Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Intimacy vs. Isolation

This is the crisis teenagers face according to Erik Erikson in his Psychosocial Theory. The 6th of the eight-stages theory, this is where intimacy comes in, the state of being close to another person, to friends, and even to the members of the society. It is also the time where one feels isolated, when he doesn't show his care and concern to others because of the fear of getting hurt. These behaviors might be normal in this stage, depending on how an individual deals with his struggles. The attraction to the opposite kind, the rush of unwanted emotion, the feeling of having a significant other, and the want of having a partner comes in. Many might get these feelings mistaken and think that it is true love though the reality is that they have been overcomed by their infatuation for that person. However, there are still many instances where you believe the connection between the both of you is already more admiration, more than a crush, where you have learned to set aside differences and antagonisms between the both of you. That is love.

Oh men! Do I have to do this again?

I did not mean to preach on the introduction of this post. I just can't seem to find a way on how to move on, honestly. :'( I have realized how stoic I was and how I took things for granted. Any help?

I know there is no coherence at all with the sentences I have made. There are just so many things that boggles me right now, that I can't wait to see my best friend again so that I can spill all these emotions. This face of mine is a pure facade of a delicate persona inside. But I don't have plans of showing her to people.

Here's the bottomline. I was in love, am broke, and uncertain of what's gonna happen next.

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