Friday, August 5, 2011

Say Goodbye to Midterms, Hello to Weekend

Good bye M.I.D.T.E.R.M.S. (Mind In Denial To Ever Remember My Studies)!

That one week of brain-pounding exams finally bade farewell. No more almost-sleepless-and-TVless nights, though there were instances that I still glance at the monitor to watch my favored teleserye at night. That one week gave me butterflies and peanut butter in my stomach. That one week made me conclude that there are still superb teachers who are just as considerate as you think they are. And that one week gave me the implication that bayanihan is a Filipino value that even until the present exists. (hehe...alam nah *wink*)

Let me have this opportunity to appraise that one sole teacher who impressed me the most. 

      Dear (Dr. Carlou g. Bernaldez) Sir, 
      You gave us an averagely difficult set of questions in Ed 8. But I have to say this. That was yet the best Midterm experience I had since my first entrance to this university. I have never been under a professor who can be strict but can also be that humorous soul who can concoct an amusing story out of anything. I have never been under a teacher who has been as accurate as you are in giving information and values that until now I have treasured. 

       I will never forget that sugar rush. You will best be remembered for that Mentos, the hints, the new terms you used (Cataloging for Enumeration, Truthful or Untruthful for True or False, and so on), the entrance and exit moments, and the constant assurance that you will never fail us. It really eased my doubt of passing your exam.

       Thank you sir, for countless reasons. I can't even remember some of those many reasons why I am thankful. Basta! You have been the best college teacher I have so far. Bow!

This time, this space is for HER. That one woman who made my week extra spicy.

      Dear Ma'am, 

      I know you are an expert in your field. I have all the proofs that I need to believe that you, indeed, are worth the respect and prestige. But I do hope you will realize that you are punishing us with your acquired nous. 

      Why do you have to make the test questions so complicated? Why do you have to make us scratch our heads first before coming up with a fabricated answer? 

      We don't know about your thoughts but I just hope you will not fail one half of the class like what I have heard from other students. Bow.

And finally, this space is for them who were typical examiners who gave the exam and collected the papers after an hour and a half. 

      To whom it may concern: 

      Thank you for the thrills. Thank you for the efforts you have exerted to make those test papers. Thank you for being a teacher, though sometimes we don't like you. I have nothing more to say. Bow.


  1. Well that is life Rolyn, naay sayun, naa poy lisud, kana nahimutang lang ka sakto nga lugar.. ehehhe, kelangan e-surpass yan.. heheh


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