Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The word is MOVE

MOVE on. I had enough of emoting and effin' choock chack chenes stuff, had shed a good amount of tears, had finally said "It's over." This is the emotion I so avoided before but my effort of running away from it seemed not too good enough since I have found myself dipped in a batter of heart ache. (char) I could finally say I am normal, that I have already experienced what a normal teenager has to experience. NBSB pa rin ako ha, tandaan! hehe...but I have officially moved on.

MOVE out. After renting that bungalow for three years, we are now busy packing our things up to transfer to a new house, the fourth and final house in 19 years. The Lord finally answered our prayers and now, the church has a permanent church lot and building, though we are still on the process of paying the place. Many sponsored the construction since we cannot afford the establishment by ourselves. Maybe we are moving out this week or the next, depending on the state of our new home. Goodbye to our sweet neighbors and goodbye mango trees. I will miss your fruit so much.

MOVE up. The second semester has ended. With it were the sleepless nights just to have a desirable score in our major, the series of observations in elementary schools within the city, the ceaseless making of lesson plans and instructional materials, and some teary issues with life. I will be a junior Education student next semester by the grace of God, but before that I have to accomplish three subjects this summer. So help me God.


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