Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 7

 One down. Thanks to their decision of giving the final exam earlier than the set schedule, I now have one less of a subject to study. Everything went well during the exam and I am confident to attain a good score. Thank you Lord for the wisdom. 

Silent Week? Hectic Week. This is supposed to be "The Silent Week" because next week will already be the final examination week. I define it as week without pressures, constrains, projects, and even a week without exams. It means that this week will be a week to "unstress" the brain, if there is a term like that. *wink* But why is it that almost all the projects of our various subjects are being deadllined this week? Where are their considerations. Did they not know that students like us should have that "rest of the mind" so that we can concentrate well in our exams? Anyway, I think taking the Silent Week for granted is already a normal sight in NORSU, and instead of flocking in the library to study for the exams the next week, most of them are found in the internet station at the 4th floor of the CAS building to make various projects and other researches. The library is almost of no use, sad to say. This coming weekend, instead of preparing and making a schedule for the things that I have to study for the next week, I have to be out and shoot our playlet in Ed5, a requirement with a deadline I have already missed. This is a group work but I think I am the only one concerned with the welfare of our project. They're willing to pay, though, that's what they said. *

Missing the big break. I was told by a friend to audition for an Indie film, and that audition is supposed to be today. However, I have a class to attend to and an inferiority to take care so the pursuit of being a future "actress" was not given a chance. Duh! I did not have bitter regrets though, because I know I have recommended a friend of mine who is very willing to join. It is only her hectic class schedule that gaps her and the audition. This time, I am waiting for her text about how her audition went, or at least, I hope she went to the Capitol building to even just check it out. The film planned to be made by a Norwegian filmmaker is about the story of Filipina women in the present society marrying foreigners. Hmmm! Not a bad film, you think?

Fast Track. Time is moving faster and I don't know how it is done. I just hope I can finish all the tasks that I am doing right now and be on the right track. My God is the source of all strength and wisdom. All I have to do is take care of my body and eat a lot. 


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