Monday, September 21, 2015

(Pabebe) Smile Update

"The future may seem to be a blur, but you can depend on a God you cannot see yet sees your future pretty clearly."

Roughly five months ago when I updated my blog. The last drop of virtual “orange” ink dried on that blessed 9th of April, my birthday.

How do I say this? I may be so minimal with my words for now since, first, I am currently beating a deadline and I just resorted to blogging for a while because I want to have a breather, a sweet escape from "stress". Second, I had a slight problem with logging in to my account. It’s actually not slight because it took me weeks to figure out how I can access my account again. Good thing a miracle happened and I was able to get into my dashboard to start blogging once more. Oh the joy! (And I thought I’d lose everything in this blog.)

But the chronicles will not be shared yet. I just want you to know that the Orange Pulps is still alive and kicking, all thanks to God.

Oh hooray for today!


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