Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Four Elements
by Carrots

I found these neat pictures from the internet and it's just great! These pix drew my complete attention. I am beginning to be a fanatic of the four elements. I hope I have one of those powers. HARHAR!
The fairy of dreams..Sweet dreams!
Green??..Orange unta to..The water goddess..super beautiful

The goddess of the four elements..

Mother Earth
Kaingon ko si Naruto....The gruesome eyes

1 comment:

  1. dhai.., igo nah ng orange..,
    d nah maau..,hahahah..,

    i hope i cud meet the artists who made those amazing sceneries ky mgpatudlo q.., hahaha.., but since i dnt hav any talent on such arts, i guess i love art but art dnt love me, wa nqy m.himo arown.., hahaha;)


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