Sunday, December 6, 2009

(...real friends can also be the reason why you become emo...)

Almost Gone
by Carrots

I thought that day would be one of my happiest day since she's coming to visit our school. I never thought that day would bring such heartache to me. I never thought there was a friendship that was about to end.

Thank God it did not happen. She forgave me and she bursted her feelings towards me. I hate to inlcude the details in this blog why she hated me that night but at least God has answered my prayers that she will not cut the relationship that we have started a couple of years ago.

I believe it's part of our lives wherein we experience such pain and although that misunderstanding has been settled, I still cannot believe it happened. At least the nightmare has ended and I finally wiped the tears in my eyes. I just hope she will forget that night where we almost parted forever.

1 comment:

  1. xockz..,



    k rwah 2 dhai uie..,

    duh.., d jud nah mwala xah frndship.., anah jud nah.., pra mkagama tag stronger foundation.., char..,

    au2 dhai.., im always here for u!!! swear..,;)


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