Thursday, December 17, 2009

He Is The One
by Carrots

HE is intelligent.
HE has beautiful eyes.
HE has a charming smile.
HE speaks good English.
HE hugs and kisses me.
HE inspires me of his job.
HE gives wonderful sermons.
HE supports me in almost everything.
HE encourages me to move on.
HE tells me to love life.
HE never shows favoritism.
HE rebukes me every time I commit mistakes.
HE asks sorry.
HE reminds me every day that he loves me.

HE spanked me because I went home late.
HE scolded me because I lied.
HE was down-hearted because I showed signs of rebellion.
HE cried because I did not respect him.
HE confessed that I was the meanest girl among the three.
HE yelled at me because I did not listen to him.

HE forgave for all the short comings that I have done.
HE always give me the chance to undo all the failures.
HE never stops to remind me that God is the best help I can count on.

HE is my friend.
HE is my companion.
HE is my protector.
HE is my counselor.
HE is my pride.
...because HE IS MY FATHER...

HE will be my best Tatay in the whole wide world
and if he doesn't know yet...
..*i LOVE him so much*..

"No matter what happens and no matter how many times you commit mistakes, you will always be the little Jen-jen I knew."

1 comment:

  1. wow, nkaka-touch! always be a good daughter hah, ur father loves u so much rol! u'r blessed having a tatay like him...

    and yeah, we love our papa, tatay, ama, any way we call them...


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