Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Creepy Thoughts

This day is supposed to be one of my lazy days. I am supposed to be tarrying in front of the television, busy transferring the channels and busy arguing with my younger brother about the program. But somehow, I found myself in the TN office, busy holding word-filled papers and a blue sharp-tipped pen. We are in a middle of an editing session.

As I began to read my first story for certain corrections for the Handurawan issue, I was caught by the title of the article. "Spider Webs on the Mirror". The story wasn't totally enticing but somehow, it caught my emotion. As I reached the climax of curiosity and the craving for more cryptic stories authored by student journalists like me, I just couldn't normally blink my eye with every paragraph that I ran into. It's breath-taking, I admit, and each story was plotted very well, most especially "Angelique" and "Stray Cat". I believe I recognize the author of these tales but I am not a hundred percent sure of it.

Anyway, I had a great time reading the write-ups and though more of the articles were bloody and murderous in theme, I still found humor and entertainment in every page. I just hope I won't be jailed for exposing the titles of these wonderful stories...but here they are. (sorry for the spoilers)

"Stray Cat" is about a journalist who happens to be enticed by a beautiful lady who is constantly seen on the streets in early mornings. He was suddenly disturbed when he was not able to see the girl one morning and was dumbfounded to know that she was ruthlessly murdered. He was then anxious to know the man who raped her and stabbed her to death using an ice pick. Because he was a journalist by profession, he began to interview the culprit inside his cell. As the story begins to plunge, he finds out that he is leaving his lola's place and be home for school. After being determined to create a good story out of the crime, he discovers that he is mentally, emotionally and psychologically attached to the murder of Paloma. This was when he saw the ice pick in his bag.

"Angelique", on the other hand is about a girl narrating about her loony sister named Angelique. She described her funny behavior, the childish antics that she shows in front of her and the crazy moments she spends with herself. After the tragic death of their parents because of Angelique, she was sent to a cheap mental hospital and was regularly visited by her elder sister, Angela. She kept on teasing her, reminding her of her horrifying past. The story ends with a laugh from Angelique as she sees her sister on the floor, bathing in her own blood.

"Love Calls" is about an admirer who was pretty obsessed with her new found love. Little did she know that within those frequent calls that she made to contact him, something happened that shook her wits off. It was only to find out that the guy whom she fell in love with on the phone was already dead for almost a month now.

"Cray-pas", "Owner of the House", and "Spider Webs on the Mirror" have different angles but all ended up tragically. "Sapatos" and "Sand Skin" are not about murderous avenge, thank God, but still has a saturnine ending. These and more that you must not miss in the next Handurawan release. (murag paid ad akong post dah...hayag ang endorsement)

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