Thursday, July 26, 2012

(Un) Intentional Errors

Situation 1

The lesson was on Homonyms...

Pupils: They went to the prison (sell, cell).
Teacher: Okay. What is the answer? 
Pupils: (majority, shouting) S-E-L-L!
Teacher: Okay. Correct. 
(pupils revel for their correct [incorrect] answer)

Situation 2

Now, Spelling...

Teacher: Okay class, read the following words.
Teacher: Is that the spelling of BENEFIT class? 
Pupils: (silencio dede...)
Teacher: (stared at the board, got a chalk, erased the letter E after letter N and replaced it with letter I) Now read. 
Pupils: BENIFIT!


These are two of the many situations that made me twitch my face during my observation in one of the public schools here in our province. I did not write this to degrade the credibility of teachers for I will become one soon. I did not write this to make the world know that teachers could also be subject to errors. 

I admit I wanted to voice out my know-how regarding the errors of these teachers because I was concerned with the learning of the pupils. But I was reminded of what our teacher in Field Study said in our class. "Do not correct them in front of their class. It would be a reason for them to lose their credibility as teachers and their egos will be majorly hurt." I understand that perfectly. "Do not worry. They will realize their mistakes soon. Just let them correct their own mistakes. I believe those are unintentionally done," she continued. I nodded. Yes indeed. I have to respect the teacher I am observing. 

This inspired me to read more, read as often as I want to, and read everyday. In this way, I will be able to be a good  teacher someday, and as much as possible, a teacher who will not commit these mistakes. I know I still have to eat a lot of rice before I become a professional teacher. But it will come. With fervent prayers and hard work, I shall be a TEACHER. *insert big smiley here*

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You are Loved

Even now that I am already in my fourth year in college, we are still required to take three units of Values Education. It might not sound right, for we often hear Values Education taught only in elementary and perhaps a little in high school. But I am thankful to whoever designed the curriculum for this Values Education class really is a big help especially to people who needs self-boost and more self-fulfillment and self-realization.

Let me share this poem we've read in our Values class. 

Be Happy You are Loved
Robert H. Schuller

Even if you have lost everything 
someone, somewhere, needs your love

Even if you have failed in love 
someone, somewhere, can give you the courage to try again.

Even if you have failed in life
 someone, somewhere, cares.

Even if you are ridiculed and rejected 
someone, somewhere, accepts you. 

Even if life has been unfair to you
 someone, somewhere, needs you the way you are.

Even if you are poor 
someone, somewhere, will treasure you. 

Even if you are trapped 
someone, somewhere, can liberate you with love.

Even if you are grief-stricken 
someone, somewhere, can fill the void. 

Even if you are dying
 someone, somewhere, loves you forever. 

Yes. This is such a beautiful poem. I have already highlighted my favorite phrase. How about you? Which phrase/s struck you? 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This is Insane!

Urgh!!! This is super insane. I have made a long entry, and I suppose it is a good one, but now it's all erased. It was not saved after I accidentally clicked the wrong button. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! I hate this. I have drained my best orange juices to that post and now, it's gone like a popped bubble. This is so frustrating. 

I hate this thing. The music is on, the people here in the office are busy making boisterous noise and all, and I am still furious. Urghhh!! My's totally deleted. *sobs and cries* 

But then again, I could be insane at times. This recklessness of mine could be funny at times and only I can understand. hahay. The kitten has laughed at me now. Haaay!! Mixed emotions I have now. No more "Random Thoughts Part 23." It shall come when I'll have my sanity back. As of the moment, I shall to wallow in my furious slash funny slash reckless self. Tsk! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Pinning Ceremony (with a twist)

July 9, 2012 is date for the Negros Oriental State University--College of Education's (Main Campus I) First Ever Pinning and Candle Lighting Ceremony. Congratulations to all the senior students who will be having their practice teaching next semester. 

I, for one, am excited for next semester's practice teaching and we will already be deployed to our respective schools of choice soon. The Pinning  and Candle Lighting Ceremony, though unrehearsed, ended well. But before it happened, there was a certain twist. 

I went to school earlier today but later found out that I was just right on time for the mass. Much to my horror, I realized I was wearing the wrong uniform. Instead of the skirt, I was wearing my pair of slacks (and to think I have no single idea why everyone knew that the pinning ceremony required us to wear our skirts and not our slacks). Dang! 

What am I gonna do now? I do not want to be scolded. -_-

I tried to solicit help from my close friends but our efforts were of no avail. I decided not to attend the mass. I hurried to the office, clueless of what to do. There, I found my sister talking (again) and I told her my big dilemma. 

