graces, tears (of joy and sadness), problems, challenges, friends, families, and wonders to thank for. I might be poor but I am rich.

This is therefore my last post.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kwek-kwek mania

Una kong narinig ang salitang "kwek-kwek" sa  teleseryeng "Super Inggo" starring Makisig Morales. Kung sino man sa inyo ang fan ng ABS-CBN shows, makaka-relate kayo sa sinasabi ko. Hay. Pero hindi naman si Makisig ang pakay ko. Yong kwek-kwek. :)

Nakakatawa mang isipin pero una kong natikman ang pagkaing ito kahapon lamang. And to think matanda na ako. Matagal ng naka-display sa labas ng unibersidad na pinapasukan ko ang mga maliliit na stalls na nagtitinda ng mga kulay dalandang hugis bilog na ito. Ngunit hindi pumasok sa isip ko na subukan ito, marahil na rin sa wala akong kasama at nahihiya akong makisama sa maraming mag-aaral na nakadumog sa paligid nito. Hindi ko rin lubos maisip ang lasa ng pagkaing ito. Sa kulay pa lang, nasabi ko na na parang junk ang laman ng kwek-kwek na yan, o kaya nama'y panis na isda o karne. Hay. Kung anu-ano na lang ang pumapasok sa utak kong 'to.

Salamat na lang at ginutom ako. Naghanap ng pagkain sa canteen ngunit parang boring na lahat. Pabalik-balik ang dinidisplay. Nahilo na yata ang mga worms ko sa pabalik-balik na pagkain ng burger, tinuhog na saging, with matching juice. Kaya ayun. We ended exploring the outside world.

At nakita ni Ryan ang stall ni Mamang Kwek-kwek. Lumapit. Lumapit ng lumapit. Tanong naman ako ng tanong kung ano lasa ng pagkaing yan. Isipin mong binomba ko na utak ko na junk food 'yon? Ta's pinagbawalan pa akong kumain ng street foods dahil sa hyper-acidity ko. Sino ba naman ang hindi mantadtad ng tanong sa kaibigang confident na sa pagkain ng orange balls?

Apat agad binili ni dodong Ryan. Hesitant pa ako n'ong una na bumunot ng pera sa bulsa. Pero dahil na rin sa curiousity, apat na rin binili ko. Seconds later, naluto na s'ya, nilagay sa stick at isinawsaw sa malapot na brown sauce. Yehey! Here comes my first taste of the kwek-kwek, ang paborito ng bayan. :)

There, I found out na boiled quail eggs pala 'yon covered in orange thingy na sabi ni Ryan ay harina daw. Ah okay. Before serving, it is dipped in hot cooking oil then into a brown, malapot sauce. Yummy! At least nakatikim na talaga ako ng kwek kwek days before I become of legal age. 

P.S. Masarap s'ya. Masustansya pa. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is my new summer

Since childhood, I have been used to attending summer camps and leading Daily Vacation Bible Schools  (DVBS) in our church. I thought it would end never. But I was wrong, especially when I realized I have to make a change on the course of my summer activities.

With a discernment that I have to give priority to my studies, I decided to go on with my summer class. Because we did not have an extra budget for my summer, I had to pray so sincerely for the provision to come. And indeed, thanks to thee oh God, my prayers were answered. I was successfully enrolled the first day and had to attend my Developmental Reading I class the next day. Oh how time flew so fast. I have to quickly adjust to the fast-paced lifestyle of summer. 

I have already accepted the fact that I will not be able to attend the annual youth camp in Basay and will not be able to meet new faces from other churches. I remembered how we used to narrate our past experiences during camp with my siblings. That happens on the eve of April until the day before the actual youth camp. We would spend time redundantly chatting about the unforgettable activities, mishaps, and crushes during the one-week stay away from civilization. 

A week after the camp, we would prepare for the DVBS, photocopy the materials, and invite little children for another week of fun and excitement inside the church premises. During the DVBS, we would give them kits, provide activities that won't bore them, share them Bible stories, teach them biblical values, and of course, the best part of all, according to them, is their snacks.

Oh how I wish I will be able to turn back time and do those stuffs again with my colleagues in church. But I think, it won't happen this time (though I am still hoping, even in the least of chances, that I will be able to attend camp this summer no matter what). 

I tried to hate summer classes, because of my first impression that it is only for those who had retakes or failures (sorry!) but now I realized that it is also for those who are trying to make the most out of their four years in college, to those who never made plans of over-extending in the university, and to those who are just bored with their summer. 

Lately, I wasn't much excited about how things would work inside the classroom especially that I figured out we will only be few in one session since only a number have interests in summer classes. But on the way I look at it now, things can be considerably changed, depending on the ambiance of the class. This time, I have said, "Having a new face of summer isn't that bad." :)
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