Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Editorial Staff of TN (2012-2013)

Before the month of August completely ends, I am proud to introduce to you the staff members of The NORSUnian for the school year 2012-2013 in their retro-themed attires. I have been away from the blogosphere for almost a month now because of the bulky stuffs I have to attend to both in the academe and in the publication. But now that I am back, enjoy the unedited photo flood. ^_^

The Editorial Board

Rolyn Jane P. Catanus
The lean meat. The sole female specie in the Ed Board. The Orange Pulps.

Associate Editor
Albert C. Umbac
The poison ivy. I have always loved his eyes...and his height. Oh my goodness! A modelling agency should hire this guy. 

News Editor
Jessie P. Dolia
He is known for his well-articulated English communication skills. And he could be very funny-looking when he intends to be serious. Sorry Jest. haha

Arts and Graphics Unit Head
Paul Anthony M. Eso
Chuy! ^_^ The jack-of-all-trades of the pub. He can sing, can dance, can play the guitar effortlessly, can paint, can draw, and can do all these things simultaneously without destroying his chuyness. haha.

The Senior Writers

Mary Cherry S. Sanchez
Her voice would echo in the four walls of the office when she laughs. She is good at emceeing. A disc jockey, this lovely girl could be one of the sweetest gal you would ever know.

Joeylen A. dela Cruz
She would never run out of topic to talk about. She is very fond of singing that the clouds would always turn gray when she starts to hum a song. Kidding! ^_^

Francis Ivan G. Ho
I think its inborn, his being loquacious. He would just rant about anything under the sun and would suddenly laugh out loud without us knowing the reason behind it. 

Mei Anne A. Morales
The comeback of this once lost fella' really made her EIC proud of her. Way to go madame!

Shenmae S. Sojor
Her smile would radiate inside the office. She has always been a sweet lass and her voice, oh so childish. You wouldn't know she is in her third year in college already. 

The Newbie Writers 

Arean Fel E. Dorio
She is as lean as me, but I know this girl has something more to show in the coming weeks. She is one of the hard working newbies I have observed so far. 

Ariel Dizon
Silent waters run deep. ooooohhhh!!

Jirah Kim Quinamot
He always calls me ate but no offense, I think I should be the one who'll call him kuya. hehe. He is a very good writer. Just a couple of tweaks and it's good to go. 

Mary Grace Bornales
The Filipina beauty who does not only love medicine but also writing. Just recently, we have discovered her artistic side after she won in the Poster Making contest of the university. Yebah!

Princess Ebo
Prencess Prenny is pretty. That's what I call her. Just like some of the aforementioned writers, she is also very talkative and smart. Oh yeah. Way to go Prenny. One of the hard working newbies, too. 


Angelo K. Sastre
The John Lloyd of TN. Pogi. ahahah. ^_^

Ranulfo D. Repe, Jr. 
Artist indeed. His expertise? Painting. Napaka-advance kung maka-draw. Wagas!

Newbie Artist 

Karlo Billy Rubia
One of the best artists I have encountered in my whole life. Forte? Painting, caricature, etc. Five thumbs up!

Lay-out Artists

John R. Rio
The computer geek. He knows almost everything about computers and he is so hooked to 99 Designs. 

Leonil G. Dayado
The computer geek part II. 99 Designs addict part II. Vibes na vibes 'tong dalawang 'to. 

Newbie Lay-out Artists 

Paul Jun Sabaysabay
To bloom pa ito.

Hikaru Kanazawa
To bloom pa rin ito. 


Kendrex B. Pael
The snappy Criminology guy. Another chuy. And spends his vacant time wallowing in front of a chess board with his colleagues in the pub.  

Junrel G. Paderes
He's been lost lately, but with a few warnings, I know this guy's gonna make a comeback. 

Mayette Hanna F. Diez
She can take pictures, she can write, and she can conquer the runway. A dean's lister and an Engineering stude.

Newbie Photojournalists

Kim Eden Belnas
A Biology major, and a good photojournalist. 

Marve Fabela
Silent but deadly, but not literally. ^_^

The Business Unit

Business Manager
Myrna B. Alarcio
Happy, shalalala. She always smiles inside the office. And she loves the color brown. They have a cold war going on with the Associate Ed -- a cold war that I believe would lead them to a next-level relationship. haha. Pero char lang. EEEhhh. <3 p="p">

Assistant Business Manager
Lycel D. Caingcoy
Another bubbly girl who is very busy with their feasibility study right now. She'll soon have her gift shop, so we should all watch out for that. 

Staff Secretary
Jela Mae T. Ruales
A good writer, a bubbly friend. Her LOL giggles are my therapy. Once she laughs, everyone laughs with her. 

Circulation Manager 
Arvin V. Rodriguez
Oh my friend! Just like the two lay-out artists, he is also into 99 Designs and is a very good artist. He can paint, draw, and sketch. ^_^

Now, who do you think has the best retro attire? 

They are my second family and I love all of them. *winkies*

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