Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ang Iyang Pagkahapla
By Carrots

Yesterday, I have seen one of the funniest scenes of my college life. Until now, I haven't recovered the incident yet.

I was walking with two of my friends when another friend of mine whom I would hide in the name "Bayot nga Alang-alang". It's too long so I think I have to shorten it and make it "Banga" instead. We were talking about something when suddenly he reacted. He told me he saw his crush. I asked him to point her to me. Then, he suddenly did something that was a total embarrassment.

He ran out of the gate and jumped to reach for the railing of the gate. He just landed flat right into the tiled entrance floor and I thought he fainted because of the impact of the fall. But he seemed to be unaffected of the "lagalpak". He quickly stood up and ran crookedly outside the gate.

The security guard saw him and two other students who were near the gate. They laughed at him but he seemed not to care and continued running. Good thing his crush did not see him-- I hope she did-- so that he could have gotten double strikes of the humiliation...hahaha (devil au q..)

Keep up the good work friend. And I hope the next time you jump, you won't anymore land.

1 comment:

  1. harhar..,

    mau jud untah 2 if nkakita ang iyang crush.., p.impress man gud noh..,


    good for him..,;)


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