Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crash My Crush
By Carrots

I suppose we have crushes for us to have some inspirations. We usually find gorgeous boys in school and make them our crushes. They might already be "taken" in some sense but we disregard that fact, thinking that we can still have them even in the most impossible event. A single glance and a smile from them makes our world stop and our heart stops beating...tsk...tsk...

There's this guy I met two and a half years ago. I was really caught by his pretty smile and his sparkling eyes. (Ow may gas!)...Thanks to our teacher in Chemistry who invented this "Science Academy" for the first four sections of her Chemistry class, I saw my "Matt Evans"...(wiw!)

After that, I never removed his image in my mind. Every time I see him, my world stops turning (owzz?!) but I can still manage to act normal when he is near.

When we were in fourth year, there was a time that he asked for my name (waah! he was super near me). I was not able to answer him straight. Instead, my companion answered the question for me 'coz she said that I was only standing there, with my mouth wide open.
It was so embarrassing but it's alright because I have seen him smile at me. I seemed to melt at that moment. That day was our periodical exam in MAPEH. The luck did not only end on the time that he asked my name but until I knew my score in our examination. I got a perfect score. Wiw! Maybe his face was my lucky charm for that day.

My happiness and my "kilig" moments did not end there. It was Sunday when an unidentified number flashed into the screen of my phone. He confessed he's "Matt Evans", my ultimate crush. My smile widened and I couldn't get over it.

Now that I am in college, I still find myself hooked in his aura. Although I seldom see him in the first semester, I am contented to have a sight of his beautiful face. But when second semester came, he shifted to another course and I have never seen him since then. I also do not know his new schedule. I missed him...huhu...(xor?!)

But now, I think I have found another crush...tsk..tsk...and guess who? It's "Matt Evan's" elder brother. He is a basketball player and I see him every afternoon in the open court, practicing. Every time I see him, I can remember my crush's face (they have the same features...well, almost the same).

Does this mean that I have to leave all the memories that I had with my old crush? Does this mean that I have to move on since I haven't seen Matt Evans lurking in the campus anymore? I just don't know. But until now, my loyalty is still with him..harhar! He will still be my ultimate super grabeng CRUSH...

1 comment:

  1. dhai.., over njud..,


    ipinagpalit mo nah pla xah huh..,

    hala k!!!

    aq xang ingnon dhai bout aneh..,


    crush rwah b xad nq iyang kuya...,

    in fairness.., mas yummy iyang kuya kyxa nya noh??? ahehehe


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