Friday, March 18, 2011

How well can you remember?

Not for my friend, that is. She keeps on forgetting so many things but ironically, she's very good in class -- good in class recitations, quizzes, and other classroom performances.

I did not meddle with the trouble she's having with her memory. This time, however, I think it would be quite sensational to make a post out of a recent encounter.

I asked her to send a set of papers to a nearby internet cafe since she used to pass that way in going home. She agreed to do me a favor and have my book binded. Since the book will be claimed the next day together with the payment, she returned to me the money. That was Monday afternoon.

The next day, Tuesday, she told me that she will claim the book already and that she needs the payment. I handed it to her. I was very much thankful for the kindness. That afternoon, she told me through an SMS that she will bring the book. When we met on the corridors of the College of Education, she told me that she forgot the book and that I should remind her to bring it the next day. I said okay and did what she asked. I reminded her in person and even sent a text message.

Wednesday. I was rushing to see her, expecting that the book has already been brought. The reply? "Hala Rol, sorry jud kaayo. Nalimot na pud ko." Once again, I said, "Okay rah. Ayaw kalimot dala rung hapon ha." She gave a smile and said to remind her once again.

Before we parted ways for lunch, I told her to bring the book. She nodded a million times and bid goodbye. But for the nth time already, she forgot to bring it.

Thursday. "Sha, ang libro?" She was surprised upon seeing me. "Hala Rol, tua sa balay. Nalimot na pud ko." Same story. Same alibi. My goodness. My patience is thinning. How many times do I have to remid her about the book. But still, I understood her plight for I have also experienced that also for so many times already in the past. I told him about how my father gave me sermons about the book not brought to the house yet but I made my own set of alibis to cover the forgetfulness of my friend.

Her selective amnesia worsened that afternoon. Redundant, as usual, I reminded her not to forget the book, through a text message. She said that she has finally placed it on their lamiseta so that she won't forget. Couple of minutes later, she texted me, saying that she's on her way to school already. I asked her if she brought the book. How she replied? "Hala uy. Naunsa na gud ni. Nalimot na pud ko Ros. Naa na man to sa lamisa ganina."

I was furious for a second.

"Naunsa na gud ka? Baliki jud to Sha. Gikasab-an na ra ba jud kong tatay."

"Oh. Karun rang hapon paghuman sa atong klase."


We met like nothing happened but I reminded her over and over again about the book. Right after the class, she rushed home to get the book. She texted, "Ros, nakasakay na ko."

"Aw maayo. Ayu2."


"Hala Ros, nabilin ang libro."

"Ha? Ni uli na ka nya limot ra japun ka sa libro? Baliki jud to."

"Lagi. Kalasa ug pliti ani uy."

"Kalas jud. Limtanun man gud ka."

"Kasakay ra dayun ko Ros."

"Aw maayo. Dala na pud dagway nimuy ang book?"

"Oo. Sa wakas. hehe"

-end of conversation-

The book was finally in my hands but before so, she still had to pass several stages of forgetfulness to give the book to me.

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