Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Public Example

This happened last night, when I was on my way home after a tiring editing session in the office. My intent to indulge in the silence amidst the rushing crowd was gradually broken upon hearing an unusual flow of conversation at the back portion of the bus where I was in. I did not hesitate to move my head and check on the commotion.

There they were, a group of four, clad in semi-formal slacks and polo -- one wearing pink, another a dark camouflage green, another a navy blue and yet another a checkered dirty white -- with hairs kept in a bun, except for one who left it untied.

The tone rang a bell to my ears like tiny clanging chimes. As I took a glance of what was happening at the back, I saw the girl in camou green ask another girl inside the bus to get out and settle something. At first, a man in white shirt who was beside the girl inside replied, but as the conversation progressed and the issue heated up, the girl inside the bus represented herself.

I did not have the grasp of the whole verbal tussle but these were the words that sought for outlet straight away from my hippocampus.

"Naog sa diha. Istoryahanay sa ta," came the girl in pink. (Come down. Let's talk this over.)

The girl in camou was the most loud and aggressive among the four, pelting sharp words which reverberated to the ears of the awaiting passengers. "Burikat man ka! Naog diha. Isog man kaha ka. Ay talawan. Di man diay ka musukol." (Bitch! Come down if you're that brave. Ay. Coward!)

The supposed-to-be victim was not able to bear the insults anymore so she answered back. "Eh ikaw, elementary ra taman. Gapakaulaw ra man ka," referring to the girl in camou. (How about you? You're only in the elementary level. What a shame.)

She replied, "May na lang na kaysa magpa bayad ko para ra maka skwila ug college. Hala bayaran man diay ka. Burikat ra jud." (Well, that's be better than to be paid just to be in college. Bitch!)

All heads were on them already. The girl in pink tried to suffice the tension by calming her tone but it did not seem to help. There were exchanges of trite words that did not make sense at all, words that do not come from the mouth of educated individuals. Well perhaps, they are not really the educated type, because I believe educated people do not do that certain behavior in front of many. They deal with things professionally. One might be schooled but you can never guarantee that that person is also educated.
Anyway, the fight was concluded when the bus finally embarked from the terminal. But the girl in camouflage was not contented with what she has released. She added, "Uy kinsa man tong akong nakit-an kuyog nimu sa boulevard gabie? Eew...Burikat!" (Ey, by the way, who was that man I saw with you in the boulevard last night? Eew...Bitch!) Then, the sound of her screaming image faded into the screen. Next stop, Zamboanguita.

I could feel the passengers make an initial reaction regarding the incident. They were murmuring, with twitched faces. I did not see the facial expression of the girl inside the bus but at least that was the end of what seemed to be a love affair fight between two girls. 

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Not good at all.

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