Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Yellow Transit

A necessity. A must. A significant element of the road. This yellow bus has never been a mere carrier of passengers but has been a part of the people inside and outside the borders of Negros. Everyday, they take more or less a thousand passengers en route Dumaguete-Bayawan only. If this number is added to the number of passengers that is carried en route Dumaguete-Canlaon and other routes, they would definitely be a millionaire in one day.

Being the sole transportation that can carry travelers from one end of the island to the other, this yellow transit, also known as the Ceres bus, transports people and their valuables to their desired destinations.

With its busiest during Sunday afternoons, Monday mornings and Friday evenings, costumers are always looking for more of these Ceres buses to accommodate them. It can never be avoided, however, that there will always be extra passengers. These are the people who never bother to stand for the sake of reaching their homes or their destinations. A scene of a pressed mob inside with additional hanging bodies gripping on the rails of the vehicle is just a normal scenario during these hours. Possible accidents never became a big deal. The issue focused more on reaching the desired destination.

I am one of the students who never took a boarding house near the university that I am in so a Ceres bus is always a necessity. I am one of the passengers who would always be ready to push people for me to have a good seat inside the bus. I am one of those who's always ready to stand in order for me to reach home.

This is not only a yellow transit. As long as I am not owning any four wheels yet, my student life would always depend on this Ceres bus.

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