Thursday, October 11, 2012


I have been away from the blogosphere for a little while now. There have been a lot of things going on with my life, and oops, sorry for not sharing it here--small victories, happiness, laughters, and even little tears. But there is nothing worth blogging than the disappointment I am feeling right now. I just can't afford to have this pass without pouring out everything here. So I think I have to say sorry first before I continue. I am sorry, dear readers, for this outburst. Don't worry, I shall smile after this. 

This is not a blame game. I am not even sure whom to blame, but I think it is not right to do so. There are just instances wherein you have been expecting a lot from a particular person because you believed in his/her capabilities to perform a particular task according to how you expected it to be. But life could be so tricky. Twists come and oftentimes, you are not prepared for its arrival. All along, you have been looking forward to a perfect output, and just to end up disappointed for it is not what you expected it to be. And what do you get? Just the mere utterance of the word "sorry." You cannot even see them exert an effort to prove that they really mean what they said. How's that? What I am supposed to do with this person? I am done with the reprimands. Well, I think I just have to wait. More waiting. And let time heal this bad feeling inside. 


There will be a lot of things at stake and will be blamed at you once you become the editor-in-chief of the school paper. I have not felt the heaviness of such responsibility before I became one, and being the EIC in the high school paper before and now in college, is far different. This is more DIFFICULT, and more serious. 

People whom you thought would help you will become the same people who will be the source of a major disappointment. Sorry but I cannot share the story here. 

What I can do now is just to move my head, rethink of what happened for ten million times, and utter "I'm sorry" to the people whom I have also accidentally disappointed. I am actually just a victim here, although not the purely innocent one, but since I am the head of the publication, the justification that I did not know about what happened will not suffice the anger of those who are disappointed at me. 

My words might sound topsy-turvy. Sorry for that. I just can't seem to be right with my thoughts at this moment. 

I'll be back with a happier tone soon. And a lot of goofy pictures. As of now, thanks for dropping by.

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