Monday, November 23, 2009

Pagpasok sa Personal na Relasyon Dalawang Libo at Siyam (Inter-Personal Relationship 2009)
by Carrots

It might sound senseless but the whole event was a blast. As a newbie in TN, I have learned plenty of things and have enjoyed every bit of activities in Le Tundra.

There were lots of surprises that met us, especially the novices. First was the venue. The beach resort was perfect and the rooms where we were assigned with the oldies were spacious and cold (pangusug kaau and aircon). The cottages were simple but when you are going to spend some time sitting in one of those bamboo-made nooks, you would definitely appreciate the placid waters ahead.

I was also surprised when I realized that we were only fooled on the "Sojor visitation" thing. (naning kaau ming mga newbie with our gowns and neck-and-tie kay formal man kuno ang dinner with the university president)...Well, the rest of our stay in Le Tundra was great and I would really look forward to the next victims of the next IPR.

--boodle fight 2009..pose pa lang yan before the actual lunch--

--wiw! parang nag prom lang..where is dr.? we are batch 2009-2010 newbie victims--

--haizt..kawawang mga nilalang..nauto lang..harhar--

--newbies with the editors--

--eat a lot...bawia ang pang vivictim..--

-- parang may pictorial lang--

--happy smiles? why is it that not all are grinning??..--

--korean ba muh??--

--wat iber..hala..grab the spotlight--

--tra la la tulips..bow!--


  1. ageh.., harhar.., pgka.drama.., hahaha.., eww kauz ryan.., g.ready nah xaz pakalz.., hahaha

  2. maau ky waz k ug gown lorz.., hahahha.., i lyk d color of ur gown.., hehehe


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