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The Surprise Attack
by Carrots

I really loved the reaction of kuya when all the staffers of TN agreed to surprise him on the eve of his birthday. We planned many things and made a lot of options just in case plan A or plan B won't work. It was indeed a successful one although it almost flunked. Our contribution was worth the effort.

Yesterday morning, Ate Nadine was already passing a small photo album, requesting us to write our message for kuya Junrell. The electricity that time was still out so we were worrying on where to keep the foods and where to stay for the night. God indeed answered our prayers when after a few minutes, the current came back.

Later that night, kuya decided to go home (pa emote2x pah..hehe..). The rest of the those who stayed in the office tried to convince him to stay for the night. They blocked the door, removed his shoe lace and got his i.d. just to make him stay. I can really see from kuya's eyes that he was upset with what they did to him. But the plan has to be pushed thru.

Kuya indeed stayed for the night. When he was about to have a good night's sleep, the rest of the staffers popped into the office with a chocolate cake and a sweet Happy Birthday song.

He was really surprised to see all of us greeting him on the first hour of his big day. Belated 22nd birthday Kuya! :)

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