Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is my last post

This is my last post one day before I turn 18. But, even though I'd be of legal age sooooooooon, I am still young. Take note, YOUNG. :)

So here are the things (hoping memory has served me well) I haven't done or tried yet in my 17 years of existence (so pageant):

1. TUMABA :( 
      I was born thin, grew up thin, and until now am very thin, still desperate to become big, a 'lil bit big.

2. Magka boyfriend :)
      I don't know, but I am proud of it. I thank tatay for being strict on this part, because if not, my heart could have been torn to thousand pieces now. (aw? korne!)

3. Maglaro ng poker games.
      I don't have any ideas on how to play these, much less to gamble.

4. Magtaya ng swertres o lotto.
      I don't know why I placed this. But yes, I haven't done this, and never will. :p

5. Mangibang bansa.
      Hahaha. This is one of my dreams. To be fulfilled.

6. A bonggang birthday party.
      No money. It's not my priority, though. I have been used to be sang a Happy Birthday song then individual kisses from tatay, nanay, and my siblings since I could remember. That was more than enough. I am just hoping I could give my sisters a good debut celebration.

7. Kumain ng balot o penoy.
      One of the things I don't like about balot is the chick inside, though I haven't seen one yet. (based on what I've heard from friends). Another thing is that nobody has invited me yet for a balot mania. I won't dare eat alone.

8. Sumali ng pageant.
      Wahahahahaha. So impossible. Never. Kahit tumaba pa 'ko.

9. Kumain ng ahas, uod, aso, pusa, rabbit, kabayo at tao.
      I am looking forward to eating these all, and the rest of the exotic unmentioned.

10. Mabuntis.
      Kaloka. Did I even write this?

11. Mag-drive ng four wheels.
      We don't have one at home. Two wheels lang yong nasa bahay. Soon enough, if God wills me to have one, I 'll buy an orange Picanto. Yipee!

12. Mag night swimming.
      I don't know how to swim, okay? And nobody invited me yet. Surely, tatay won't permit.

13. I cannot play any kind of instrument *sigh :(
      I tried piano. Did not work for me. I tried guitar and flute. Nothing. It isn't just my cup of tea.

14. Sing solo in front of a crowd.
      I tried to sing in front of a crowd but in a choir. I also tried to sing alone in front of a small congregation (IPR sa TN----so long ago) but that was only a lip synch. So no solo career.

15. Magpa boy cut.
      I cannot somehow figure out my face if I have a bob or boy cut. 'Di babagay sa mukha ko. Ang payat ko kaya. But I will try this soon, if I have gained enough courage to distort my already distorted face.

16. Magpa hair color.
      Many thought I had my hair colored or dyed because it is ash brown in color. No I haven't tried that yet. I will try that soon. I will have orange or red highlights. hehehe.

17. Date.
      Pati kasi date, bawal pa. Tatay has to know first, he said. I cannot afford to disobey him and go on a date without his permission. I cannot risk break his trust on me. :) But since I am going to be 18 few hours from now, no date pa rin. :D Pag may work na daw.

18. Ma-ospital dahil nasagasaan.
      I am not praying to have an accident. I know how painful it is --- the bruises, the hospital bills, and the endless haunting of the incident.

19. Magbilad sa araw even for just half a day.      
      Lucky me. I haven't had ROTC. :)

20. Aswangin.
      Wala lang yata akong third eye kaya hindi pa ako nakakakita ng white lady, tsanak, santelmo, tikbalang, kapre, pugot na ulo, at kung anu-ano pang asungot. Sa aklat lang yata yan nag-eexist. But I know my  faith in God makes me firm. And if time comes they dare make me see their image, I am ready to face them and say, "Estoryahe!"

These are just some of the things I haven't done or experienced yet in 17 years. I forgot most of it. But although I missed these things, God has showered me with oh so many blessings, events, surprises, serendipities, graces, tears (of joy and sadness), problems, challenges, friends, families, and wonders to thank for. I might be poor but I am rich.

This is therefore my last post.

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