Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is my new summer

Since childhood, I have been used to attending summer camps and leading Daily Vacation Bible Schools  (DVBS) in our church. I thought it would end never. But I was wrong, especially when I realized I have to make a change on the course of my summer activities.

With a discernment that I have to give priority to my studies, I decided to go on with my summer class. Because we did not have an extra budget for my summer, I had to pray so sincerely for the provision to come. And indeed, thanks to thee oh God, my prayers were answered. I was successfully enrolled the first day and had to attend my Developmental Reading I class the next day. Oh how time flew so fast. I have to quickly adjust to the fast-paced lifestyle of summer. 

I have already accepted the fact that I will not be able to attend the annual youth camp in Basay and will not be able to meet new faces from other churches. I remembered how we used to narrate our past experiences during camp with my siblings. That happens on the eve of April until the day before the actual youth camp. We would spend time redundantly chatting about the unforgettable activities, mishaps, and crushes during the one-week stay away from civilization. 

A week after the camp, we would prepare for the DVBS, photocopy the materials, and invite little children for another week of fun and excitement inside the church premises. During the DVBS, we would give them kits, provide activities that won't bore them, share them Bible stories, teach them biblical values, and of course, the best part of all, according to them, is their snacks.

Oh how I wish I will be able to turn back time and do those stuffs again with my colleagues in church. But I think, it won't happen this time (though I am still hoping, even in the least of chances, that I will be able to attend camp this summer no matter what). 

I tried to hate summer classes, because of my first impression that it is only for those who had retakes or failures (sorry!) but now I realized that it is also for those who are trying to make the most out of their four years in college, to those who never made plans of over-extending in the university, and to those who are just bored with their summer. 

Lately, I wasn't much excited about how things would work inside the classroom especially that I figured out we will only be few in one session since only a number have interests in summer classes. But on the way I look at it now, things can be considerably changed, depending on the ambiance of the class. This time, I have said, "Having a new face of summer isn't that bad." :)

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