Friday, August 26, 2011

The Chronicle of a Crying Child (Tearlets)

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Yeah! I cried again (so what :*) but this is not because of a big issue. Actually, this is just one of those childish plies of mine. Here's the catch. My friends planned to go to Tanjay for a spree as well as to have our hairs fixed for the forthcoming acquaintance party of our college. Of course I wanted to look better for the event so I agreed to go with them. What I need now is the permission from my tatay and nanay. Imagine how nervous I was when I started to talk to my father about the matter. I can't seem to utter the right words and can't even form an introduction. Is this the price for telling the truth?

Anyway, I told him that I will go with my friends to Tanjay for a hair reborn session. He did not react for a while. Then he said to tell my mother about my plan. I thought, if nanay will be okay, that means he will too. I really hoped she will permit me. But alas, she despised my idea of going to another town on a weekend. She said we still have a lot of things to do at home, which is also right. Hay! My pounding heart rapidly slowed down, and my face started to wear that invisible funeral parlor. I hate that feeling. 

I prayed that God will remove that awkward feeling inside me for not being permitted to stroll along the streets of another place. But I was not able to control my emotion. Out came tiny tears from my eyes. Of course, they did not see me do it. I am a good actress you see. I cried before going to bed. I know they have a point for not going with my idea but something somewhere in my hypothalamus kept on whispering that what I did was wrong, that formulating a white lie was better. I did not heed. I made it shut up. 

The next day, I gave my friends the sad news. "I can't go with you." Then they were like, "You could have said you will have your hair reborn session in a parlor in Dumaguete." I did not like the tone of the conversation. They were trying to tell me that I was wrong for telling the truth to my parents. 

But as for me and my conscience, I did the right thing. Though it was not easy, though I so wanted to lie and go with my friends, though it was so irritating to answer all the queries of my old folks, I know I did the right thing. Thank God, He helped me. 

Now, I am relieved. Heave ho!

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