Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 14

Nothing much to share,
Just random thoughts.

The rain came down and the floods went up. It is a rainy Wednesday. Wet and drowsy, the weather is. I only have two classes for today but I still have to do a lot of things so basically, I can't go home early, as always. Anyway, the midweek get-away to my well-liked food place in the city gave me a full stomach so there's no reason for me to run out of energy. Happy rainy day!

Identical. It has always been said that good shoes take you to good places. But what if it did not. Instead, it took you to your worst nightmare. In my case though, it is not that bad. My first encounter of this mutual embarrassment was earlier this morning, when I and my friends were heading to the IRS (Internet Research Station) of the university. I was not minding the crowd but when my pair of eyes caught something glittering on the floor, I gradually looked down. To my shock, I saw another girl wearing the same pair of shoes as mine. As in very similar. I just so know where she bought it. I hesitated to walk with her and instead made her walk a couple of steps away from me. I just hope nobody noticed it. 

The second encounter was still today, just before I had my lunch. Before loading the pedicab, I noticed of another student's footwear. It was so similar to mine again; and to think she's another girl with another identity. Goodness gracious! At that moment, I did not want to load that vehicle but I realized it would be obvious that I was abhoring something. Albeit it was gray this time, the fact that I encountered two identities of my shoes in half a day remains.


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