Si Ate Merms tej. Text her. (Ate Merms [Wilma] is my dear best friend)

I remembered my best friend. I called her for the nth time but no one answered on the other line. I thought she did not get my calls. Hoping that the mass would take a longer time, I waited for Wilma in the office. I kept my fingers crossed that she got my text messages and my missed calls. 

Finally, at 9 o'clock, she came in, smiling. I told her my problem and asked her to borrow her skirt. Without further chars, she went home, came back 15 minutes later and was panting. I thanked her a million times, changed my outfit, rushed to the gymnasium, and arrived just minutes before the procession starts. 

So there I finally was, beaming with pride beside my father who latched me my personalized pin. 

Hooo! What a day! 

Lessons learned: 
  • Always ask for clarifications one night before the event. 
  • A real friend will do everything to help you -- even if it means missing her P.E. class. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

That One Peso Coin

"Gravity is a contributing factor in nearly 73 percent of all accidents involving falling objects."
--Dave Barry--

Many nights ago, I decided to drop by a nearby internet shop to print an important file. Since it has been my habit to just e-mail the file to the shop's address, I need not bring a flash drive. Every now and then, I visit that cafe for printing purposes---school projects, school paper dummy, raw facts from the internet. But because of a one-peso coin, I think it's time for me to stop visiting that internet shop for good.

I approached the counter and told the lady-in-charge that I will retrieve a file from the Yahoo Mail. She gave me a half smile, raised her right brow, and sat on her plastic chair. 

"Unsa'y subject?" (What is the subject of your mail?)

"The Ventriloquist," I replied with a smile.  

I waited and at the same time talked with my companion. We were laughing at a certain nonsense topic and I was scratching my two-peso coins. From where I was standing during that time, the printer was just below my nose. 

After the printer made its grunt, a peculiar, minute clang was heard. There, I realized that I lost grip of my one peso coin and it went diving into the wide opening of the printer. Oops!

With all honesty and conviction, I told the lady-in-charge that my one peso coin fell into their gadget. She gave a short, stern look and continued printing my file. Her loud reaction came after she found out that the print-out has now followed a crooked pattern. No one will accept such kind of printing quality. That means I am in trouble. That means I have to be responsible enough to face the consequences of my action.

But I have one justification. I DID NOT MEAN IT. Nobody wanted that to happen. And no one would drop a coin into the printer for no apparent reason. 

She was murmuring while detaching the wires of the printer. She turned it upside down and hoped for the coin to fall. But it did not. The people inside the internet cafe started to react. I was on a corner, still, yet smiling. (as if nothing happened) I was a little bit embarrassed for what I did but I managed to say sorry. 

After several minutes of standing there and watching her curse, I finally broke my silence and gave the lady my two-peso coin. (I fished another one-peso coin from my purse) Time is running and I have to go home. 

I gave it to her, which she readily accepted, and without any hesitations, she told me with an angry tone, "Miss mangayo ra ko sa imung complete name and number kay just in case mangutana tong among amo ug unsay nahitabo, dili kami muy makasab-an." 

I replied with the widest smile I could possibly exhibit. "Oh sure. Where's your paper and pen? Just text me if you need my help." (lol. ang confident ng lola) 

Grabbing my bag and paper filer, I stormed out of the shop, wearing a poker face.

Lesson learned: This is all gravity's fault. But of course, I have to be more careful next time. ^_^

To the lady-in-charge of that inter cafe: I am so sorry for my recklessness and for smiling too much. That is just my defense mechanism to overcome embarrassments.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Farewell Gift

This time, I did not ask him to buy me anything. I thought twice was enough. Anyway, I know he won't bother buying me anything from his trip on the other island. I did not bother myself. I have a lot of things to think of as of the moment. But brownies? Oh sure. I can always change my mind and think again. ^_^

After a tiresome day in school and a meeting to attend, perhaps receiving one box of this stuff is already a great consolation. And I had mine, from my dear bespren. How sweet and thoughtful of him to remember. He brought it to the office in the middle of a meeting. haha.

But the thought that it would be my last glimpse of him this year and the certainty that I will not be texting him more often now because he will be busy with his life are two of the things that makes me shut my mouth and just stare at nothingness with a blank face. I will miss him, absolutely. 

Anyway, life's like that. :) Ces't la vie. Goodbye crushie crush. 'Til we meet again. ^_^

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