Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Big "O"
by carrots

I never thought I would like this color. Orange is indeed a beautiful color but I have to admit that I really do not know the main reason why I loved it. I think it has nothing to do with my personality (but since orange has become a part of my everyday life, I think it has slowly affected me too...awzz?).

Anyway, I began to admire this color when I was in grade 6. We were required by our teacher to make autographs which will be signed by our classmates (remembrance daw before graduation). When I was about to reach the "favorite color" category, I began to feel that pink would be a very common color for girls. I wanted a color that would be different, something unpopular yet unique. I really haven't thought of other colors but orange. It was the immediate suggestion that came into my mind.

When I was in high school, I began to practice my loyalty to the color. I started to admire orange things though it was not that strong enough. My obsession for the color officially began when I was in third year. My bag, my paper case, my gown during the promenade, my things....almost everything were orange-colored. I was then known as "Miss Orange" in school.

It continued until I was fourth year and until now, I have stuck myself on that orange color.

I believe not all people like orange. One of my close friends even hated it and every time she sees me wearing something that is orange inspired, she would endlessly say "Tae!"

But I also believe that there are still many people who like this color. I even saw one already and I think she is as obsessed as I am.

To all orange lovers, enjoy the pictures below. To those who made orange their mortal color enemy, mag-dusa kayo sa mga orange displays ko...(evil laugh) bwhahaha!

--the beautiful orange sunset--

--pakapin nga orange--

--the orange background--

--may orange sun na ngayon--

--emote sa orange--

--swirling orange--

--mystical orange eyes--

--naruto loves orange--

--naruto's orange nine-tailed monster...awesome!--

--kita namu ug orange rain?--

--can i have your orange eyes for Christmas?--

--the orange fairy of orangelandia--

--they are flapping their wings...but not in this blog...huhuhu--

--the dancing orange fairy--


  1. wow, hindi halata'ng addict ka sa orange dai roll! hehehe...

  2. agoi..,

    kluod jud..,


    padaun nlng anah..,

    mao man imong klipay..,

    yaw rwah pasobrai..,



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